In this episode of Magnum JD: With a Heart for the Arts he is simply Magnuminous

“Chatham House” owned by John W. Houghtaling, II of Metaire, LA, is the final home on the Tour.

This residence, located at 71 East Ruskin Place in the Town of Seaside, balances desire for the heroic in architecture with the necessity of good urban manners. When first designed and built by Walter Chatham in the late eighties, this house received much attention for its marked departure from the surrounding houses of early Seaside. Originally composed of two separated pavilions, “The Dog Trot House” acted very much in the spirit of its namesake type commonly found in the south.
New owner Houghtaling, after a few years of enjoying the house as originally designed, decided it was time to make necessary adjustments, and in the fall of 2009, the 2500 square foot renovation and addition was finished at a total cost of over a million dollars. Braulio Casas was the architect behind the revisions and the new landscape design, and John Fernandez designed the interior.

In pattern, form, color and material, the renovation and addition have given the house a new lease on life. An essay in balance, the house once again has become an attraction for its dramatic departure from the Seaside norm.

I’m not very hip to the happenings in Walton County Florida except when we drive through on our way to Miami or Disney (I did spend several weeks there as a very young Hurricane Camille refugee) but if Mags has an orgy at “The Dog Trot House” something tells me the seaside norm would be greatly adjusted in a canine sort of way of you get my drift.


6 thoughts on “In this episode of Magnum JD: With a Heart for the Arts he is simply Magnuminous”

  1. Magnum of Metry? Le Soleil Walton has his office address. Please, someone call and notify them that he’s a true St. Charles Avenue Blue Blood.. Or is that ball?

  2. SOP/Nowdy, I’m reading Fall of the House of Zeus to catch up on all of the Scruggs posts, and I cannot help but see the similarities between Scruggs and Magnum in terms of their

    1. political backroom bullshit
    2. treachery with those with whom they worked, and
    3. blatant greed and ostentatious.

    Magnum, in case you have not read the book, guess where Mr. Scruggs ended up? Better bring your soap on a rope.

  3. It is so nice to know that while Magnum enjoyes his millions that his faithful, loyal employees have not gotten raises in about FIVE years!!!

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