BREAKING: Chris Roberts would like to say a word about the Baudier “attack ad”. Updated with a response from the Baudier Campaign!

Folks, my mind is open to the possibility that not only is Chris Roberts a complete imbecile but he also has a huge crush on some chick called Anne Marie.  Now hummm, who could that be?

My own opinion is that Mr Roberts is feeling the heat as word on the street is he will lose to Tim Baudier while Tom Capella wins the assessor race. Examine the following email Robert’s sent to the M&M sisters and see if you agree that Mini-me’s baum is being nicely roasted. ~ sop

—–Original Message—–
From: [email protected]
To: Margie Seemann ; Ms. Margaret Baird
Cc: Steve Mauterer ; Raylyn Beevers
Sent: Wed, Mar 30, 2011 12:32 am
Subject: Clarification for the record

Ms. Seeman and Ms. Baird:

For the record I do NOT have a parish issued cell phone, Blackberry, or credit card. Despite what your misguided candidate believes – [email protected] is a personal email account not issued by any public body.

[email protected] is the only public email address assigned to me. If you look at the communication I sent to you which in turn was provided to Mr. Baudier, the evidence will reflect no election related email came from a parish owned/issued account.

If Mr. Baudier wishes not to end up back in court again with his distorted facts and outright lies, I suspect it would be in his best interest to get his recent Anne Marie produced attack ad straight.


Chris Roberts

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Team Baudier has sent a response to Chris Robert’s missive to the M&M sisters:

I interpret this photo to mean Mini-me should have spent more time on drainage issues and less playing with weiners.

33 thoughts on “BREAKING: Chris Roberts would like to say a word about the Baudier “attack ad”. Updated with a response from the Baudier Campaign!”

  1. It’s always the same load of shit with these guys. My “personal e-mail account” begins with the words “jpcouncil1.” How is that not, at the very least, misleading?

    Threatening Citizens for Good Government is always a brilliant move. I think Fat Boy probably will win. Hell, he’s going to pick up @ 1,000 votes in Grand Isle alone. It is my understanding that the protectors of the pedophile are working hard to see to that. Maybe Baudier should explore Fat Boy’s cozy relationship with David Camardelle.

  2. I assume this e-mail was in response to last night’s late post. He sure treated this like it could not wait. Sent the e-mail from his phone half past midnight and openly c.c.’d what I assume is his legal representation for effect. Somebody seems to be getting nervous about the election. Doesn’t seem like he’s home getting a good night’s sleep. Think he can feel the tide rising against him?

    1. I have the following response from Anne Marie Vandenweghe:

      While I wholeheartedly endorse and support Tim Baudier in his race against Roberts, I at no time participated or assisted the Baudier campaign team in any ads, attack or otherwise, for use in the campaign. For Mr. Roberts to suggest that I did is slanderous and typical of his desperate attempt to maintain himself at the trough.

  3. Was he on his terlit? Or was his head in the bowl?
    What a POS!
    Hope Baudier has another ad like the last one ready to run , I loved it.

  4. nowdoucit- so right! Chris Roberts likes to act like he isn’t using public money when he uses campaign money. He can’t really think all those contractors give him campaign money out of the goodness of their hearts, can he? No, they give BECAUSE he is a public official. So I think it was totally accurate to say he has been feeding from the trough- it doesn’t matter whether he buys his toys from strictly public funds or his campaign funds.

    One more thing- doesn’t he get a monthly expense allowance from the Council?

    And on the drainage issue, I remember point out from one of those email dumps that Chris Roberts diverted $40,000 from the Streets and Drainage budget to have fancy lighted address signs put up in his district because “they were in all of the progressive communities he had seen.” He did this even after being told they were more expensive and hard to maintain.

    1. This blog was accused just last night via email of consisting of a few sock puppets that talk and reply to each other ad naseum. The denial is absolutely stunning ‘Gate.


  5. Sounds like the M & M sisters should issue a PRR to see who really paid for Porky Pig’s Crackberry.

    Chris Roberts is the lowest of the low. A despicable person who now tries to distance himself from the “prior administration” of which he was, laughingly, part and parcel. Transparency, my ass!

  6. Crissy & I were very busy last night at the same time (around midnight) that I was submitting posts on NOLA.COM & THEY WERE BEING DELETED!


  7. Quick question: why is Raylyn Beevers copied there?

    Anyway to the point, actually, the issue of using public devices for private campaigning *is important, BUT an even bigger issue is whether he uses private emails for public matters because that would be an evasion of the state’s public records laws not to mention a few federal subpoenas.

    So, for instance, see Page 19 here:

    “———- Forwarded message ———-
    Date: Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 7:24 PM
    Subject: Fw: Hwy 190
    Can you help me get a meeting with this gentlemen with DOTD: Tom Landry???

    ——Original Message——
    From: Michael Stack
    To: Chris Roberts
    Subject: Re: Hwy 190
    Sent: Nov 17, 2009 6:17 PM
    Chris, this is not my area, the District Administrator in that area is
    Tom Landry. His e-mail address is [email protected]

    – So for instance, in the above the the initial communication is shown as “Chris Roberts,” presumably at the official Parish email (, but then Roberts forwards it on to the Verizon email (or was it originally BCC’d for some reason? (Usually that is to hide email addresses, mo?)) address, which he says to team M&M is PERSONAL? And why is no “To”, no CC nor BCC are shown? Why???????????????

  8. The above is properly shown as below, for some reason the email addy did not paste:

    “———- Forwarded message ———-
    Date: Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 7:24 PM
    Subject: Fw: Hwy 190
    Can you help me get a meeting with this gentlemen with DOTD: Tom Landry???

    ——Original Message——
    From: Michael Stack
    To: Chris Roberts
    Subject: Re: Hwy 190
    Sent: Nov 17, 2009 6:17 PM
    Chris, this is not my area, the District Administrator in that area is
    Tom Landry. His e-mail address is [email protected]

  9. Ok, sorry, it happened again, try this at home kids, the email addy does not copy through.

    So the above should read:

  10. OK Tele…now my paranoid powers of observation are tingling…AMV must be correct about the BBEC enclave on the 9th floor of the Yenni Bldg…wonder if there is also a BBEC Westbank version at the Government Building? Clearly SOMETHING is going on here between the deletions and failure to copy through.

  11. Good thinking Tele and Unslabbed! I think you’ve made a significant “discovery” – maybe someone will take a closer look and see just how widespread this is.

    1. For simplicity sake I am reposting the following comment on this thread too:

      From a person with knowledge of these things:

      Greg Buisson’s #’s leaked from a Verne Kennedy poll taken Monday night (500 respondents)

      Tom Capella 60%
      Al Leone 20%
      Undecided 20%

      Chris Roberts 33%
      Tim Baudier 30%
      Undecided 37%

      Look for Roberts to start attacking TODAY!

      I have heard Roberts was saving a nasty surprise for the end. I guess we are all fixing to find out.


  12. sop81_1: You know I love Slabbed, but someone is playing you with that poll. As you know, I’m trying to help my friend Allen Leone become the next Jefferson Parish Assessor. That being said, I have seen several polls and none, repeat none, show Capella or Allen with 50% let alone 60/20. That is ridiculous unless they polled Councilman Capella’s family members.

    This is just an attempt by someone to manipulate the public into thinking that Allen can’t win this and to try to dry up campaign support. If Capella had 60%, would they be spending hundreds of thousands on TV and on multiple direct mail pieces? They know that their campaign is in trouble and they are scrambling. You should not be supporting this misinformation.

    If you have any questions, you know my email. But don’t believe the lies and the hype. Allen Leone has a great shot to win this election or, at worst, get into a runoff. In any event, on Saturday night you’ll see a much larger number than 20% next to Allen’s name.

  13. Thanks for the observations Walt and for debunking the assessor’s race numbers. If you have some good numbers on the assessor race you can share we’d love to see them.


  14. I know the graphics aren’t as polished as they could be, but I worked with these images for as long as my psyche would tolerate.

    Feel free to print any of these images & distribute….purely for medicinal purposes!

    Citizens have & are suffering severely because of the excessive & undeserved disregard they’ve been shown by these people! A Lot of Levity is in Order & I hope this helps a bit?

    Keep Up the Good Fight!

  15. Lil Chrissy blew his wad – hundreds of thousands – in non-election years on toy and trinkets.
    Coming into the biggest election he’ll ever face in his life he’s cash poor and quickly in the red despite years of giving blow jobs to JP contractors/Kass Bros.

    This alone is reason to write this DOUCHE BAG off. With all the other baggage attached to him this lil piggee needs to go home and stay there.

    Happy Retirement Chrissy.

  16. I will tell you what they have against AMV……
    They are intimidated & they are envious of her courage, intellect, integrity & ovaries!

    Perhaps a large dose of estrogen would induce some semblance of decency obviously not inherent in their genetic code…????

  17. I would think using the “personal ” device & account is sufficient cause to warrant federal prosecutors to subpoena all of sissy-chrissy’s personal e-mails! Dumb-ass little shit!
    I also suspect that chrissy was one of those “nya-nya” pain-in-the-ass kids who got slapped around and had to give up lunch money every day! And now he wants to get everybody back!

  18. Aside from the absolute truth and fact that Ms. Vandenweghe has not worked for or produced or collaborated on any level of the Baudier campaign, what attack is Sissy talking about ?

    THAT mini-me illegally spent HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from his campaign fund to buy toys for his PERSONAL USE and PLEASURE…

    THAT mini-me preferred to spend TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from the streets and drainage budget on costly

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