Moseying on and moving along part deux: Judge Guirola transfers Ex Rel Rigsby to Judge Ozerden

As I stated earlier I think this is a positive development and if I had to pick a non-conflicted local judge to handle Ex Rel Rigsby Judge Ozerden would be it.  His reputation is that he is the type of judge that “lets the lawyers lawyer” meaning he won’t use procedural bullshit to avoid an honest day’s work. We last heard from him in Penthouse Homeowner’s Association v Lloyd’s and he handled the case fairly. He is conservative but then again so is the recently Obama nominated Jane Triche-Milazzo for a seat in the LAED.  I think Jane will make a good judge though. Lest I digress.

Here is the order transferring the case to Ozerden. Unfortunately Magistrate Walker, who is the pits as a judge IMHO remains the Magistrate assigned to the case.


3 thoughts on “Moseying on and moving along part deux: Judge Guirola transfers Ex Rel Rigsby to Judge Ozerden”

  1. And by the very terms of the Order, the Judges have been discussing the case ex parte. Sorry, but I think that STINKS. I don’t have a dog in this hunt, and I’ve pissed off too many “crooked” Federal Judge already, so I’ll have another cocktail and go to bed. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Believe me, gentlemen… The whole case is a whitewash. I cannot divulge all details.

      The case is going to end up not doing anyone any good. MAYBE, SF will settle for the costs of the Plaintiffs fees.

      The lawyers win. The people/govt loses. Like I said, I cannot divulge what I know.

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