Not that John Young’s love life is of a big concern or even salient….

Especially if he is not kracken on the hired help. That said certain aspects of it and the rumor mill have appeared on these pages and I endeavored to get to the bottom of the rumor he is messing around with Jennifer Van Vranken and Julie Quinn in some sort of twisted menage a trois.  I feel good enough about my source here after vetting the information to put these salacious rumors to rest once and for all.

As I once reported factually here on Slabbed, John Young and Julie Quinn are done.  Quinn is not a political favorite the Connicks and she announced she was not running again for the legislature mainly because she knew she would lose.  Since Bob Murphy and Steve Windhorst are eyeing a spot on the LA 5th Circuit Court of Appeals there will be at least 2 openings on the 24th JDC, maybe more, if the Judge McCabe retirement rumors are true. The machine has Quinn slotted for one of the open seats on the 24th JDC.

Given the shit house way Wiley Beevers and Judge Steib tried to homecook Quinn’s salacious divorce from the substance abused Patrick Quinn I’ll add there is no way Quinn will be any better on the bench, especially with the monied flies with stakes in the game like Beevers buzzing about.  The bottom line is Quinn is getting a bone from Team Young/Connick so she will quietly go away.

This brings us to the Kracken on Van Vrancken rumors which I am told are 100% false as is the rumor Young is humping Parish Attorney Deb Foshee. It just isn’t so folks.  Young does have a love interest but this person is not a public figure at this point and thus not fair game for speculation here on Slabbed.

I now return you to our regular programming.


14 thoughts on “Not that John Young’s love life is of a big concern or even salient….”

  1. reported she is seeking seat on the 5th circuit. does she even have a license to practice anymore? thought that it was revoked.

    1. The T-P reported the same thing Jack. Getting a seat on the 5th Circuit was described to me as a social promotion process along the lines of becoming an officer in a Mardi Gras Krewe. Julie doesn’t yet belong to the Krewe.

      Not saying I have this nailed but for now I’m sticking with my analysis. Lots of time before qualifying so anything could happen.


  2. The TP has the Parish back in the society pages again covering the Jefferson Chamber event that was held on Jan 29th.

    ………More notables were state Sen. Conrad Appel and Carol, Jefferson Parish Council Chairman Tommy Capella, parish president John Young with state Sen. Julie Quinn, Councilman Elton Lagasse and Yvonne, and Rubye Noble Evans with husband Bob Evans.

  3. Noted, too, were ……. Dutch Connick and Jean Kass Connick ……….

    Is it possible that one of the Parish notables passed a copy of the first draft of the Parish landfill study to the River Birch notable at this event?

    None of this may be notable but the TP’s endorsement of the current council members in the upcoming election and continued coverage of the Parish and River Birch in the society pages is disturbing to say the least.

  4. It IS distubing AND curious. Makes one wonder just what the nature of the TP staffers/editors/owners interest(s) is in the grander scheme of things. If a ‘notable media personage’ has an interest ( financial?) then perhaps some ‘notable print media types’ may well also?
    Reporting what the stooges spew is one thing, but unquestioning rote repetition is too Catholic old school for me. Surely someone at the TP realizes the Emperor is naked?

  5. just can’t believe that the stooges would go so far as to make that woman a member of the judiciary. can’t she get a real job? i thought she lost her license to practice law? i am moving back to orleans.

    1. She DID NOT lose her license to practice law. She is a very moral & sweet person who is highly intelligent, unlike you who are a piece of trash!!!

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