Turn out the lights, the party’s over: The little head loses (again). Updated


A judge has ruled that Blaine Kern be removed from the company he founded. Our previous coverage can be found here.

Papa Kern and his pretty young thang wifey Holly will now have to learn to live within their means.


Blaine says he’ll be appealing.  His lawyer is a familiar name here on Slabbed from the Perdigao saga days.


5 thoughts on “Turn out the lights, the party’s over: The little head loses (again). Updated”

  1. Yep, at 12 seconds Blaine is viewing the mountain scenery while Holly is thinking while talking, ‘ I knew a new set of mountains would allow me to hit the vein of gold one day’. For the doctors-Inquiring minds want to know how long can an octogenarian take Viagra daily before something somewhere goes pop or permanent blindness results.

  2. Sorry for the double posts but considering the twin towers it was probably warranted. Ohhhh Holly dear, sorry for the coitus interruptus but in yours vows did you promise all Mardi Gras goers you will help Mr.Mardi Gras sign his checks when he goes blind so Mardi Gras will go on in perpetuity. Thank you dear, now you and Blaine can return to skiing down those mountains and slippery slopes in erotic ecstasy.

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