12 thoughts on “Slabbed Campaign Minute: Tim Baudier whacks the little piggy”

  1. Comment cela peut-il baise perverse se …

    We have a juvenile delinquent as an elected Councilman of JP, mini-me Roberts, who has spent a total of $365,000 THOUSAND DOLLARS in non-election years 2009 and 2010 for mostly expenditures toward his One Man Carnival Krewe PORKUS, acquiring his personal toys (a float; a tractor to pull the float; a $20,000 thousand dollar

  2. TV Commercial
    Newell Normand attributes much of Jefferson Parish’s SUCCESS to Chris Roberts!
    Pardon my French Butt, HUH?
    They oughta be ashamed a theyself!

  3. Thinking about Noodle’s Villio commercials, not so long ago, as that kneebender Villio looks up and swoons at his every gesture; and now with mini-me’s gaze of admiration toward Noodle…do you think…should I even hint…ahem…

    Villio lost even though the Sheriff broke the law supporting her…we can only pray that GOD is on Baudier’s side…as in the Villio race, this is truly a battle of the Children of the Light against the Forces of Evil…I mean really, if Jesus didn’t own the clothes on his back, do you think he rode around in a “$20,000 Bad Ass Golf Cart” ???

    Letten is a loss soul…Connick is soul-less…Caldwell is simply loss

  4. Awesome TV ad Mr Baudier.
    Makes me want to see more election ads if they were all that entertaining.
    AND OH SO TRUE!!!!!!

    And that little piggywent WEE WEE WEE WEE all the way home!

    Cannot wait to see Roberts and Baudier on the Council together…what a special relationship that will be…whooooo wee. I may have to TIVO the Parish Council meetings.

  5. Wait a minute…let me see if I can understand this:

    Roberts in 2009 spent $189,000 (a non-election year); in 2010 spent $177,000 (a non-election year); and in 2011 up through March 15 has dished out $140,000 (finally an election to spend money for)…

    In the last 2 years and 2 1/2 months mini me has spent mucho bucks…$506,000 THOUSAND DOLLARS…that

  6. Bully for Baudier.


    Nice. People love animals in commercials and the piggies are nice.

    Chrissy won’t like this one.

    by the way this commercial, besides being funny, hard hitting, memorable, and true (a great super-trifecta that any political ad should aim for) has a very important point in the end: all trhis talk of being pro-business from Roberts and Capella is completely misleading, business thrives when those engaged feel like they have a fair shot, where the best or those who want to be the best and compete feel like they have a legitimate shot at doing so. What JP has is the complete opposite. This is a third world mentality at work here, right now it’s: either get with the corruption program, play along and don’t speak up or shut the hell up.

  7. I received a very slanderous campagin add from Chris Roberts regarding Tim Baudier. I was surprised that they forgot to cross out the fact that Tim is fighting for custody of his kids and that his ex..Kri?? is the one who is being challenged. The dirt has started to be flung by Chris’ team.. shame on you!

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