6 thoughts on “Moseying on and moving along: Judge Senter transfers Ex Rel Rigsby to Judge Guirola”

  1. First off I’ll say the lawyers we talked to all said Judge Guirola was fair in how he treated them in cases before him.

    I doubt seriously he keeps it. My guess all along is that Ex Rel Rigsby ultimately ends up in Ozerden’s courtroom since he is low man on the judicial totem pole. Guirola is now the Senior Judge in MSSD so Senter kicking the case to him is probably procedural more than a permanent transfer.

    Ozerden has earned the respect of both sides of the bar. If it shakes down that way I know we won’t bitch.


  2. And if the “transfer” was done “right”, ie. totally “aboveboard”, then whoever gets the case will get it BY RANDOM ALLOTMENT. Otherwise, the procedure is totally CROOKED, as are most things, in most Courts. All this talk about “the Senior Judge” versus “low man on the totem pole” is IRRELEVANT if the re-allotment is done randomly. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. “The Rigsby’s lawyers aren’t acting like they are not being paid”.

      The “hard work” cases always seem like they end up with the low man on the judicial totem pole. I don’t know about random in a situation like this as I assumed it was going to Ozerden from the get go.

      Augie and them don’t ask my opinion on this case, but Ozerden seems like the type that won’t get caught up in State Farm’s procedural nonsense and will let the lawyers lawyer. If that is the case then I suspect they’ll have no problems with him as the new judge.


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