4 thoughts on “Thursday Musical Repeat: Dedicated to the Slabbed Nation”

  1. I can do it, I can do it all night long! Up Date on the Haley for prez and Bob Owens SP. master to the Gaylord fraudulent class action Hinds County Rabbit Hole. Intercept message for Haley to his state attorneys>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-CBccRlXBU

    My love for Mississippi has gone sour. My lastest pleas to the court for $ 20 million on the possible $ 2 billion $ 330 million with over ten years of interest, table crumbs was rejected.
    This state, she’s a gone mad and were breaking up>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN1zt6K3Oo0

  2. I just want to say thanks.

    I wouldn’t underrate the shts&giggles element; so-called “professional journalists” who should be so passionate about what they do they would do it for free are nothing of the sort today. And nature abhores a vacuum.

    And it has occurred to me, as far as local politics goes, someone could take this and expose what goes on in every parish and county in LA & MS. I’d say it helps to be across state lines though. As a poster I’d say i definitely appreciate that part of it.

    But it’s a lot to carry. I have not wanted to point it out but Dambala crossed a similar bridge. He blew up a whole multimillion dollar tech scandal and he was rarely bought a keg of beer {my preferred contribution to anyone, but that seems to be little desired as its not so fungible} until he went paypal.

    Think Bogart in Casablanca, that’s not what you’re about but that’s where you went, and in the end it was and is noble.

    And the insurance material is awesome, though I rarely comment on it.

    Many Thanks.

  3. From higher up or deeper in one can see the MCMP { bullshit} triangle which extends from attorneys encompassing the fifth districts major ports of power. Certain actions and laws do not follow a person well from one district to another, neither do any concern. Certain groups of attorneys from any given local areas around a state’s major courts which run the state could combine their actions and bam, MAGIC. ie. In where the problem is attorneys are located near every major city buy them and have state action at their disposal, where you gone?

    One more thing as certain as corruption one has to wonder being labled the poorest where the money for certain things come from. Just an observation.

  4. I meant to add that this action was taken out of Louisiana after two years of all out, war is hell! Their is presently an investigation of document shedding, bribery ect. by an employee of the former DA. La. didn’t want a certain claim in their state. The race-car nobody wants. The discription of action would be brought to or taken to Mississippi. Boom! money offer. Ah, the ultimate sell out! wee, wee? the first attorneys had New Orleans and a certain claim no one wanted with a move to MS. Second attorneys had MS. and after sercuring his honor Mr. Smith adds the Texas factor of class. Just wanted to say, the claims didn’t originate in MS, and the only two things I know of coming from Texas are a Mr.Fleming and his claims which failed at trial and its appeal.

    It ain’t easy being green!

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