Hey, Phil, "Ours is a nation of laws, not judges"

from CottonMouth via the folks at Y’all:

This afternoon in a closed door meeting of Republican Senators, Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant told the crowd that 5th Circuit Chief Judge Edith Jones would “take care of” legislative Republicans because Gov. Haley Barbour handled her nomination to the 5th Circuit when he was in the Reagan White House. Bryant went on to regale the caucus with his opinion that Chief Judge Jones would likely appoint Judge Leslie Southwick as the judge from the 5th Circuit, and that if that happened, “Democrats would come to us looking for a deal.”

The Lt. Governor’s remarks on redistricting reminded me of this jewel in my drafts file: (h/t Above the Law)

… neither this court, nor any other court, can tolerate a situation where a judge decides to follow his/her own custom and concepts of justice rather than the precedent of the applicable appellate court or the United States Supreme Court. Ours is a nation of laws, not judges.

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  1. God save the citizens who live in the 5th Circuit. The 5th Circuit is becoming a vast wasteland of judicial incompetence dancing hand and hand with judicial activism.

    Why doesn’t Congress just do everyone a favor and raise diversity jurisdiction to $500,000.00. The federal courts don’t like heavy dockets and raising the diversity jurisdiction threshold would lighten an already light load. Maybe then we could do away with some of the federal court judgeships

    Clinton’s appointments stunk (aside from Judge Barbier who we could only wish was as liberal as his counterparts are conservative).

    Reagan and the Bushes stocked the courts with idelogues whereas Clinton and Obama are making safe choices who in my opinion are no better that the idelogues appointed by Reagan and the Bushes.

    The sad part is that the law should be followed regardless of party affiliation. However, right now in the 5th Circuit, that is not happening.

  2. Jim Brown wrote in a column we published here on Slabbed that the Supreme Court takes up most every death penalty case from the 5th circuit after Edith Jones ruled that an accused murderer whose drunk lawyer slept through the trial received a fair trial. The incompetence is only matched by the blatant judicial activism. That Lawnmower Phil professes to like such a setup speaks volumes about both the man’s level of ignorance and why he should be no where near the Gov’s mansion once Boss Hogg departs.


  3. Remember that 10 years ago, Mississippi dropped from 5 to 4 Members of Congress and almost every redistricting option pitted incumbents Shows (D) and Pickering (R) against each other. Republicans pushed a map that divided counties to limit the black population in the new 3rd District to around 30%; Democrats pushed a map that divided counties to get the black population up to about 40%. The state House went with the Democrats, the state Senate went with the Republicans, and no one tried to reach any compromise or propose a nonpartisan map that did not split counties for political advantage.

    Democrats went to state court to have their map imposed. Republicans went to federal court to have their map imposed. The Republicans won by default. AG Moore sent the state court’s Democratic map to the Bush/Ashcroft DOJ for Voting Rights Act preclearance. The DOJ sat on it without making any decision. Then as the deadline for candidates to file approached with no plan in effect, the federal court imposed the Republican map.

    The state legislative maps were less partisan as the districts were ridiculously gerrymandered to protect incumbents from both parties.

  4. The 5th Circuit is the biggest indictment against appointed judges.

    A corporate defendant gets a fairer shake in Civil District Court for Orleans Parish and the 4th Circuit than any homeowner/policyholder gets in federal court.

    The funny thing is that a piece of shit company like Lafayette would be protected in federal court whereas in state court the policyholder as a fighting chance.

    Why didn’t Ramlow call out the 5th Circuit?

  5. Very funny… when are you, Ram-Blow, going to pen a letter about bad the 5th Circuit and the lower district court judges are?

    Funny how the clown rips Louisiana state courts, but is conspicuously silent on the federal courts.

  6. We certainly positively are a Nation of laws. All broken! But someone should tell the judges who rule by political advancements and the wallet near the seat of their pants. A little use to do it, then a little got more and more a$ the fifth began dancing to Mr.Brown nose!

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