Jimbo the Clown never got the memo that Louisiana Citizens Insurance is insolvent. A Captured Regulator Update.

Louisiana Insurance Commish Jim Donelon

A dimmer bulb has never flickered in the Louisiana DOI folks.

Donelon said he took off another 2.3 percent because it was excessive and served to build the company’s capital and reserves.

“They don’t need to be building reserves” with rates, Donelon said. He said other fees help Citizens remain solvent.

Reserves????  Didn’t you mean the almost billion dollar deficit Jimbo? A common clown may well be able to fool the big business lackey/buffoons over at the Wall Street Journal editorial board but the numbers don’t lie and convey the ugly truth about Louisiana’s corrupt, special interest ridden insurer of last resort.


6 thoughts on “Jimbo the Clown never got the memo that Louisiana Citizens Insurance is insolvent. A Captured Regulator Update.”

  1. One only has to call the Insurance Commissioner’s office in Baton Rouge and talk directly with “Jim-bo the Clown” and one will quickly recognize the serious insurance problems we continue to experience in Louisiana…he is perhaps so “out of touch” with the insurance issues in our state that you wonder if the man has enough sense to tie his own shoes in the morning..

    Don’t look for any help from Jim-bo…he’s out of the planet on an earth orbit…and rarely reenters our air space to see what’s happening down here where the rest of us live.

  2. What ever happened to the big $93,000,000.00 judgment that Henry Sullivan rendered against Citizens for failure to comply with 22:658 or 22:1220 after Katrina. Bob Ates and some ass wipe Madros somebody got into a big fist fight in CDC when Madros and Leo the Lion tried to steal the case away from Gretna Mentality Wiley J himself.

    I think Henry Sullivan rendered a MSJ for failure to pay the Katrina claims of the insured’s against Citizens within 30 days after the storm.

    Citizens could not post a bond for appeal and paid some $6.000,000.00 to plaintiff’s lawyers not to execute pending appeal.

    What happened to the case and what happened to the $6M?

  3. Just a reminder…Jim Donelon is a Jefferson Parish Politico Thug…he is part of a family that includes his uncle, Tom Donelon, who from Mayor of Harahan became Parish President, and whose brother is the miscreant Clem Donelon, the reign of terror that abused the JP Human Resources Department …

    Jim Donelon has been at the trough forever…Jefferson Parish Council Chairman who was Aaron Broussard’s mentor… a State Representative who was on the forefront of abusing the privilege of awarding Tulane scholarships for his children…and there is so much more of his Catholic hypocrisy…

    So what do you people expect from this CLOWN ?

  4. I am totally in disbelief that a regulator of insurance would think that Citizens is solvent. Does he have knowledge from God tha LA will be spared from hurricanes until Citizens has adequate reserves and capital?

  5. Supsalemgr…re your comment..”Does he (Jim-bo the Clown Donelon) have knowledge from God that LA will be spared from hurricanes until Citizens has adequate reserves and capital?”

    More clearly, Jim-bo the Clown (Donelon) doesn’t have ANY knowledge of ANYTHING …especially if it involves insurance issues. If you wish to COMPLETELY waste your afternoon, get this “CLOWN” on the phone some afternoon in his office in Baton Rouge and ask him some tough questions on the continuing CRISIS of insurance for consumers in south Louisiana. HE doesn’t know SQUAT and tries to BULLSHIT you with alot of figures and incorrect information. WHen you tell him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about he gets very defensive & just starts talking in circles without leaving you a chance to say another word. I went through this with this idiot several times and finally just hung up on his sorry ass…he is as much a disaster for Louisiana as another Katrina storm would be. .. a COMPLETE IDIOT.

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