"Parting is such sweet sorrow". Thanks Nowdy for the memories…

Shakespeare coined the phrase and it applies as my excitement with the new Slabbed is tempered by the fact I’ll be here without my partner-in-blog for the past 3 years Nowdy, at least for the time being.

In making the jump to the new site I set a redirector on the old site which sends all Slabbed traffic here. Because of the timing of the jump to Slabbed.Org, Nowdy was unable to say a proper goodbye and I regret to say that post was coming whether or not we moved. Earlier tonight I disabled the site redirector so that Nowdy’s farewell for now post could appear first on the website she loved and devoted so much time and energy towards making a success. I use the words “could appear first” because Nowdy has agreed to move all her posts over to the new site and each of her posts, including her last, will appear on these pages shortly after I set the redirector back.  As I said earlier this week I remain forever grateful for her help on the blog and her dedication to the people of the Gulf Coast.

The Slabbed Nation needs to drop by the old place and show Nowdy some love for her efforts.  I’ll leave the redirector off until Monday morning for those that want to see the pages of the old blog at WordPress one last time and to give everyone so moved time to thank her.

Finally in looking for a link to source the Shakespeare quote in the post title I ended up finding something tangentially related that fits this post well.

Real life, however, offers no such certainties……..In a here-today, gone-tomorrow world, there is a certain satisfaction in having existed at all. The exuberant joy of being is tempered by the wistful knowledge that nothing is forever. The Romans had a phrase for it: ave atque vale, hail and farewell……..Parting, neuropsychologists say, is a stretching of emotional bonds: the sorrow is tinged with the sweetness of the memories.

May our divergent roads meet again down the line.  God bless and God speed to Nowdy of the Slabbed.


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