On the finance boards it is called Due Diligence……Who is Diversified Ventures?????

Due Diligence:
[doo dil-i-juhns]
1 : such diligence as a reasonable person under the same circumstances would use : use of reasonable but not necessarily exhaustive efforts called also reasonable diligence

Folks I am still shaking my head about today’s Times Picayune crooks and liars endorsement. That said we’ll stay on the crooks and liars here on Slabbed and in today’s installment we’ll bust Chrissy and again link him to State Representative Girod Jackson III, owner of Diversified Ventures as we hop into the way back machine and visit with this jewel of a comment Telemachus left with us last year:

{FB Poster (no, not moi)} to Walt Bennetti on or around 11/11/10: (ClickJefferson.com): “What about fictitious companies such as Diversified that got a$ 50k payment from the parish ‘on the fly’ post Katrina?” 3 hours ago ·


********Chris Roberts: “… who is Diversified? Send me some info.”
– about an hour ago

{FB Poster (no, not moi)} “Chris, I will have to look it up in my old emails and forward a copy to you. Very interesting information.”

So, who IS DIVERSIFIED???………………….

Broussard says he tapped *******Councilman Byron Lee to find a contractor who could distribute food and other supplies alongside the Maryland National Guard. Because most of the calls were coming from Lee’s 3rd District, Broussard says he asked the councilman for a minority contractor to serve its relatively high concentration of black residents.

The $1 million contract, signed Sept. 7 and modified in December, went to ********Diversified Ventures, a Marrero company that is not listed in the telephone directory and does not have a Web site.

Its president, ********Girod Jackson III, is a former manager at Pioneer Resources Management Group, a cable installation company managed by Lee. Jackson also contributed $500 to the councilman during the 2003 election cycle, according to state corporation and campaign finance records.

So is Chrissy REALLY that ignorant? No way folks, not when there is a $500 fundraiser to be had.

Courtesy of a reader

Slabbed Reports you decide.


5 thoughts on “On the finance boards it is called Due Diligence……Who is Diversified Ventures?????”

  1. So now the 12 who signed on to host this atrocity have LARGE RED TARGETS on their foreheads for the Grand Jury…
    Chaisson, Alario, Martiny, Heitmeier, Morrell, Appel, Talbot,Templett, Jackson, Henry, Billiot and Ligi…
    What in the world were they thinking? Who do they have to thank for dragging them into the fray?

    This has to be the dumbest move on the stage to date…

    John Alario: we know his ‘connections’ and his weaknesses so all he is doing is trying to pretend all is well although Rome is burning down around him; Fiddle on John ‘Nero’ Alario

    Danny ‘ Little Harry Lee’ Martiny: ’nuff said

    Heitmeier: Redflex connections?

    Robert ‘Bobby’ Billiot: West Bank Jefferson Parish. Probably someone made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    Ricky Templett: Another West Bank Jefferson Parish Black Hat.


  2. Ligi and Martiny were also on a mailer sent from Tom Capella to Kenner residents listing every Kenner Councilman, Mayor Yenni, Chief Caraway, both Kenner state reps (Ligi and Willmott) and Martiny as supporting Capella over Leone.

    More politics as usual.

  3. My head is SPINNING … I know these names and am having a difficult time keeping all the ‘connections’ straight. It sounds like Jefferson Parish has taken ‘in-breeding’ to a whole ‘nother level…
    I am afraid to talk to or about anyone at this point…never know who they are related to…

  4. The process and practice of DUE DILIGENCE is a concept that is totally lacking in both Jefferson Parish Government and by their attorneys, and more particularly, the law firm of Phelps, Dunbar.

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