Daily Archives: April 10, 2011

Let’s "think dirty": James Gill covers the genesis of the River Birch deal. Slabbed gives a plausible answer.

Today James Gill takes a trip down memory lane via a very good column on the history between Henry Mouton, Team River Birch, and former Gov Mike Foster echoing themes found on these pages around a year ago (and then some). What we found is there is really nothing new under the sun as the scam is pretty much the same as it always was, as the Times Picayune’s Stephanie Grace points out today in her column.

So the abiding question these days in journalistic circles, as planted by Team River Birch via lawyer/Gambit guy Clancy Dubos, is how could the payments to Mouton be a bribe if the payments they made to him began well before Mouton held an official position with the State of Louisiana during the Foster Administration?  The answer is pretty simple, such question is artfully framed incorrectly.  The answer you get often depends on the question so if you ask the wrong question you’ll get a framed answer. Lawyers like Dubos or Slabbed’s original cyber bitch David Rossmiller are skilled at such sophistry.

To the extent I am a seasoned practicing Auditor/CPA that has weird hobbies like speculating in the global financial markets and expanding his knowledge base on arcane subjects like game theory and behavioral economics, I am immune to such cheap mind Continue reading