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BREAKING: Citizens for Good Government alleges certain Jefferson Parish Council members are still meeting with River Birch behind the scenes.

From the latest CFGG email blast:

At the March 16th Jefferson Parish Council meeting and the public hearing on River Birch which followed, the majority of Citizens for Good Government’s remarks were naturally about the River Birch contract. Even my 5-minute speech at the end of the Council meeting was about River Birch.

Since September 2010 Citizens for Good Government has been speaking out publicly against the 25-year River Birch landfill contract, which requires Jefferson Parish to close its very valuable landfill for 25 years. We believe that it was unconscionable for the Council to burden the citizens of Jefferson with a 25-year contract, which also removes our landfill as the only local competition for the River Birch Landfill for that period. We have repeatedly said that we believe that the River Birch Landfill contract is illegal, and that our Government should take formal action to cancel it.

At the Council meeting I said:

“This River Birch Landfill scandal is a sordid mess, with raids, the beginning of indictments, etc. Everything about this contract is suspect, starting with the way the RFP was modified contrary to its original purpose, the way the RFP was rushed through against the advice of our landfill professionals, and the way in which River Birch was selected for the Landfill contract based on the evaluations provided by an illegally-constituted evaluation committee with no expertise in engineering, municipal waste or finance.”

Then I indicated that we were very upset about a report from a reliable source that a representative of River Birch had met with at least one of the Councilmen recently. Continue reading

Slabbed visits the “secret garden” of River Birch’s Fred Heebe and his wife Jennifer Sneed Heebe: Our business stinks and we live it up.

Chris Granger / The Times Picayune

Contributing pumper R. Stephanie Bruno tells the story while T-P photo journalist Chris Granger has the must see photos of the opulence of the local trash biz elites on the Avenue.