Must Read Landfill Story….

Michelle Krupa and Gordon Russell at the Times Picayune out did themselves folks.


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  1. So when are we all going to Find out how much Vitter received from the people who supported the River Birch Landfill?

    Was Vitters attack before or after he was caught with Prostitutes in Washington DC? It seems the Republican Power brokers own and Profit from the River Birch Landfill and the Democratic Power Brokers owe and profit from the Old Gentilly Landfill.

    So lets ask the Question- Did a US Senators profit and maybe was assured that the party would ignore his need for diapers and prostitutes and keep his job if he supported River Birch?

    It certainly would explain while the Republican Party did not replace David Vitter.

    And then lets ask what the Landrieu Family and the Law Firm of Jones Walker and the inside Attorney R. Patrick Vance made for the Old Gentilly landfill deals?

    Then lets really start a poll of who at the Federal Court House must recuse themselves if the Trash
    deals start finally producing meaningful indictments.

    But then that will not occur as long as James Letten keeps delaying and diverting the investigations to protect his mentors and benefactors.

  2. In the related article it says former congressman Bob Livingston received the lion’s share of lobbying money for the landfill groups, and now he is the newly named finance chairman for the Louisiana Republican Party. Where will it stop? Comrade Brezhnev would be very proud of these players.

  3. Best part of the article by far:

    Among the other vocal opponents of the Chef landfill was Shepherd, who urged the City Council to block it. Though Waste Management had promised to pay the cash-strapped city 22 percent of its tipping fees, Shepherd said City Hall should not trade long-term environmental problems for short-term cash.

  4. Krupa & Russell are keepers! Now if only Rainey would disappear!

    Reading SLABBED is like finding an old picture puzzel that could not be completed years ago that with a little help is now easy to piece together! Unfortunately that comforting feeling is overwhelmed by a sense of loss and anger like waking up after being raped while asleep!

    I’m ready to ride with the vigilantes!

  5. Bob Livingston. Another example of why you don’t want your babies to grow up to be politicians.

  6. Here are some things that get me from this article:

    – Where has the New Orleans blogging community been on this story? Do they really think that JP corruption does not affect them? This reminds me of the JP citizens who smirk at corruption in Orleans and think it does not affect them as well. There are 30+ blogs in New Orleans, nearly all of them created after The Storm often to address corruption and reform in the city. When Nagin was mayor, every little detail about corruption was explored. This story continues to affect New Orleans. The garbage contracts are a known boondoggle, but what is not reported is that there are four waste contracts, three have been renegotiated – one has NOT, River Birch’s. Emily Sneed is a Deputy Mayor. A Sneed, deputy mayor, think about that. The city attorney was the former sanitation director under Morial and will now be a federal judge (Jolivette-Brown), and she also spoke out against the Gentilly Landfill, though it is not really clear how that came to be (did the TP just contact her randomly, or did she contact *them???):

    11.21.05 TP:

    “”” “My big question is: Why use a facility that has all these variables, that has a big question mark on it?” said Nannette Jolivette , a lawyer who served as city sanitation director from 1994 to 1996. “We’ve spent far too many of our tax dollars to defend the bad environmental decisions of the past. It seems people are almost doomed to repeat those mistakes. We’ve been down this road before.” …

    “To do this when there’s so many other options to me is shortsighted,” Jolivette said. “It’s a no-brainer. It’s d

  7. IMHO it was Mitch and Mary that shut down the TP reporting on Cedric Richmond prefering instead to go after Dambala @ AZ.

    Organized crime in NOLA metro has always been based in Jefferson Parish. In the mafia business model Parish lines are meaningless except to the point they can be exploited for gain.

    If you understand the BUSINESS MODEL, then you can easily see where it can be unplugged from the taxpayer money train.



    While 90% of NOLA and 40% of East Jefferson were on their knees praying for strength to endure the daily hardships of Katrina our fine public servants were fighting over our destroyed homes’ garbage and profiting daily for years from our profound misery.

    Graft money to get the FEMA cleanup garbage contract spread from prostitute U.S. Senators to La. legislators, from the U.S. EPA to the La. EPA and DEQ and of course to Mr. Mouton at the La. Wildlife and Fisheries and finally down to the very local NOLA and Jefferson Councils. And all this graft not just to get a honest piece of the action but to get a monopoly so as to later jack up the profits.

    We we are almost 6 years out from Katrina and the greed of River Birch and the Jefferson Council seems determined to create this monopoly once and for all. Enough is enough.

    It is time Mr.Letten to put a stop to this and quickly before the Jefferson Council flexes its 7-0 muscles and votes in the coming weeks to create a garbage monopoly nobody but the trash players want.

    The Lord answered your prayers and provided you with a new healthy heart to perform His Will and all of your sworn offices duties beat by beat. So please help the Lord answer our prayers and get these sick trash pickers out of our garbage and government.


    River Birch has no standing to contest any study by the Parish of Jefferson. There is no contract with River Birch because there is no contract; only illegal machinations amongst the co-conspirators, the principals of River Birch and certain Jefferson Parish Officials, both elected and appointed, to proceed with a Council vote of 7-0 based upon a legally deficient RFP process composed of Wilkinson, Fos and Gandolfi. The unlawful RFP 176 committee was initiated by then COO, Tim Whitmer. It should be noted yet again, that the political hack appointed committee did not have anyone of the necessary expertise to professionally evaluate the proposals. But that apparently was of no concern to River Birch, that

  10. And one more thing…who is this MFing Parish Official whose job it is on behalf of River Birch apparently, to sabotage this co-operative study between Postlethwaite and it

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