While I’ve been out in the salt mine, certain members of the Slabbed Nation have been taking pictures and man o’ man what pictures they are! Without further adieu here they are as Slabbed presents our first ever Chrissy Roberts pictorial.

I think I need to grab my laptop and head to the Terlit
Co-Conspirators pass La Gas
Grand Isle Mayor Carmadelle tells the gang his step dad is simply misunderstood. Chrissy ponders taking a laptop break.


Chrissy rides on his antique firetruck alone


I'm the Engineer Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding

10 thoughts on “I’m the Engineer DING DING DING DING DING….”

  1. Choo choo! Arthur Lawson seems to dig Chrissy’s engine. For some reason, that last picture reminds me of the 1980’s Richard Pryor movie, “The Toy.”

  2. Chrissy can strike the THINKER pose all day long and in the end he is still the STINKER ( all puns intended)

  3. Revised:

    Chrissy can strike the THINKER pose all day long BUTT in the end he is still the STINKER ( all puns intended

  4. Young you screwed up big time. You appointed campaign sign worker Greco fire chief. Sh*t man here we got freakin engineer Sissy with his own terlit laptop equipped antique fire engine, personally drivin a supercharged mini-me engine with Aaron shoveling campaign coal to the tune of ernie ford’s ” 48 Tons ” played over Sissy’s million watt audio system, pulling a Lucky hot dog trailer to feed the firemen and when political fires get too hot even a snowball stand manned by TheRiot to cool off all the Council Clowns’ asses on fire. All pulled by Sissy’s BigBoy hemi- tractor capable of out runnin the Letten boys. Thank goodness for Sissy’s quid pro quo campaign funds. Now get Sissy signed up as your new ding, ding, ding dong fire chiefess. You say Sissy can’t give forceful orders well several parade goers overheard her chiefess shoutout, ‘Aaron put your embroidery down, quit crying and shovel faster before my mini-me engine dies ! ‘

  5. Mucho apologies to amigo Tennessee ernie ford. His coal miner’s song was actually “16 Tons “. Freakin 20,000,ooo copies of 16 Tons sold from late 50’s and he still has videos and fan club . Aaron, shoveling campaign coal into Sissy’s mini- me engine sunday, constantly singing – ” You load 16 tons and whata’ u get – another day older and deeper in debt – Saint Peter don’t u call me cause I can’t come – I owe my soul to the ‘ company’s store ” – . What about the tons of BS he shoveled on the public trust in his silver tongued 30 yr. career, his love of the finer things of life always on someone’s dollar and the bad ass ‘ company ‘ he associated and conspired with.

  6. Once upon a time our leaders saw a problem and fixed it. Today they look for a problem to exploit. The Jeff Parish Performance Art diaster is the flaggship. I had a dream last night. I dreamed that Politicians were presented with a hairbrain scheme that cost millions of dollars. They voted the scheme down and decided that the tax dollars waiting to be spent would instead be returned to the taxpayers. All registered voters would get a share. Royalties so to speak. A one time check. But as often as hairbrain schemes are presented to the politicians, perhaps the royalty checks would come often. What, dont spend the tax money, how dare you dream of stopping my campaign contributions. I had a dream last night.

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