Slabbed visits the “secret garden” of River Birch’s Fred Heebe and his wife Jennifer Sneed Heebe: Our business stinks and we live it up.

Chris Granger / The Times Picayune

Contributing pumper R. Stephanie Bruno tells the story while T-P photo journalist Chris Granger has the must see photos of the opulence of the local trash biz elites on the Avenue.


12 thoughts on “Slabbed visits the “secret garden” of River Birch’s Fred Heebe and his wife Jennifer Sneed Heebe: Our business stinks and we live it up.”

  1. That a freakin baby ruth floatin in the pool or Heebe just learn of his indictment date. Is this focker family ever goin to be named as co-conspirator “A” or do they walk caus they know some big politicos.Hubbard goes to prison for 4 yrs and only one of three bribers goes for 6 months. Price goes and none of his bribers go. Bribers walk and bribees do time, is that the freakin justice story here.

  2. That’s the Edgar Monroe house. It’s a shame to see such a grand home go to such trash.

    Houghty owns the Villere mansion.

    These folks must really consider themselves the new monied class of New Orleans society.

    Maybe someone should go to the tour, have a cruditee at the door, and then politely ask the nice garden ladies where the money laundering room is.

  3. The Times Picayune is back to their old ways deleting fact based comments because certain facts are evidently too painful for whoever is manning the cyber controls.

    This is a most unwelcome development IMHO.


  4. My day started and ended reading about the opulent lifestyles of the rich and famous Mr. & Mrs. Fred Heebe and other notable’s featured on Slabbed.

    First the

  5. WARNING TO PARENTS: Do not allow your children to attend the Zoo-to-do for Kids as the subliminal messages being played may warp them for life. Know that the likes of the Heebie-Jeebie-Sneedies and Phlips-Dumbar and FEYard will be in attendance so if you ARE forced to take the little tykes stay close to them and don’t let them near any sno-ball stands or house boats.

  6. I never figured out who complained about the FBI probe of this brothel amid 9/11? The man wasn’t wearing a diaper was he? Lets face it with RICO out there the mafia has taken to indirect methoids such as being someone’s landlord rather than direct ownership of an enterprise. You have the right to collect money from someone when your their landlord and if they pay cash well there you go. Happens through out the city I hear. Also you set some other sucker up in a business and have them committ all kinds of crimes you know about. You make them give you the evidence on themselves and collect money from them. Just a thought. Maybe not the real model but one close to it would be my choice due to RICO.

    FBI probe of brothel criticised amid 9/11

    By Hugh Aynesworth

    NEW ORLEANS: The FBI office here received a tip a couple of years ago that a high-dollar brothel was operating just off the city

  7. Growing up in New Orleans one always knew nouveau riche families. Loud, pretentious, flashy, uncouth. Good families didn’t flaunt their wealth, that was considered Bad Taste.

    The Heebes and Houghtling are the poster children for parvenu clods and louts.

    How crass and classless.

    Oh dear, I’ve stooped to their level by even noticing them and worse commenting on their pathetic attempts to be part of the aristocracy. Freddie darling one simply cannot buy one’s way in, one must be born to it. Do stop being such a dolt.

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