"The road not taken"

“Two roads diverged…and…I could not travel both…and be one traveler…long I stood…and…looked down one as far as I could”

When Sop and I reached the fork in the road and one lead to slabbed.org, circumstances required that I follow “the road not taken”. I hope it’s not a one-way street but it will be some time before I know. Please follow Sop to slabbed.org and know that I’m with you in spirit and, in the future, may see you there.

With love to the SLABBED nation, hope for the success of slabbed.org – and unending support for the two women who stood up for those slabbed by Katrina when it counted and made a difference, Cori and Kerri Rigsby


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  1. Indeed it has Belle. My joy at having the new site is tempered by the sorrow that comes from knowing Nowdy won’t be there with me for the time being. For the past three years we shared both this blog and the various triumphs and tragedies that accompany life. I’ll miss her knowledge, wit and wisdom greatly.


  2. Nowdy and Judge Senter in the same week? No, no,no!

    A great analytical mind and incredible writer. Her insurance work, particularly “the Scheme” is unsurpassed. You can’t hide!

  3. Nowdy: it has been an honor and pleasure. And the door is always open and the glasses always iced down. Au revoir. Until we meet again. Soon.

  4. Truly sorry to read this here. One thing I can tell you from that Frost line from my own experience, roads converge.

    Nowdy many thanks for all the great work and passion; that translates to any venue and serves every soul well. You have those qualities in spades.

    Go get `em.

  5. “When you come to a fork in the road take it.” ~Yogi Berrah

    That’s all I can come up with given the Fucktudity of such a loss as this on whatever slabbed grounds. As you know, I don’t handle that sort of thing very well: Loss, it has happened before, but there is never anything to compare it to now’dy…

    Even if I knew this was coming (and I’m not quite sure I did), and even if this was “…such sweet parting sorrow” (and I don’t quite read that) this would suck on levels lower than tar in the Devil’s crack pipe. Ever notice when people usually quote Shakespeare? It’s never fun and rarely truly funny.

    It’s been real. It’s been fun. It’s been Real Fun.

    Every shut eye ain’t sleep.
    Every goodbye ain’t gone.

  6. Nowdy: Thank you and SOP s0-o-o-o much for providing me (and others) with so much FUN on a variety of topics on SLABBED. It has been a big part of my life (Does that mean that I have to GET a life?!). And thanks also for putting my own multi-faceted story “out there”, when no one else would. I don’t pretend to know or understand everything I’m reading about the “change” from SOP, some of which seems to be in “code”. Really, it’s none of my business. But I want to express a heartfelt “THANK YOU, NOWDY (and you, too, SOP)!” Ashton O’Dwyer.

  7. Nowdy, THANK YOU! Thank you for the insight to the answers to the post turtle questions.
    Please stop by and set a spell when you get the chance.

  8. OOOOOOOOOOOOOoooowwwweeeeee This is the saddest day in the jungle in a long time. Been reading and not posting but I, the parrot and my Unc’ all thank you for your partnership in Slabbed and how you have served our communities bringing the TRUTH TO LIGHT. Hope to hear from you in the future in some capacity! OOOOOOOOoooooowwwwweeeee

  9. Wow. Wonderfull post packed with insight and information is the Nowdy way. Each crafted with much care. Hope thing are good in your world.

  10. Surely Sock remembers how taken I was with Judge Senter’s smile – but, I wouldn’t dare imply that I’d develop such a crush on a federal judge that I, too, had to retire.

    Instead, contrary to the Editilla’s opinion of Shakespeare quotes, there is one that actually applies –

    “This above all: to thine own self be true,
    And it must follow, as the night the day,
    Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

    Neither Sop nor I intended that my moment of truth i.e., need to take some time off and focus on my work and family, occur at the same time SLABBED move to the .org format – but it did and I wouldn’t want anyone to think I abandoned him and the SLABBED-nation or that he dropped me like Maksim dumped Christi Alley!


  11. Nowdy, I appogize for the delay in writng to you; to tell you how much I will miss our late night/early morning “earwigging”…

    Your artful, yet common sense style of legal analysis should be a model for legal writing in Law Schools. Your tenacity and perserverance in covering the Rigsby case, the Scruggs debacle and the Heebe search warrant have been nothing less than the writing of engrossing mystery stories, as I awaited each installment.

    You will be missed, I miss you, love


    1. Mr CLS, as is his custom had said his goodbye for now on the Yahoo Finance Allstate Board.


      Here’s looking at you kid!
      “The Scheme”

      We’ll leave the porch light on for ya!

      I’ll add Nowdy’s work on the mechanics of how insurers claims dumped after Katrina ie “The Scheme” is some of the finest journalism you’ll find anywhere and I mean not just blogs but newspaper/magazine too.

      While we hold this site open for the weekend I’d like to publish the semifinal stats for slabbed.wordpress.com:

      Page views: 1,247,810
      Posts: 3,636
      Comments: 16,665

      Single day post page view record is Nowdy’s masterpiece that went national, Katrina

  12. Truth – whose? We only know if we hear all sides of an issue. Here much of that has taken place. However, there is so much more that still needs telling.

    I pray the truth of the damage to the New Orleans area will one day be completely told. I for one will be waiting to read it here. Katrina was more a Mississippi Hurricane, but with no levees the surge came in and the surge went out. The damage to buildings and peoples lives was tremendous and much of the old is now gone. Truely this is a place where Insurance Companies did not honor their obligation to those they insured.

    Here in the New Orleans area we were told the Corps & the Local Sponsor devised a project to protect the citizens in 1965, but unfortunately malfeasence led to a project that did nothing and could do nothing as it never followed the guides of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for operation & maintenance and the Corps did not follow the Department of the Army Engineering Regulations or Manuals that specified construction, operation and maintenance or possibly never informed the Local Sponsor of some of these requirements.

    I thank Nowdy for all she has done & I pray one day she will complete this epic journey. i still monitor most of the Corps attempts to get the project within their guides as they should have been since 1965, but I pray that no more storm surge or heavy rain events come into this area until they are.

  13. You guys are great! Just a reminder that, in my absence, technology will take up some of the slack (on Sop’s new SLABBED you can correct your own typos!)

    Those of you who have been “pen pals” should note that I’m not taking leave from email – so, keep in touch, just don’t be concerned if it takes me a day or two to answer.

  14. It’s been yet another long day but before I turn the lights out and Sop hits the redirect button, I want all to know my mother wrote that Shakespeare quote in the front of the Bible she packed in my belongings as she sent me off to college – and to this day (many, ahem, decades later) I’ve tried to live by those words. It hasn’t always been easy, particularly now, but…


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