In this episode of Magnum JD: Magnum strikes back, fires up a blog of us own!

One day Magnum is on the phone with Gary Chouest and the next he is a citizen blogger! Must be quite a step down for him to come play with the unwashed masses and I think it shows. Let’s examine a snippet from his post “John W. Houghtaling reports on the oil spill clean-up“:

The OTS patented technology is not just an “ocean skimmer”, explains John W. Houghtaling. “However, during the Gulf spill we had to get the contaminated water to the centrifuges,” continues John W. Houghtaling. Edison Chouest, the largest oilfield supply company in the Gulf of Mexico “became our hero” at the precise moment that “we needed an answer to that dilemma,” recalls John W. Houghtaling. “We were able to use their vessels,” describes John W. Houghtaling, “to deploy our machines.”

To the extent I encourage people with a good story to tell to blog I almost hate to say this, but there is a time-honored “trade show” bash from the stock boards about the company booth @ the show looking like a kindergarten kid designed it. Now maybe Magnum W. JD uses some sort of fill in the blank software or maybe he just loves to refer to himself as Magnum W. JD but frankly you’d think a man with the cojones to fuck over Spyridon Contogouris and has Gary on speed dial could do a bit better stylistically in the dissemination of his propaganda.

So while Magnum tries to shine up the Ocean Therapy Solutions turd and related fleecing of BP last summer I think it is wise to link our 2010 Christmas Eve runaway smash hit post As the Magnum turns…..Slabbed finds Louisiana AG Buddy Caldwell!, where we learned in comments that BP never used Magnum’s contraptions as they were useless in sucking tar mats from the seafloor and that the likely reason BP did business with Magnum and Costner was that Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell was used as a cheap shakedown prop.

In any event I encourage our readers to read Magnum W. JD’s account of the oil water separators and our’s sourced to the Baldwin lawsuit as Slabbed reports, you decide.


7 thoughts on “In this episode of Magnum JD: Magnum strikes back, fires up a blog of us own!”

  1. And don’t forget the must-have HoughtaTweets from the HoughtaTwitter page! Sign up now!

    “John W Houghtaling is working late today.
    9:07 AM Mar 18th via web ”

    … 9:07 am? You go, Johnny Boy!


    “John W. Houghtaling is looking forward to the challenges of a new week.” — YES!!! Daily words of inspiration! This is like Tony Robbins, only even more extra shallower!

  2. In my experience the only people who referred to themselves in the third person are very young toddlers and intellectually- challenged adults…I think we all know which one Houghty is .

  3. The conflicts of interest on the BPO litigation are stunning are they not Sock. He doesn’t even bother to try hiding it either and that tells the story about Plattsmeier IMHO.


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