Career politicians are not born, they are excreted: A Sissy Roberts truth hurts update.

Given the fact that Chris Roberts has reportedly sued the Tim Baudier campaign over the flier that I’ve embedded below the fold, the only thing I can add is “Sissy” evidently did not ponder this possibility while he sat on his throne at 5AM surfing the internet with his laptop computer.

8 thoughts on “Career politicians are not born, they are excreted: A Sissy Roberts truth hurts update.”

  1. Truth is an absolute defense to any lawsuit re slander libel etc.

    Classic Gretnamentality to sue the other side to try to distract everyone…na na na na na na…not working Sissy-Girl…you should have just let it go. Now everyone will know it is true and you are bought and paid for by the hoods and thugs.

    I believe the Roberts campaign is planning to drop a mailing with absolute falsehoods and misinformation on the eve of the election. I hope the Baudier campaign has a plan for combating it…like a mailing they can drop on the eve of the election saying ANYTHING YOU GET IN THE MAIL FROM THE ROBERTS CAMPAIGN MALIGNING BAUDIER IS A BALD-FACE LIE. DON’T FALL FOR THEIR SMEAR TACTICS.

  2. Damn, Baudier showed some gonads (not literally). Now he just needs to get something like this on TV. Maybe Leone should follow suit. I’m afraid my early prediction about Leone might hold true.

  3. A good politician or a good political consultant would have said: Hey, if we sue on this then the ad will be shown on some or all 4 local news programs, including two with regular reruns aroudn the clock, which will really be taking the most ineffectual (and most costly per hit) form of political advertising, the mailer, and thereby exponentially multiplying its audience and effectiveness by having it shown on those stations in the most serious fashion. So let’s not do that.

    I had no idea I had gotten the flier but immediately rushed to the mail pile to dig it up when I saw the report on Ch. 8.

    Can’t wait to see who the judge is.

    By the way, how is this argument going to go: “Your honor, I, Chris Roberts, was not in truth subpoenaed!” {?????}

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