“Black Hat” West Bank Soprano Chris Roberts now wants to pretend he is not in the mob….

I tell you folks this last bit of Wiley Beevers inspired homecooking in Judge McCabe’s courtroom is the gift that keeps on giving. For instance we only need to take the Wayback Machine to May 16, 2009 to find this Mini-me Roberts inspired Allen Powell jewel that also causes some collateral damage IMHO to others with political aspirations in 2011:

So a buncha Sopranos stormed the Governor’s Mansion on Thursday. Funny thing was, though, they weren’t from Jersey. Try Jefferson Parish.

These guys are a bunch of politicians, long fans of the HBO television show, who got together every Sunday to watch it and stuff their faces with authentic Italian fare. “We all gained a little weight during that time,” Parish Councilman Chris Roberts said.

After years of faithfully following the show, they took to wearing black fedoras when they got together, especially when the fun spilled into a local bar or restaurant afterward. Soon they started calling themselves the Black Hats.

I would submit that Roberts, a guy not known for possessing a sharp intellect and his campaign’s politically connected attorney Wiley Beevers may well have shot Roberts and others in the foot with their homecooked lawsuit against Tim Baudier.  Our legal observers, split initially are now of the view that since Baudier was not served Judge McCabe’s ruling is a legal “nullity” though it does provide a sharp contrast with the independent minded Baudier and why crooked self serving political hacks like Roberts need to be banished from the halls of government permanently.

So who are the self proclaimed West Bank “Sopranos” Roberts relished being a part of less than 2 years ago?  Allen Powell was kind enough to list them all as we continue:

The group is made of mostly West Bank politicians. Roberts said that besides himself, those attending the dinner were Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson, School Board member Mark Morgan, state Sens. David Heitmeier and John Alario, state Rep. Ricky Templet, Constable Jonathan Liberto, former Sen. Chris Ullo and Judge Steve Windhorst. Other members, including Clerk of Court Jon Gegenheimer, couldn’t make it, Roberts said.

So we have some familiar names here in Arthur Lawson, the double dealing “root suit” man Mark Morgan, John Alario and Jon Gegenheimer among others.  Now what we really need is a picture of Mini-me Roberts in his fedora.  I’m hoping there is someone out there in the Slabbed Nation that can get me that shot. We like pictures on Slabbed, the more salacious the better in fact.

Finally in this life imitating art imitating life that whole article reminded me of the movie Goodfellas which showed the wise guys imitating the characters in the Godfather.  Mini-me may fancy himself a mobster and I think it is clear he is a political waterboy to some very nefarious characters like Alario but Henry Hill he isn’t.


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  1. Sop:

    This is simply one of your best posts. I like it when slabbed educates its readers. But one thing you need to know. It’s “Wiley” Beevers, not “Wally” Beevers. You must have had a “Leave it to Beaver” Freudian slip.

  2. SOP: I disagree that McCabe’s issuance of what I believe to have been a Temporary Restraining Order (requiring Baudier to cease and desist from distributing the allegedly defamatory flyers – “TRUTH” is an absolute defense to a defamation matter) was a NULLITY, because Baudier was not served prior to the “hearing”. However, McCabe should NEVER have done what he did, ex parte, in a 24 hour period, although he had the judicial power to do so, if he wanted to be a THUG. Just what “IRREPARABLE HARM” would Sissy have suffered if McCabe had waited another day to get Baudier served before conducting the hearing, or even into next week? McCabe has tarnished HIS reputation, and the reputation of the 24th Judicial District Court Bench by doing what he did, and how he did it. But then we always knew what we were dealing with over there, anyway. The next step is for Baudier to file for a Preliminary Injunction to dissolve the Temporary Restraining Order, and to get it set for hearing ASAP. At least there will be a contradictory hearing which the public can attend, at which Baudier’s lawyer(s) can argue why the flyer abour Sissy and others is truthful and not defamatory. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. Thanks for the steer Sock.

    Ashton I think it is incumbant on the Plaintiff to prove the flyer is defanatory not Baudier to prove it isn’t, though it clearly isn’t on its face as the story I highlighted above indicates.


  4. Black Hats!!!! OMG hilarious if not so stupid.

    And Jindal invites them to the Gov’s Mansion to reenact their little pageant! Wanna be member ya think? Is there an Indian mafia?

    I certainly hope Baudier seeks redress and ties them up on this one especially since I believe they are going to try an end run mail drop this week.

    So is the Sissy Camp argument ” Hey, youse guys, we can call each other mobsters, but doan none of youse call us dat, cause , hey, we got connections wid low guys in high places?”

  5. Supposedly Chrissy’ brother fancies himself as a real Tony Soprano. I wonder which Soprano Chrissy thinks he is. Oh yeah there was a “Chris” on that show so maybe he’s the dutiful soldier nephew. He should hope not because that character got whacked in the end.

    Also about McCabe, not only was there no service but according to one of the news reports McCabe himself issued a private process server to serve Baudier. “Roberts accused Baudier of dodging a special process server appointed by McCabe at the request of Roberts’ attorney, Wiley Beevers. The server, Louis Licciardi, a private investigator, said he made at least five attempts to serve Baudier at his home, business and at Harahan City Hall after the suit was filed Wednesday afternoon.”

    How often do you hear of that happening – and within just a few hours of filing the suit? Supposedly, or probably, Baudier was at his campaign office or driving around delivering signs that day. Now they claim Baudier purposefully avoided service, so maybe they figured that was enough for them to claim he had “notice” and that’s what they’re hanging their fedora on. Or maybe they just made a show of it and never gave two dumps at 5 in the morning about whether Baudier was served or not (in fact maybe they preferred him not showing, maybe they wanted to ensure they could claim he did not show and to prevent any further airing of what are indeed the facts) and shoved this one through. If so this was even more of a skrewjob than reported.

  6. I had forgotten about that whole “Black Hat” Sopranos nonsense. I don’t see how Chrissy can say he is being defamed for supposed “mafia” connotation when he actually sought out attention (and reveled in it) for the very same thing.

    Too little, too late, Me-Too Mini-Me is now trying to distance himself from River Birch and throw them under the bus:

    It really galls me how he and other council members keep referring to the actions of the “previous administration” on this River Birch debacle. The council explicitly had its own representative, Alan Gandolfino, as a VOTING representative on the illegally constituted Evaluation Committee for this contract. They weren’t sold a bill of goods by the “previous administration” regarding this contract- they were active and willing participants.

    Only in politics can you deny what is so blatantly obvious in the hope that people won’t look too closely at the true facts.

  7. If your going to wear a hat, wear a black hat. That way we can pick you out from the other playas. Unless you can find a judge to stop any one else from wearing a hat at all.

  8. Yes, Roberts is looking for a rock to hide his fat ass under. The previous council BS is getting old. He was the previous council. He is such a smelly little pig he will throw old buddies like Broussard, Wilkerson, Whitmer and yes Heebe-Ward under the bus now that he understands his ass is in the Cross hairs of them DC.

  9. No offense to the homosexual community, but this whole black hat Sapranos thing is just gay.

  10. Just perfect Sock…the Jefferson Parish Chapter of The Log Cabin Republicans who wannabe like real mafioso… and in the Jefferson Parish political arena here, they really are the Political Thugs they dress up to be…

    That elected Political Officials in Jefferson Parish (including a State Senator, Police Chief, State Representative, Parish Councilman, School Board Member, JP Clerk of Court et al ) would have adapted the persona of the mafia as their identity moniker is beyond any words that I can conjure up to equate to disgusting and despicable.

  11. Re: Pat McCabe –
    Was it not the practice in the Roman Republic for a corrupt judge to be tied up in a sack with a viper and thrown off a cliff?

    Seems like a good practice to reinstate in the present situation!

    And as far as chrissy-the-sissy: we need to put this little pig in the pokey!

  12. I will repost this BUT:

    Chris Roberts currently has two denrosements on his FB today.

    One is the TP who also endorsed Capella. Wow. Wow. Wow. This while their front page states, “Feds expanding investigation into Jeff Contracts. ‘There’s no telling how far this goes,’ councilwoman says.” I’m begining to wonder if there is a real divorce from staff and editorial here. Stephie and Drew, you are starting to look dumb, real dumb. In the meantime they hurt the parish further with this stupid enrosement.

    But Second, this is the other endorsement on Roberts’ FB:

    “Progressive Home Health Care and Progressive DME supports Chris Roberts!!!! VOTE TODAY! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!!!!!!!!”

    [Punctuation and caps original].

    This was posted by someone named “Renee Templet Aposto”.

    I posted about Progressive and the entities sharing its umbrella at the 1732 Stumpf address here:


    Progressive Home Health = Vince Marcello and THE MARCELLOS CRIME FAMILY.

    *****So, not only has Roberts been endorsed by the TP, but he has also been LITERALLY ENDORSED BY THE MOB. *********

    On the same day no less, which I find pretty interesting.

    Coordinating our efforts, boys?

    Or is it a shared effort?

    You start to wonder, or I do, why this stuff does not get reported.

    Then you start to wonder if the pols are not the only ones being bought off or extorted or infiltrated [however it works].

    1. Susan your comments pertaining to Bobby Jindal are off topic on this thread and as such I’ve deleted them and placed you in moderation. Happy to hear what you have to say on topic but the off topic spamming of our posts is at an end. Thanks


  13. Booby Jindal was so impressed by the Soprano Wannabes that he INVITED them to Baton Rouge for a sit-down.

    Word is that their next dress-up party is going to mimic “The Brady Bunch”.

    The Greedy Bunch

    Sissy Crissy INSISTED on being CINDY BRADY & Elton Lagasse is ALICE.

  14. Progressive Home Health does not equal the mob. Those people LEASE from Vincent Marcello. He’s their landlord and does NOT operate any businesses at that location. Perhaps you should verify your information prior to posting. That’s kind of slanderous don’t you think? The owners of Progressive participate in all kinds of volunteer work and they have a disabled child. Not mob people!

    A simple statement because Mr. Roberts was Mr. Diaz’s neighbor when Mr. Roberts was a child. NONE of these people “BELONG to a MOB” they were merely neighbors when Mr. Roberts was growing up. That’s awful to post things that you do not verify.

    “FOR REALS” is RIGHT! Verify your posts because it makes your site seem less credible when one knows for a fact that this NOT TRUE! I guess you will delete this comment, too. Credible info probably doesn’t suit this post I would think.

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