And to think Eric Paulsen had an insurance case against State Farm we somehow missed….

This pleading came to me captioned Gates – Best Pleading Ever and in a strange slabbed sort of way it is as we find an example of a plaintiffs lawyer doing some of the sleazy things we’ve come to expect from State Farm lawyers like our old friend Scot Spragins of Kuehn infamy. Best of all it allows me to roll out some of Eric’s off air friends like Shane (D’Antoni) Gates and Danny Abel. To wit:

First, Plaintiff and Shane Gates (also known as Shane L. D’Antoni) are creditor/mortgagee and debtor/mortgagor on the very property as issue in this lawsuit, 56345 McManus Road in Slidell, Louisiana. 2 Thus when Baumgartner questioned Plaintiff at his deposition regarding his “unusual relationship” with Gates and why Gates seemed to be living at the McManus Road Property, Plaintiff’s reply that “Gates made a few mortgage payments” for Plaintiff has a whole new set of implications in light of the unearthing of the Bond for Deed, a transaction that has never been disclosed to State Farm or its counsel during the adjustment and lawsuit over this claim.3 Certainly in Plaintiff’s position as creditor/seller to Gates of the McManus Property, Plaintiff could have produced Gates for deposition and clearly knew at the outset when initial disclosures and discovery was made that Gates would be a witness in these proceedings. Continue reading “And to think Eric Paulsen had an insurance case against State Farm we somehow missed….”

Chris Roberts has received another endorsement……

Its true folks, from the folks at 1732 Stumpf Blvd., a business location with many a Marcello based business listed there. In this particular case it is from one Renee Templet Apostol, aka Renee Apostol-Diaz aka Renee Diaz, wife of Milton “Mickey” Diaz of Progressive Home Health. In fact Renee is listed as the owner of Progressive Home Health at Manta.

Telemachus covered this endorsement in detail here and here.  Click on the first link to a PDF of Mini-me’s Facebook page to view the endorsement.