Scott Walker makes the news again

Wisconsin’s Scott Walker has had folks there all up in the air but Mississippi’s Scott Walker is high-flying, too, or was until yesterday when the Sun Herald reports his plane crashed:

The engine failure of a small aircraft that left Ocean Springs Airport on Saturday afternoon led to an emergency landing…the plane was not even 100 feet in the air before experiencing engine failure that led pilot Christopher Ryan Loepke to land the aircraft on North 12th Street…the plane’s wings struck trees and power lines on its descent, but did not injure any residents in the neighborhood or damage any cars or houses. It crash-landed in the entrance to a residential driveway on North 12th Street.

Loepke and passengers Scott Walker, Dax Pitalo and Roy “Trey” O’Bryant III all were taken to Ocean Springs Hospital with injuries. Hospital officials said Loepke, Pitalo and Bryant were treated and released Saturday. Walker, former Ocean Springs mayoral candidate, was admitted to the hospital but was in good condition Saturday night.

Walker’s father, Bill Walker, executive director of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, said his son sustained back injuries in the crash and was undergoing medical tests at the hospital Saturday. Walker, a partner at Maxwell and Walker Consulting Group, formerly worked for Sens. Trent Lott and Thad Cochran.

Leopke made a great landing and SLABBED wishes all a speedy recovery.

Maybe I’ll just read the book!

“Meet Chris Dodd, Hollywood’s new man in Washington.”

Yes, the new chairman and chief executive officer of the Motion Picture Association of America is the same Chris Dodd who, as the US Senator from Connecticut, had his name has been mentioned so frequently on SLABBED the listing of related posts cover four pages of search results! Although those pasts date to the early days of SLABBED in 2007, it was two years ago yesterday that Sop made it official with $enator Chri$ Dodd You Sanctimonious SumBitch, Welcome to Slabbed.

According to McClatchy news, “The big question” about the new go-to-the-movies man in Washington “is not why they hired Sen. Dodd. It’s why does he want it?”

The choice stirred some controversy. He’s barred by law from lobbying Congress for the next 22 months, and Dodd told the Connecticut Mirror in August four months before leaving the Senate that he would do “no lobbying, no lobbying.”

Yet the MPAA job is considered one of Washington’s plum lobbying positions.

Dodd said he won’t actually be lobbying, and…[the chairman and chief executive officer]… of Fox Filmed Entertainment…[Jim”]…Gianopulos noted that the individual film companies are well represented in Washington on their own.

“We were looking for leadership, direction and consensus-building,” he said.

History suggests the answer to “why” Dodd would want the position probably has a lot to do with his wife: Continue reading “Maybe I’ll just read the book!”

Jimbo the Clown never got the memo that Louisiana Citizens Insurance is insolvent. A Captured Regulator Update.

Louisiana Insurance Commish Jim Donelon

A dimmer bulb has never flickered in the Louisiana DOI folks.

Donelon said he took off another 2.3 percent because it was excessive and served to build the company’s capital and reserves.

“They don’t need to be building reserves” with rates, Donelon said. He said other fees help Citizens remain solvent.

Reserves????  Didn’t you mean the almost billion dollar deficit Jimbo? A common clown may well be able to fool the big business lackey/buffoons over at the Wall Street Journal editorial board but the numbers don’t lie and convey the ugly truth about Louisiana’s corrupt, special interest ridden insurer of last resort.


Must Read Landfill Story….

Michelle Krupa and Gordon Russell at the Times Picayune out did themselves folks.


Stuck on Cyber-Stupid: May I be so bold as to offer some free advice to the folks at the Times Picayune.

I personally recommend the lightest of touch on the delete button, especially when the topic is controversial like yesterday’s Times Picayune society pump of Fred and Jennifer Heebe of River Birch trash fame. You see, while staying with the Pollyanna in comments may make Freddie and the gang over at the mansion happy but it also makes it look as if the Times Picayune is covering for a crook:

The TP ran this story in spite of the Federal investigation concerning the Heebes, which would indicate that this mansion was bought with dirty money from dirty Jefferson Parish business deals. Each and every comment alluding to this was pulled down yesterday. Let’s see how early the “comment yanker” wakes up on Sundays. As you delete this comment, please feel the shame of glorifying people who are crooks and who, in due time, will be in the Federal penitentiary . . . at least one of them anyway.

Now I would never presume to tell anyone else what to write mainly because I don’t like it when someone presumes to tell me the subject matter that I should be writing about. For me, I’m only good writing on topics that interest me and to that extent, if contributing society pumper R. Stephanie Bruno wants to take the turd that is the Heebes and pretend it smells like lavender more power to her!  That said, in order to maintain credibility with the reading public, ALL points of view (that do not cross into defamation, slander or libel) should be allowed in comments. Continue reading “Stuck on Cyber-Stupid: May I be so bold as to offer some free advice to the folks at the Times Picayune.”