How about a bit of workplace gossip from the Hive…..

Two quick notes from the birdies that have been chirping about the recent goings on at the Yenni Building.

The first is Peggy Barton and her new job in HR, taking over for Junior Mendoza.  Junior was let go along with Jimbo the Clown’s brother Clem Donelon a couple of weeks ago by Team Young in a move that flew under the radar.  Young is proving adept at manipulating the bureaucratic chess pieces and I’ll add there are still senior administrators on staff that are dead men walking at Yenni.

Back to Ms Barton, I opined in comments to the HR post that the only reason Ms Barton was on staff at all was a sense of gratitude for her stepping into the breech for the soon to be indicted Tom Wilkinson.  Our readers universally do not like the fact Ms Barton is employed by the Parish period given her proclivities to play around with public records responses. I hear from the chirping birdies that the feeling is somewhat mutual as Peggy sees her transfer to HR for what it is: a demotion.  I’ll add with Barton now in HR her ability to massage certain critical records is also now at an end.  New Parish Attorney Deb Foshee does not have a vested interest in protecting Barton that I can see but Foshee’s own track record with public records is frankly very bad, as we’ll explore in a future post.

Next up is deputy chief operating officer Richard Hart. Hart, John Young’s #3 man in the Parish pecking order came to the Parish from his gig as executive director of the state Department of Agriculture and Forestry and is credited for helping pick and poach Chris Cox from the US Attorney’s office for the #2 spot in Team Young. I mention Hart because some of the birdies are telling me he is the new administrator that most reminds them of Tim Whitmer in terms of being a ruthless snake in the grass. The birdies tell me that Hart has a checkered background that makes him a most worthy candidate for further exploration here on Slabbed so I’ll float the balloon and see if our readers can fill in some blanks.


9 thoughts on “How about a bit of workplace gossip from the Hive…..”

  1. Wow. Richard Hart is an interesting read. He certainly does have some skeletons in his closet…

    I hate to say this because I used to scoff at Orleans Parish but shouldn’t people live in this parish if they are going to run it?

  2. “Young said he trusted Connick’s advice despite Connick’s law firm, Connick & Connick, doing legal work for previous administrations. The firm made roughly $932,000 this year doing work involving insurance claims and policies, parish spokeswoman Kriss Fortunato said. Connick said he easily separated his firm’s parish work from the small role Young asked him to play *****in the transition process.**** “We’ve been doing this since 1988,” Connick said. “We think we do a good job, and we think our record speaks for itself. That having any issue with Johnny, my friend, coming to me and asking me to sit through four or five interviews has no merit.”

    Why does this sound like Johnny’s very words in the TP about Dutchie Connick’s advice lo those many days ago when River Birch was before him.

    Otherwise, a $1 million per year contractor (because that’s what Pete Connick is) played a role – any role – in the formation of the staff? What role exactly?

    oh: “At his request, they began the interviews that ultimately led to Young hiring Chris Cox as his chief operating officer and Deborah Foshee as his parish attorney.”

    Maybe this has been mentioned, but there is a Vincent E. Cox III on the Gretna City Council.

    Why look he turns up in that article about his ex-councilmate Bolar’s trial:

    “Bolar’s defense began with testimony from Gretna City Attorney Mark Morgan, Councilman Vincent Cox, Mayor Ronnie Harris and other current and former Gretna employees who explained the inner workings of municipal government and how it handles zoning and variance requests. Witnesses testified Bolar never asked them to do anything illegal.”

    Well, Connick picked your staff, Johnny, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?


    “John’s a big listener,” Hart said. ***”I like to call him a professional sponge.”*****

    Ha. Are you kidding me?

    Great mouthpiece there, Johnny.

    I bet there’s more, alright.

  3. Haven’t figured out if Chris is related to Vince, or not…. but…. Chris is related to Judge Calvin Hotard who had to “retire” after being investigated by the state for charges that will go unstated here (well, ok, let’s let the TP state them: “Judge Calvin Hotard held the seat until he took a medical leave last summer while under scrutiny of exchanging favors from the bench for sex.”):

    4.3.02 TP stated Hotard “is survived by …3 nephews … Christopher Cox … .”

    That could be Cox’s dad, Ralph Christopher Cox Jr., or it could be the CAO himself, Ralph Christopher Cox III, not sure.

  4. Wait one moment here: Doesn’t the Parish Attorney decide ( or at least the PAO Litigation Committee) who gets the legal work for the Parish? And the Connick lawfirm gets beaucoup legal work from that Litigation Committee? And THERE IS NO CONFLICT????????????????????

    Who says there is no conflict? The people getting the quid pro quo salaries and other benefits?

    I call Bull_ _ _ _ !

  5. The latest La Madeleine rumors…

    Barton may very well end up leaving as it is not 100% they will want her back at PA once the HR job is filled.

    Wilken had three positions in three days, lots of shuffling.

    THREE people now do the job AMV once did, Greg Giangrosso, Pat Borne, and Chris Gillen. Giangross hates the job.

    The PA office is down to 21 people from 42 (not sure if that’s all staff or just attorneys and paralegals, but maybe that’s all staff).

  6. And oh the org chart is as stated here completely whacked, nobody knows who reports to whom, people aren’t sure who is in charge and people aren’t sure when they get called in if it’s to do some task or to say sayonara, thanks for all the fish, so everyone’s on pins, needles, etc.

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