Federal Judge L.T. Senter is retiring. Ex Rel Rigsby to be transfered to another judge.

I’ll try to get the story behind the story on Judge Senter’s retirement mid-case in Ex Rel Rigsby but the early speculation centers on his health.  Here on Slabbed, Senter has been both praised and criticised but he is also well-respected.  We’ve been covering judges in this area for over 3 years now and without doubt Judge Senter is one of the best in terms of his understanding and application of the law.  He will be missed.

Anita Lee at the Sun Herald broke this story yesterday afternoon and she promises to have more on Friday.  We look forward to Anita’s reporting.


6 thoughts on “Federal Judge L.T. Senter is retiring. Ex Rel Rigsby to be transfered to another judge.”

  1. I won’t spoil tomorrow’s story but Judge Senter is in as good health as can be expected for a man that is pushing 80.


      1. Let’s just say Nowdy was right Duesouth. Shoot her an email or contact me and I’ll share with you offblog. I spoke with Anita and she was kind enough to share but this is her story so it is only right we let her tell it first to the public.


  2. Election year and wow the judge is in good health, perhaps a lot of folks are just cashing the chips in from the last round of collecting from that beast of mis-use call the Mississippi courts. Abra Kadabra per the cut.

    1. Senter is one of the good guys Robert. Anita’s feature story on Senter is online and I’ll have something on it later today. For purely selfish purposes I hate he is leaving because he ultimately did justice by the False Claims Act case and this despite the fact Dick Scuggs gave him ample reason to kick the case. Many judges would have taken the easy way out kicked the case from their dockets, Senter, to his credit, did not.

      He doesn’t come right out and say it but despite the fact he is 77 he is leaving at the top of his game. There is no greater knowledge in this world than knowing yourself and based on how he conducted himself in the Katrina litigation I think L.T. Senter possesses that wisdom and knew it was time to hang up the gavel. He certainly earned that right.


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