We have more changes coming….

A quick update from the transition team.  You’ll notice new sharing widgets below each post and a new plug-in that allows our commenters to self edit their comments. That plug-in may not be long for the world though as I’m seriously considering moving the entire comment platform to Disqus.

I like to tinker so let me know what features you like and those you don’t as I tweak and make adjustments here on the new site.


We have a few new developments with the Parish’s lawsuit against Waste Management and USA v Mouton

Paul Rioux has been a busy guy today checking in with 2 reports for the T-P the first dealing with the fact the Parish has partially settled the suit against Waste Management and is no longer seeking to terminate Waste Management’s contract early. Along those same lines we also learned that River Birch has been invited to participate as a party to the Parish’s suit against Waste Management at the insistence of the Parish, who appears to be dutifully throwing Team River Birch under the bus. For my part I can’t wait to get my hands on that bogus River Birch cost study prepared for River Birch by hired gun economist Loren Scott which is certain to be produced in discovery. Finally it appears John Young and/or Mini-me Roberts got River Birch lackey Elton Lagasse back on the reservation as someone must have pointed out to him the only “massaging of figures” happening with River Birch occurs when Lagasse genuflects before the Wards and Fred Heebe in a periodic show of appreciation for being cut in on the graft.

The news for the Heebe’s gets only worse folks as last night word leaked out Team Mouton Continue reading “We have a few new developments with the Parish’s lawsuit against Waste Management and USA v Mouton”

Let’s kick start the new blog with some USA v Mouton observations

Alrighty lets kick-start the new site with USA v Mouton as it is heating up as our boy Henry is apparently squealing to Team Fed. Last night ‘Gate referenced my remarks concerning rolling up both Papa and Baby Butler and how Mouton spilling his guts could impact that.

I mentioned this last year but it bears repeating.  When it gets to the brass tacks a concept from game theory called Prisoner’s Dilemma kicks in. The bottom line is he who squeals first generally gets the best deal. Henry is getting good advice from his lawyer Mary Olive Pierson IMHO.