Capella plays “hat trick” on Grand Jury!

Capella, the council chairman, declined to discuss specifics of his nearly two hours on the witness stand. “I want to honor the secrecy of the grand jury proceedings,” he said.  “But I will say that I answered every question they had about the previous administration for me as a witness.”

“Ohhhh. Ayeeye”Sop put the black hat on the spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sopranos – but let’s not forget that it was Council President Tom Capella who stood on his hat box and played a hat trick on the Grand Jury.  Sure thing, Tom, anyone can see there is no relationship between the members of the current Parish Council and those of the “previous administration”!  Not even the revirginating John Young could sell that!

On the finance boards it is called Due Diligence……Who is Diversified Ventures?????

Due Diligence:
[doo dil-i-juhns]
1 : such diligence as a reasonable person under the same circumstances would use : use of reasonable but not necessarily exhaustive efforts called also reasonable diligence

Folks I am still shaking my head about today’s Times Picayune crooks and liars endorsement. That said we’ll stay on the crooks and liars here on Slabbed and in today’s installment we’ll bust Chrissy and again link him to State Representative Girod Jackson III, owner of Diversified Ventures as we hop into the way back machine and visit with this jewel of a comment Telemachus left with us last year:

{FB Poster (no, not moi)} to Walt Bennetti on or around 11/11/10: ( “What about fictitious companies such as Diversified that got a$ 50k payment from the parish ‘on the fly’ post Katrina?” 3 hours ago ·


********Chris Roberts: “… who is Diversified? Send me some info.” Continue reading “On the finance boards it is called Due Diligence……Who is Diversified Ventures?????”

In this episode of Magnum JD: Magnum strikes back, fires up a blog of us own!

One day Magnum is on the phone with Gary Chouest and the next he is a citizen blogger! Must be quite a step down for him to come play with the unwashed masses and I think it shows. Let’s examine a snippet from his post “John W. Houghtaling reports on the oil spill clean-up“:

The OTS patented technology is not just an “ocean skimmer”, explains John W. Houghtaling. “However, during the Gulf spill we had to get the contaminated water to the centrifuges,” continues John W. Houghtaling. Edison Chouest, the largest oilfield supply company in the Gulf of Mexico “became our hero” at the precise moment that “we needed an answer to that dilemma,” recalls John W. Houghtaling. “We were able to use their vessels,” describes John W. Houghtaling, “to deploy our machines.”

To the extent I encourage people with a good story to tell to blog I almost hate to say this, but there is a time-honored “trade show” bash from the stock boards about the company booth @ the show looking like a kindergarten kid designed it. Now maybe Magnum W. JD uses some sort of fill in the blank software or maybe he just loves to refer to himself as Magnum W. JD but frankly you’d think a man with the cojones to fuck over Spyridon Contogouris and has Gary on speed dial could do a bit better stylistically in the dissemination of his propaganda. Continue reading “In this episode of Magnum JD: Magnum strikes back, fires up a blog of us own!”

From the if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem files…….

 I look for three qualities in hiring people. Integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don’t have the first then the last two will kill you, because if they don’t have integrity you want them dumb and lazy.~ Warren Buffett

The Times Picayune endorsed Roberts and Capella today in an editorial the paper’s recently retired consigliere Peter Butler likely wrote. It is breath taking that a major metropolitan daily paper is part of the reason New Orleans metro is systemically corrupt.

You hire people without integrity and the results are pre ordained.