Jim Brown

Thursday, March 17, 2011
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


When Tea party candidates throughout the country ran for office last fall, most members offered soaring campaign promises to defend liberty of ordinary Americans, and fight governmental intrusions on basic freedoms. But whatever hopes there were that newly elected Tea Partiers would put the brakes on intrusive domestic surveillance, illegal wire wiretapping and warrantless searches went out the window just 20 days into the new Congress.

With only minor whimpers, Tea Party leaders did an about face by abandoning their previous opposition to the so called Patriot Act, voting to indefinitely extend this Orwellian law that flouts the Bill of Rights. The federal government has now been given carte blanche to spy on everything you do online, every call you make, and every trip you take. “But there is danger out there,” says your congressman. “So just get used to it!” Privacy is gone, so get with the new world. No more basic constitutional protections? “Get over it.”

As Brian Doherty writes in the American Conservative: “Thanks to the massive security apparatus erected after 9/11, the government now wiretaps telephone calls without warrants, creates profiles of citizens even if they’re not suspected of specific crimes, and seizes information without judicial oversight.” In this brave new world, private companies that maintain massive data bases of information on what we are saying, writing, buying and thinking, willingly turnover reams of information about their customers. Continue reading “Jim Brown”

More writs from a dishonest bitch are ditched as Randy and the gang at United Fire Group get their asses kicked again.

Bitch of the Slabbed Randy Ramlo

Yesterday it was the 5th Circuit that bitch slapped Randy and the Lafayette legal team as the folks at United Fire Group aka United Fire and Casualty Company aka Lafayette Insurance sink to new lows trying to hose Aunt Sally’s Praline Shop in a case that once again reveals how insurers misuse and abuse the court system, making it an adjunct of their bad faith claims handling processes:

More than 18 months of discovery and other pre-trial proceedings followed United Fire’s initial answer. A few weeks before the scheduled trial date in June 2008, United Fire declared its intention to raise specific policy exclusions at trial. At the pretrial conference, United Fire enumerated each of the policy exclusions it intended to assert. Aunt Sally’s filed a motion in limine seeking to prohibit United Fire from belatedly asserting those defenses, citing the prejudice it would suffer in attempting to refute United Fire’s arguments without the benefit of Continue reading “More writs from a dishonest bitch are ditched as Randy and the gang at United Fire Group get their asses kicked again.”