Capella plays “hat trick” on Grand Jury!

Capella, the council chairman, declined to discuss specifics of his nearly two hours on the witness stand. “I want to honor the secrecy of the grand jury proceedings,” he said.  “But I will say that I answered every question they had about the previous administration for me as a witness.”

“Ohhhh. Ayeeye”Sop put the black hat on the spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sopranos – but let’s not forget that it was Council President Tom Capella who stood on his hat box and played a hat trick on the Grand Jury.  Sure thing, Tom, anyone can see there is no relationship between the members of the current Parish Council and those of the “previous administration”!  Not even the revirginating John Young could sell that!

5 thoughts on “Capella plays “hat trick” on Grand Jury!”

  1. And it’s not only the past, current and same Council Clowns like Capella, Roberts and Lagasse that are trying to stay on cue with this tripe phrase, we have both Rainey and Rioux of the T-P chiming in on the same tune.

    Shouldn’t an investigative reporter point out to any of these reprobates that THEY ARE PART AND PARCEL OF THE PAST ADMINISTRATION and having Young as Parish President makes it that more obvious !

  2. That’s what happens, Sop, when you do the “hat trick” while playing “the shell game”!

  3. ‘Gate I think the beat reporters convey the situation pretty well. A reporters job is to convey “journalistic facts” to the readers. And if Tom Capella wishes to go on the record I think it is encumbant on them include it and frankly I’m very happy they did. And that does not mean they endorse his statements.

    Yes, coverage can be twisted but to the extent we source lots of our conclusions off the R&R boys I think that says a lot for them in a good way overall.

    Where I see the problems are at the editors level and above. That is also where conveying journalistic facts meets the business end of the journalism. You know, legal ads and such that add up to big money. One thing that is 100% true and I think we all need to understand this going in is that any business is going to act in its own best interest and that is true of media companies too.

    So when Mayor Mitchmo puts heat on the gang for Cedric Richmond or John Alario comes calling for Chris Roberts the decision is not quite as easy as we may think. I know how I handle such things in the conduct of my business whether it is CPAing or running Slabbed. Speaking of Slabbed we are community sourced journalism with cojones and it shows.

    On the other hand there are many people that can’t handle the truth and there are those that are happy to help keep everyone ignorant since it is easier to go along to get along.

    I for one don’t mind illustrating the contrast not one bit.


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