From the you’re never too old to stop thinking with the smaller head files I offer legendary Mardi Gras mogul Blaine Kern for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation.


Times Picayune Archival Photo: Blaine and Holly Kern

Sued by your own son? If this were a movie project I think the working title could be The Witch that Stole Mardi Gras. Only in New Orleans folks LOL.

Artists tend to lead colorful lives.


3 thoughts on “From the you’re never too old to stop thinking with the smaller head files I offer legendary Mardi Gras mogul Blaine Kern for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation.”

  1. Once upon a time, when I was still able to practice law, I represented a lady named Sherry Peters, who had been married to Blaine Kern, but who had been coerced into signing a pre-nuptial agreement withing 72 hours of so of the wedding taking place. There is a saying in the law that: “A lawyer can only be as strong as his client”, which stems from the lawyer’s obligation that he must follow his client’s instructions. Anyway, I had been WARNED by a psychiatrist that Sherry Peters was INCAPABLE of accepting competent legal representation, a fact that was brought home to me on the cusp of arguing that the pre-nuptial agreement was null and void, when I was instructed by my client that I was to “crater”. It was only long after-the-fact that I learned that the law clerk of Judge Kern Reese, the same Judge who apparently will preside (unless disqualified) over the current litigation involving Mr. Kern and his son, WENT TO WORK FOR MITCHELL HOFFMAN, who was the lawyer representing Mr. Kern in the matter involving Sherry Peters! One must wonder precisely when that law clerk’s position with Hoffman’s firm was first discussed, and whether Judge Reese knew about the negotiations. Ashton O’Dwyer, “fucked” by Judge Reese and his law clerk, who later went to work for Mitchell Hoffman, more than once.

    1. DANG…This sounds VERY FAMILIAR.
      My Ex…(you may know him???SATAN) had me sign a pre-nup two days before we left to be married in New York.
      I had a 3 year old son at the time & had made plans for my Mom to keep him. I felt pressured about it, but what could I do at such late notice?
      He also represented the contract as separating his business from our personal assets & I found out later, that what it REALLY MEANT WAS …
      What I BOUGHT, diapers (we had/have 2 children), food, household supplies, clothing) was mine & what HE BOUGHT (airplane, boat, vehicles, property) was his.
      Once married, he became horribly abusive and whenever I threatened to leave him he told me that he would see to it that I “lose my babies”.
      He planted drugs in my vehicle, called the Sulphur, LA police department & made an anonymous tip that there were drugs in my (TECHNICALLY HIS, he had keys) vehicle under the seat on the passenger’s side. The officer found 3 grams of cocaine there…
      When I spoke with the Asst. DA. still practicing law in Calcasieu Parish, about the charges, I told him what had happened & HE BELIEVED ME! How many times have we scoffed at the adage…”I was framed.” But I WAS. he had phone records subpoenaed & there was the call to the POE-LICE at the precise time the anonymous call was made. Rick Bryant was the DA then & refused to prosecute. ALBERT ANDREPONT aka SATAN contributed to his campaign & the BEAT GOES ON!
      He arranged for an custody hearing that I was NOT INFORMED of & had my son Nicholas from my first marriage taken from me BASED on these CHARGES.
      My lawyer Walt Sanchez who represented me on the drug charges, claimed a conflict of interest when I wanted to file a civil suit & sent me to a Shreveport atty. …A man named Walker….Suit was filed & dismissed for some ungodly reason & I just found out RECENTLY THAT Albert’s NIECE Michele Andrepont was working at the SHREVEPORT LAW OFFICE at the TIME THEY TOOK MY CASE!
      Well, it’s a long sordid tale.
      I haven’t spoken with my children in 15 years & I don’t expect that I ever will.

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