How ironic…

That on the very day the Times Picayune tried to shut us down the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Kansas City Star were on this post as it has evidently gone viral in discriminating journalism circles.

One way or the other I’ll have the Tom Freeland post back up a bit later as the folks in DC that read us are intensely interested in that topic.


4 thoughts on “How ironic…”

  1. What do you mean “…the TP tried to shut us down…”? Is that why the Slabbed link said it had been temporarily shut down and that the Slabbed Administrator should contact WordPress? WTF?

  2. Almost needless to say, my blog has been on fire with my post about Tom Freeland. What is so great about that is that now all of these people can read my blog and find out the true nature of this cretin.

  3. Here’s some more on his nature:

    I admit it, you got my goat. I have resisted, since yesterday, commenting on the similarities between the Strauss-Kahn affair and the accusations against lawyer/blogger Tommy Freeland (that he barged into a woman

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