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Its official folks, we’re official.  To save those so inclined the googling you can find out everything here.

If you like what you see here on Slabbed and the type of independent investigative journalism we do and wish to express your appreciation and support plus help insure we remain in the mix you can send donations via s-mail to:

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I’ll have a paypal donate button up within the next week or so.


11 thoughts on “Introducing Slabbed New Media LLC….”

  1. The target has been there a long time Ima. This just saves lazy idiots like Angela Rouse the trouble of having to work at finding out my identity, not that it was ever a secret.


  2. OOOOOOOOOOoooooowwwweeee Somewhere in Guatemala under heavy rains but Sop your new signal coming over strong and clear. Full throttle up. Hope to be home for Christmas. OOOOOOOOooooowwwwweeeee

    1. Fair question Noprice. Shoot me an email with a name and contact info and I’ll email it to the addy Unslabbed left on the comment. Thanks.


  3. noprice4us …

    Your comment reads as though you are already suspect of someone who works and/or worked in that building … and your expressed concern much more than what a reliable rumor would predicate …

    So I might ask you: what do you know that we don

  4. I just find in unusual that we haven’t heard of any indictments or arrests for possession of child pornography charges since that raid involving any of those individuals. There have obviously been indictments, but none involving those charges. It leads one to believe that maybe the biggest charges that have yet to come involve crimes much bigger than white collar. There has been a voluneer fire chief (nine mile point) arrested for possession. A Terrytown/Gretna man pleaded guilty to possession (google Tony Templet) and ended up with ten years in prison. But who in that building was caught? I’ve been checking everyday since I read unslabbed’s post hoping to find out. Its sickening.

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