To plea or not to plea? Mouton made his decision

Here we go, folks!  The Times-Picayune reports Henry Mouton begins plea talks to resolve landfill bribery charges! Paul Rioux has the story:

Henry Mouton, a former state Wildlife and Fisheries commissioner, is trying to negotiate a plea deal to resolve federal charges that he took $464,000 in bribes from a rival landfill owner in a conspiracy to close the Old Gentilly Landfill, according to a court filing Tuesday.

Mouton’s attorney cited the plea talks in a motion seeking to postpone an April 21 pretrial conference and a May 9 trial date.

“A plea agreement has not been finalized and defendant desires to continue the pretrial conference and the trial date to allow the completion of these discussions,” wrote attorney Mary Olive Pierson, who said prosecutors support postponing the court dates until after May 15.

U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman had not ruled on the motion by the close of business Tuesday evening, according to online court records.

Slabbed reports. You tell us who is sleeping well tonight!

5 thoughts on “To plea or not to plea? Mouton made his decision”

  1. So Heebe will defend himself by saying I have a heart of gold and this miserable person Mouton just kept asking me for more money and more…. . What a joke of a defense and Heebe thinks the public and jury will believe this . This sound like the Senate impeachment trials of Porteous and his lawyer friends practicing before the 24th jdc and eastern federal district who were just old family friends and the money was just Christmas, wedding and graduation presents.

  2. Envious, that you get to use (sic) I have never gotten to use it in my writing. Blast, damn! Amazing that Mouton can’t even spell the flipping deal he was trying to milk correctly, as in over and over writing the names wrong. I wonder if the attorneys said to themselves, “Oh, for the love of God!” and gave (sic) it’s own little moron key to save themselves time constructing Moron Mouton’s case document.

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