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“Chatham House” owned by John W. Houghtaling, II of Metaire, LA, is the final home on the Tour.

This residence, located at 71 East Ruskin Place in the Town of Seaside, balances desire for the heroic in architecture with the necessity of good urban manners. When first designed and built by Walter Chatham in the late eighties, this house received much attention for its marked departure from the surrounding houses of early Seaside. Originally composed of two separated pavilions, “The Dog Trot House” acted very much in the spirit of its namesake type commonly found in the south.
New owner Houghtaling, after a few years of enjoying the house as originally designed, decided it was time to make necessary adjustments, and in the fall of 2009, the 2500 square foot renovation and addition was finished at a total cost of over a million dollars. Braulio Casas was the architect behind the revisions and the new landscape design, and John Fernandez designed the interior.

In pattern, form, color and material, the renovation and addition have given the house a new lease on life. An essay in balance, the house once again has become an attraction for its dramatic departure from the Seaside norm.

I’m not very hip to the happenings in Walton County Florida except when we drive through on our way to Miami or Disney (I did spend several weeks there as a very young Hurricane Camille refugee) but if Mags has an orgy at “The Dog Trot House” something tells me the seaside norm would be greatly adjusted in a canine sort of way of you get my drift.


Nowlin’s Reply to the Government details alleged ineffective representation of attorney Tony Farese

SLABBED post Nowlin’s Motion to Vacate – another view of the “just-us” system of North Mississippi introduced readers to a second defendant alleging “ineffective representation” of counsel” by north Mississippi attorney Tony Farese.

The bottom line to the Government’s Response claims Nowlin’s “proposed amendment differs in both time and type from the allegations set forth in the original pleading…[and]…is, therefore, timebarred…the existing record conclusively establishes the petitioner’s guilt, no evidentiary hearing is required“.

Nooooo doubt about it – the Government doesn’t want its relationship with attorney Tony Farese before the Court in either Nowlin v USA or USA v (Zach) Scruggs. In fact, the Reply filed by Nowlin’s current attorney, SuperLawyer Cynthia Stewart, noted “…[the Government’s Response]…brings into question whether the Government has read Petitioner’s § 2255”.

Stewart took care of business in Nowlin’s Reply(in Scribd’ format below).  Her emphatic page-one claim – “‘The letter Mr. Massey was referring to is what this case is all about . . .’ ¶ 9 (emphasis added)”  – scored a 3rd grade reading level on the Flesch-Kincaid scale, meaning ” It should be easily understood by 8 to 9 year olds”!

Reading the Government’s Response and Nowlin’s Reply from my behaviorist perspective suggests there is an underlying problem of the Government viewing Nowlin’s situation with the thinking of a criminal as opposed to its role as a guardian of justice for all. Such biased thinking is the very essence of north Mississippi’s “just us” system. Continue reading “Nowlin’s Reply to the Government details alleged ineffective representation of attorney Tony Farese”

BREAKING NEWS: Y’all Come, door’s open! – Biggers’ Order responds to Zach Scruggs’ Motion for Depositions

As folks here say, Judge Biggers “just outdid himself “with this Order!

In resolving the issues raised by the petitioner, the court is going to consider evidence in open court from live witnesses in accordance with the Rules of Evidence.The petitioner has presented to the court the names of witnesses he wants to depose, and the government has responded as to why some of the potential witnesses are not relevant to issues in the upcoming hearing. The court will not pre-judge what testimony potential witnesses may give and therefore will not disallow the petitioner to call some witnesses and allow him to call other witnesses; but the court will take up any objections made to questions of witnesses as they may come up from either party in open court based on the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Oxford is definitely the place to be on the 24th of April. Expect standing-room-only if you’re planning to attend the Hearing on Zach Scruggs’ Motion to Vacate! Dick Scruggs, Sid Backstrom, Steve Patterson, Tim Balducci, Judge Lackey, Tom Dawson, Bob Norman, Anthony Farese, and Dick Scruggs, Sid Backstrom, Steve Patterson, Tim Balducci, Judge Lackey, Tom Dawson, Bob Norman, Anthony Farese, and FBI Agent William Dulaney will all be there with Zach.

I’ve heard from multiple sources….

That indictment day will be this Friday or the next.  There is lots of chatter folks and experience has taught me when everyone is independently singing from the same hymnal the rumor’s got legs. The net is cast wide but the concensus is indictments will be handed down piece meal.  Stay tuned.



While I’ve been out in the salt mine, certain members of the Slabbed Nation have been taking pictures and man o’ man what pictures they are! Without further adieu here they are as Slabbed presents our first ever Chrissy Roberts pictorial. Continue reading “I’m the Engineer DING DING DING DING DING….”

The Slab Nation literally stretches from coast to coast as Truth in Justice tracks John Mamoulides

Our DC based chapter of Slabbed is especially vibrant folks as DC based lawyer James Scanlan at Truth in Justice contacted us with an interesting post on the Truth in Justice files blog.  Truth in Justice is an “organization and website founded to educate the public about the criminal conviction of wholly innocent people.”  I suspect that mission also entails running across the guilty that have neither been convicted nor incarcerated and that is the case here IMHO.

Rather than reinvent the wheel I’m simply going to link James’ post on Thomas T. Demery of HUD, which looks to be a classic case of a taxpayer fleecing of the type that has the country broke today. What makes Demery interesting to us is the Mamo connection and this blurb:

In January 2006, when Barrett was forced, against his will, to shut down the investigation, it had expended $22,750,000 – some of that, according to an Acknowledgment included in Barrett’s report (at sixth page), paid to John Mamoulides Continue reading “The Slab Nation literally stretches from coast to coast as Truth in Justice tracks John Mamoulides”