Lets connect a few dots as we feature James Gill’s last column on Fred Heebe.

I have a small confession to make.  After I wrote yesterday’s posts I headed out into the beautiful outdoors and just enjoyed the heck out of myself, no news except what I learned shooting the bull with the some long time friends.

So today I took a tax season break and in perusing the Times Picayune I run across James Gill’s latest column where he tackles River Birch and the coming indictment of Fred Heebe at Team River Birch. Now I suspect Sir James already knows the lay of the land but for the benefit of the rest of the Slabbed Nation I feel compelled to explain an important commonality between Fred Heebe, Henry Mouton, West Jefferson Medical Center, outgoing St Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack Stevens, former Governor Mike Foster and likely Billy Nungesser: The Butlers as in Peter Senior and his boy Junior or in Slabbed speak with a hat tip to the third world nature of the corruption Papa Butler and Baby Butler.

Henry Mouton, though grabbed by the balls as he is, will not be the key to rolling up the Can’t Shoot Straight Gang. Team Feds have multiple avenues into the cesspool of corruption but if they can get one of the Butlers to roll they will have hit the mother load.

Speaking of mother loads it was apparent from reading Clancy Dubos’ earlier column on River Birch and James Gill’s column I linked above that Fred Heebe’s lawyer, Kyle Schonekas is also doing some pre indictment PR for his client. So this naturally begs the question of exactly what kind of lawyer does Fred Heebe have in Schonekas and the answer, not surprisingly is they have lots in common in terms of the type of people they like keep company and do business with.

The Schonekas name shows up at two different law firms, Berrigan Litchfield Schonekas Mann & Traina LLC where Clancy is listed as one of the firm’s of counsel. The Berrigan is hubby to current River Birch search warrent judge Helen “Ginger” Berrigan and we know the Schonekas is Kyle’s papa. I think Ashton can shed some light on the Mann surname but it is also important to remember that we’ve run across this Litchfield name before too as we’ve linked the Rich Rainey Times Picayune story Jefferson Parish President John Young leans on a core group of advisers.  John Litchfield was one of those core advisors along with his running buddy Richard Hart.

Fred Heebe lawyer Kyle works at his own firm Schonekas, Evans, McGoey & McEachin. As is typical of power lawyers like Kyle, he maintains a diverse law practice such as being the registered agent for entities like Storyville District New Orleans LLC.  Following the business entity and money we find that the officer listed in Storyville District New Orleans LLC, Bourbon Street Management LLC is also connected to Schonekas as he is that LLC’s registered agent too. The officer listed is Jacques Chrysochoos.

Now Jacques is an interesting guy as it appears he is highly connected in the east coast mafia as he operated various scams out of the Tampa area along with his French Quarter based businesses.

I suspect Heebe fits right in as the type of client Mr. Schonekas appears to prefer.


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  1. “He is not only rich, but has a heart of gold, his attorney Kyle Schonekas says, and was thus an easy mark for Henry Mouton with his inexhaustible supply of hard-luck stories. Heebe put Mouton on the payroll at $2,000 a month and then coughed up large sums in addition, which, according to Schonekas, bespoke nothing more than a very generous nature.”

    They better hope none of the residents of their apartment building are on the jury—

    Their positive ratings in one apartment review site was a stunning 13%. Worse were the reviews–

    04/06/2010 Rats,Mice ,Roaches,Fleas and Bugs NO 2.0 Do not be fooled by the outside .the apartments are old and outdated and full of rats the size of puppies that run from apt to apt.pets are allowed they are just not yours.

    Date posted: 4/11/2010
    Years at this apartment: 2010 – 2010
    3 responses

    “Thank you so much, renters of the Parc Fontaine Apartments. You guys have really save me the time, trip and money, by writing you reviews. I have been told by many people how are not tenants of the development, and was told the check out apartment ratings. With the roaches, loud music, flooding and break ins of the apartments, with or without force entry, OMG! This place should really be evaluated by the Better Business Bureau or some form of higher authority. The rental price range and gated community seems to be a cover up for all that goes on within those prices and gates!.. It seems that the tenants pay their rent to live under these conditions, how cruel! Management really should have more concern for their tenants living arrangements or be replaced with staff that give a damn!…. OMG!!People, Try to stay safe and get out of there!!!ASAP!!! ”

    Of course the conditions at the Saint Charles Monroe Mansion include a dozen chilled bottles of bubbly on standby in the pool house…

    Read more: http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/LA-New-Orleans-Parc-Fontaine-Apartments.html#ixzz1IbZMvFYL

  2. SOP: I’m afraid I don’t have anything “juicy” to tell you about Arthur Mann. We were Fraternity Brothers in undergraduate school at Loyola “light years” ago, and Arthur was then and is now a “straight arrow”. Of late he has acquired Social Status (I’m sure well-deserved) that he didn’t have when we were boys, and he is prominent in several Carnival Organizations. He also is a past Commodore of the Southern Yacht Club. I would bet one or more appendage that Arthur is not involved in any “shennigans” involving River Birch. Parenthetically, the “Schoenekas” in the Berrigan Litchfield firm, who was Kyle’s Dad, is deceased. If I were a “betting man” I’d bet that Kyle knows RULE NO. 1 in the handling of criminal matters, namely, “THE LAWYER NEVER GOES TO JAIL!”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Arthur Mann is the finest most ethical attorney and man I have ever met. He rarely even curses and when he does its a strong “damn”. Active in all of his churchs from grade school all the way up. Holy Name. Active volunteer with Loyola. Paricipated in security for the Pope’s visit. Fine clean children, college grads. He went to work with Russell Schonekas’ old law firm as a young attorney, his primary practice has always been creditor representation, ie GMAC, Ford Credit, along those lines, repossessions, bankruptcy. Russell Schonekas did work under Jim Garrison and in his later years ironically worked on the overturning of the BriLab conviction of Carlos Marcello. Not because he was dirty, because he was an excellent and smart attorney and he saw a case that he could win in that. If you want to look at whose name always seems to come up as an “agent” with many of these guys, including Wayne Landry and Guidry and oh all the interlocking threads, Marcus Giusti. Not that it means anything either. As for Clancy, he came on board with them as “of counsel” a few years after the Gambit merger. Joe Berrigan as well, long retired.

      1. Giusti, agent for with Lou Tortorich, partners with John Metzler, campaign manager for Wayne Landry, who has taken complete control over St. Bernard’s new hospital, who Landry paid to Tortorich’s LLC $40,000.00 at least during his slander filled campaign for Sheriff. Also, Mark Kaiser, the same who was connected to Sherman Copelin, has now quietly shown up on the St. Bernard Parish Hospital Board. Kaiser, who has NO connection to St. Bernard other than Landry/Copelin. Landry who got Ferncrest Manor from the bilker/federally prosecuted Melville Borne. (REMEMBER THIS THREAD? MIGHT WANT TO RE-LOOK) http://www.slabbed.org/2011/02/14/roll-the-dice-for-another-round-of-clue-the-river-birch-version/ wHY OH WHY won’t you guys trail Wayne Landry’s money trail/properties and why did he bring on board Mark Kaiser former partner of Sherman Copelin into St. Bernard. Its not the Sheriff, its the Sheriff’s enemies.

      2. LAED Judge FRed Heebe presided in Carlos Marcello case and allowed Marcello attorney to come into Heebe’s chambers EX PARTE. Heebe’s son now owns Hwy 90 former Marcello landfill and River Birch former Marcello land. Schonekas represented Marcello and Kyle Schonekas a son of Marcellos’ attorney now represents Judge Heebe’s son Fred in criminal Jeff Parish investigation involving former council person Fred’s wife Jennifer and the entire Jeff Parish council. Former president Broussard, parish attorney and CEO Whitmer are all NOW FEDERAL FELONS. DOJ in Wash.office now handles Heebe’s matter. Any Heebe indictment should go to former River Birch owners, THE MARCELLO’S to provide facts why Judge Heebe allowed Marcello’s attorney to meet “ex parte” in Judge Heebe’s chambers. DID JUDGE HEEBE GET SOME KIND OF DEAL WITH MARCELLO FOR HWY 90 LANDFILL AND RIVER BIRCH LAND? OH MY, HOW shocking?

        1. Just for fun, Russell Schonekas worked under then prosecutor/D.A. Jim Garrison who believed Marcello involved with JFK assassination. Russell also ran for D.A. and lived in um, River Ridge. Anybody talk to Vinny Mosca? Don’t forget to check that thread above, about Melville Borne, he’s still alive, well, active across the lake in all kinds of ventures. Why is one of the Ferncrest Manor corps still in his name and active LLC even though he sold it to Wayne Landry? Also, Melville Borne sold or bought some land with Heebe. Why is Mark Kaiser,former partner of Sherman Copelin, former WB eye doctor running the St. Charles clinic now on St. B’s Hospital Board that Landry kicked off the FMOL and took over running a hospital, then HIRED ALL HIS CAMPAIGN WORKERS, HACKS, MANAGER and various other nefarious fellows. Oh what a wicked web….get to work boys….

  3. It was, thanks Ashton. BTW, I faithfully check every day and there is no decision to date in Heebe-River Birch v USA.

  4. The Evans in Schonekas, Evans…is the daughter-in-law of former Jefferson Parish Council Chairman Bob Evans. The connections are never ending.

  5. The incest in the system is impressive no? Imagine what would have been had Fred Heebe been able to successfully buy the US Attorney slot back in 2001/2002?

    Like the spill litigation I wonder if there is a federal judge in the LAED that is not conflicted in one way shape or fashion with regard to Heebe or those with whom he associates.


  6. Peter Butler worked with the Gauthier on the tobacco litigation. Apparently Butler handled the litigation in court for him.

    And did he appear before the judge he used to clerk for as part of that?

    Look like it.

    – 9.24.94 TP:

    “””The latest skirmish in what could be a $5 billion legal battle against cigarette companies involved an advertisement urging tobacco company employees to blow the whistle on their employers.

    U.S. Magistrate Alma L. Chasez left intact Friday a temporary restraining order against the placement of the advertisement, published twice in a North Carolina newspaper by 50 law firms that have banded together to sue cigarette makers.

    “That violates the cannons of ethics in place in Louisiana,” Chasez told Wendell Gauthier, the New Orleans lawyer who placed the ad last month in the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal.

    Gauthier said he placed the ad in order to find a former employee who had called anonymously twice before to tell him that documents in the case were being destroyed by the cigarette manufacturers.

    “The ad that was in the newspaper was inappropriate,” Chasez said.

    In another late development in the case, U.S. District Court Judge Frederick Heebe of the Eastern District of Louisiana denied Friday a motion by the tobacco companies to dismiss the claims against them.

    The companies had argued, among other things, that the case should be dismissed because of a one-year deadline for filing tort claims. …

    Reynolds won a temporary restraining order that not only forbade further ads, but prevented the law firm Gauthier & Murphy of New Orleans from taking calls prompted by the advertisements.

    About six people had called and left their names and phone numbers before the order was handed down, attorney Peter Butler of New Orleans said.

    The lawsuit accuses all the nation’s major cigarette companies of conspiracy and fraud. … .”””

    — 4.14.94 TP:

    “””A federal judge verbally extended a temporary restraining order Wednesday that bars the nation’s tobacco firms from destroying records pertinent to a lawsuit filed two weeks ago by cigarette smokers allegedly addicted to nicotine.

    Senior U.S. District Judge Frederick J.R. Heebe said he’ll issue a written order today that both sides will have to follow during what is expected to be a lengthy court battle.

    … Heebe issued a temporary restraining order March 30 – the day the suit was filed. The order was to expire Wednesday.

    Peter Butler of New Orleans, one of the smokers’ attorneys, told Heebe the new order should prohibit the destruction or alteration of documents relating to the content of all tobacco and tobacco products.

    R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. lawyer Theodore Grossman of Cleveland called Butler’s proposed order overly broad and said any order should only address records relevant to the litigation.

    “We have taken every step to preserve every relevant document,” Grossman said, adding that a judicial order in the form of an injunction would give the wrong public perception. A stipulation signed by both sides and approved by the court would be better, he said.

    “What do you have against the court?” Heebe asked.

    “I don’t have anything against the court,” Grossman replied.

    “Yes you do,” the judge said.

    Heebe made reference to Oliver North’s destruction of records relating to the Iran-Contra affair while stressing the “necessity” of document preservation in the tobacco case.

    “We just can’t have that kind of stuff,” he said. … .””””

  7. LAED Judge Heebe law clerks: Peter J. Butler, Sr., Aubrey B. “Copper” Hirsch, Jr., Kyle Schonekas and Peter J. Butler, Jr. Butler-Heebe(son of Judge Heebe now being investigated)Hirsch law firm represented Alvin C. Copeland, et. al. in State No. 87-8673 June 1987 and filed fabricated pleadings for sole plaintiff Al Copeland. Butler, Sr. testified under oath to all fabrications as represented by Aubrey Hirsch, Jr. Al used fabricated Judgment in loan No. 215 to increase his hotel second mortgage from Gulf Federal (John Mmahat and David Lichenstein bankers both convicted of bank fraud some years later from other matters at Gulf Federal) by additional $500,000.00 = total of that one loan of $1,500,000.00 in 1989. Judge Feldman was offered filed crossed court records proving fabrications by required “clear and convincing evidence” with 1999-2002 disciplinary and 2003 Judicial misconduct fabricated written and mailed denials, from State, District Court, 5th cir. court of appeal in two appeals to hold live no time limit hearing and both disciplinary proceedings. Judge Berrigan granted live hearing in Copeland/Bodenheimer 2003-05 No. 03-2584 but Al settled that two year case 5 days August 26, prior to August 31 live hearing date.

    1. August 26, 2005 settlement by Al Copeland in Copeland/Bodenheimer corruption case plus Al’s attorney’s filed in N0vember 2005 to DENY the GRANTED but never held LIVE hearing and Judge Berrigan granted the DENIAL. August 2010 motion filed in Judge Berrigan Section C to ALLOW original GRANTED LIVE hearing as denied by Al’s attorney’s November 2005 filings FROM NEW EVIDENCE DISCOVERED IN JULY 2009 BY counsel Dave C. Treen. NEW evidence discovered was material eye witness as named in the 2010 motion ADMISSIONS TO being an eye witness to U. S. Article I, TRIAL JUDGE 1984 physical and verbal attack from behind on 1984 adversarial litigant while AS TRIAL JUDGE is making a $3,900,000.00 decision on LITIGANTS French Quarter Hotel and hotel business livlihood. Title 28 S 455 REQUIRES BY LAW recusal ON THIS JUDGE’s OWN MOTION for “appearance of impropriety.” Judge did nothing and then DENIED both oral and written motions for RECUSAL so litigant could HAVE A JUDGE WHO HAD NOT ATTACKED THE LITIGANT FROM BEHIND. Same Article I, chapter XI Bankruptcy JUDGE knowingly writes fabricated DENIALS August 4, 2003 to the Fifth Circuit Judicial Council investigating his NO TIME LIMIT BY LAW, MISCONDUCT complaint. Misconduct 2003 record is also an Exhibit in Judge Feldman 2004 NO. 04-01187 where ALL Circuit courts and U. S. Supreme Court REQUIRE A LIVE BY LAW NO TIME LIMIT JUDICIAL OFFICER FABRICATIONS HEARING. JUDGE FELDMAN USED THE “Lustig” 5th circuit case WHICH HAD A LIVE NO TIME LIMIT HEARING, TO DENY 2004 MOTIONED FOR LIVE HEARING AND STATED IN FINAL WRITTEN OPINION, that mover was making dark hints about his U. S. Article I chapter XI trial Judge.

  8. &*(^*^*^*)&!

    You have got to be kidding me.

    3.3.93 TP:

    “”””Carlos Marcello, a squat, taciturn man who occasionally described himself as a tomato salesman but was actually the Mafia boss of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, died Tuesday in his sleep at his Metairie home. He was 83.

    The cause of death was not disclosed, but Mr. Marcello had been in failing health for several years. He suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

    Mr. Marcello, who stood 5 feet 3 inches tall and was known as “The Little Man,” had lived quietly in Metairie since his 1989 release from federal prison, his fourth term behind bars in a lifelong contest with law enforcement authorities.

    …. The funeral and burial will be private, said *********Russell Schonekas*****, one of Mr. Marcello’s attorneys.”

  9. 12.15.05 TP

    “”””Russell Joseph Schonekas, a lawyer and highly decorated World War II veteran, died Dec. 2 at his son’s home in Charlotte, N.C. He was 83.

    A lifelong resident of New Orleans, Mr. Schonekas attended Jesuit High School, Loyola University and *****Tulane Law School, where he was a member of the Law Review, a Moot Court finalist and an honor graduate.

    …After earning his law degree in 1948, he established a general law practice in New Orleans, earning a reputation as an astute, tenacious and fierce advocate for his clients, according to veteran criminal defense lawyer Provino Mosca, who worked alongside him in some cases.

    “He was what I call a hired gunslinger,” Mosca said. “People hired him who wanted to win. . . . Once Russell took a case, he just worked the case until he won.

    “He had a variety of flavorful, character-type clients,” Mosca said.

    The list included reputed New Orleans Mafia boss ******Carlos Marcello, Orleans Parish District Attorney *****Jim Garrison, Jefferson Parish Sheriff *****Alwynn Cronvich, New Orleans Saints owner John Mecom and trumpeter Al Hirt.

    Mosca worked with Mr. Schonekas defending Marcello in the ******1981 Brilab public corruption trial.

    Marcello and then state Commissioner of Insurance Charles E. Roemer were found guilty in what federal prosecutors said was a scheme in which Marcello bribed Roemer to get state insurance contracts. Both convictions were later overturned on appeal.

    Mr. Schonekas was often at the center of controversial and interesting legal battles, including several successful appearances before the U.S. Supreme Court, said his son Kyle Schonekas, a New Orleans attorney.

    In St. Amant v. Thompson, Mr. Schonekas persuaded the high court to reverse the Louisiana Supreme Court’s decision in a deputy sheriff’s defamation lawsuit against a candidate for public office. At trial, the candidate was held liable for defamatory remarks he made about the deputy, a verdict that the Louisiana Supreme Court later upheld.

    But Mr. Schonekas appealed on the candidate’s behalf to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled that the Louisiana Supreme Court did not apply the right standard for judging public official defamation claims, a standard requiring that defamatory statements be made with actual malice.

    In 1966, Mr. Schonekas *******ran for Jefferson Parish district attorney, losing in the runoff against incumbent Frank Langridge.

    In 1976, Mr. Schonekas unsuccessfully sought a seat on Jefferson Parish’s 1st Parish Court.

    He is survived by his wife of 58 years, … and seven children, ******Kyle Schonekas, … and 23 grandchildren. “”””””

  10. Judge Nancy Amato Konrad, ( divorced from Gordon Konrad of the Canal Bottom fame ) , her father was a ‘close’ associate of the Marcellos. He died of an apparent heart attack in Las Vegas if memory serves. Closed casket funeral was considered suspect and rumors flew he was ‘gunned down ‘ in the Casino/Mob city. Nothing ever proven but his wife ( Lucille) and children were all well taken care of…John, Jacob, Nancy and the baby who runs Mother’s Rest on Poydras…

  11. Corruption in LAED COURTS. Judicial Officers, i.e., Judge’s/attorney’s corrupt our LAED Courts knowing their fabricated filings at separate levels and after years of one another, including our State Courts will NEVER come out and will be buried forever. U. S. Supreme Court and ALL Circuit appeal courts BY LAW have a NO time limit on Judicial Officer fabrications proved ” by clear and convincing evidence.” Fabrications do NOT even require being criminal violations. BY LAW NO time limit proved by clear and convincing evidence fabrications offered to LAED Judge Feldman are filed in LAED court records, both District and Fifth Cir. Ct. of Appeal.
    U. S.Gov’t NOW has an open “civil” case No. 10-3452 with some of these SAME NO time limit fabricating attorney’s. Records were seized under warrant and Fred Heebe, et. al. filed No. 10-3452. Peter Butler, Sr. records were seized. ALL our Government need do is get the fabricated already filed records introduced into No. 10-3452. IN addition their is a criminal GRAND JURY where the same should take place.

  12. Really funny stuff here:

    “Mr. Dubos,

    “Assuming that you are an informed & responsible journalist, SHOW ME THE CONTRACT YOU’VE REFERRED TO. I DARE YOU!”

    – This, of course was ignored.

    This was not ignored:

    “To “Show Me”

  13. Dear Clancy,

    I, for one, am glad that you commented here on Slabbed as it relates to a clarification of professional entanglements, yours included.

    I myself have been a loyal reader of Gambit for many, many years. The professional caliber of Journalists you have engaged is far and above any reporting or expos

  14. Dear James,

    I happen to tune in to WYES Friday night, and low and behold, there you were on the panel of INFORMED SOURCES. When asked about the latest twist in the Mouton case, that he was co-operating fully with the US Atty, you persisted in explaining how

  15. Sir James: Your close social relationship with Tommy ‘Orteous’ Porteous is common knowledge. Like Stephanie Grace you crossed the line then from reporter to friend to protector but spit out the obligatory ‘hit’ piece even then. Now it is ‘Fred’ with whom you seem to be vacillating…did the Heebe Team threaten to sue you for defamation? Did the TP threaten to turn off the tap? Whatever the circumstances you used to be a bit more circumspect in your ass-kissing…losing your edge Jimmy?

  16. Bust Baby Butler and you get almost every one of the crooks. His and Papa’s tentacles reach far and deep…creepy the way they Consigliore’d their way around. Almost makes one believe they were plants under deep cover for the really really bad guys. Under deep cover until it all began to unravel thanks to the Camry for the C_ _ _ debacle. OMGosh. Too much.

  17. For what it’s worth; I believe one schonekas or another was a former Jeff Parish School Board member. School board back in the parish’s police jury days was the common route to political corruption as it had a tax base & spending authority to reward the friends & family…, and it’s one of the common routes stilll!
    Also baby butler or daddy is a Times-Picayune’s consigliere’! (Remember Joe Yenni…..they still live in the “house that Yenni built! & a Butler was HIS consigliere’ too!)…..but y’all knew that…..I’ll just shut the fuck up!

  18. Would seem that the Berrigan Litchfield firm gets around quite a bit. Odd that the faux commissioner of ag & forestry, supposedly dedicated to cleaning up the department, had the firm on as his outside consigliere, to replace a firm which had given nearly three decades of service. But then nothing “odd” if one simply sees this as a recognition that Strain is simply another Louisiana taxeating “good old boy” bringing his own people to the table to eat – at taxpayer expense, of course.

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