The Jefferson Parish Attorney’s office payroll fraud scandal continues…….

Whitmergate checked in last night with some analysis on Slabbed’s open thread:

WWL, in collaboration with Jeremy Alford of The Jefferson Report, followed up on the Non-Elector Asst PAs who had remained on the payroll illegally. Young announced that Jeremy Dwyer and Danielle Mitternight were fired.

Peggy Barton was Supervisor of Asst PAs under Wilkinson, and knew that Dwyer did not live in Jefferson Parish. In fact Dwyer gave two zip codes, one of which is 70124 which is Lakeview in Orleans Parish. Dwyer and Barton both conspired, along with Wilkinson in payroll fraud as the Parish Charter mandates that all Asst PAs be electors of Jefferson Parish. Dwyer is also a cousin of Louis Gruntz, the other 1st Deputy Parish Atty, who along with Wilkinson and then 1st Deputy Parish Atty Barton knew Dwyer was holding that position illegally.

Danielle Mitternight was hired by Interim Parish Attorney Peggy Barton as a senior Asst PA at a salary in excess og $70,000 dollars, all of which has been paid illegally. She had previously clerked for Chief Justice Kimball of the La Supreme Court, and was hired out of the CONNICK LAW FIRM ! Mitternight also gave two zip codes, however like Dwyer, the 70124 Lakeview Orleans Parish is where she has her primary residence and domicile.

The print story is online at WWL-TV and can be accessed by clicking here. The WWL video report follows: Continue reading “The Jefferson Parish Attorney’s office payroll fraud scandal continues…….”