In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Slabbed finds Magnum's long lost brother!

Folks I do believe we may have found the missing link that bridges us from how Magnum could be from both Dayton Florida and Brooklyn New York simultaneously. We have found Magnum’s long-lost brother. The comments to this ABA Journal story well tell the tale.


Monday morning various

I have a busy week ahead as I rebuild the blogroll and continue tweaking the new site not to mention the day job.  I could tell from the traffic count that the French Quarter Fest was certainly a success.  For those wanting to catch up I’ll make things easy. Besides the new material, Telemachus and others were kind enough to leave some great comments on last Monday’s post Let’s connect a few dots that are well worth reading besides the new stuff.

The folks at the Jefferson Report are doing a bang up job with the type of nuts and bolts journalism that makes sites like this one possible. They even left their readers several nice easter eggs courtesy of the Wabbit but there is much more in their recent archives also well worth reading.

I have several things going for post ideas.  One thing that is for certain is another episode of Magnum JD as things are really beginning to get zany at Team Magnum, which lost Jennifer Medley last week.