The long awaited public hearing on the River Birch contract evaluation is at hand. Be there tomorrow at 10AM sharp

Word is that Chris Roberts will be demonstrating early morning potty training techniques for those that show early at 9:00.

Seriously folks we’ve written about this topic ad nauseum and then some as the Postlethwaite & Netterville report prepared for the Parish was disseminated publically while the far more shadowy report for River Birch, which has thus far not seen the light of day, that was prepared by Baton Rouge Economist Loren C Scott trumpets big cost savings by closing the JPL but provides little detail. In a sense this is the ol’ dog and pony show at its worst as I suspect the Loren Scott report somehow fails to mention the Dutchie Connick file or how Team River Birch intended to charge off the almost half million in ca$h they paid Henry Mouton to shill for closing other area landfills. If is OK we’ll save the suspense for tomorrow as we eagerly await the report on the meeting from the Citizens for Good Government.

If there is one thing we’re good at here at Slabbed it is the art of thinking dirty and I mean that in the finest tradition of the auditing profession as we’re good at making connections and ferreting out conflicts of interest. It is part of the reason the good guys like reading us. I mention this because Paul Rioux at the T-P made what at first blush would appear to be a small error in the first sentence of his latest story on the topic of tomorrow’s meeting. The error is not small though as appearances are often deceiving as I now shamelessly use it to segue to one big distinction between an economist and a member of the Certified Public Accounting profession: Continue reading “The long awaited public hearing on the River Birch contract evaluation is at hand. Be there tomorrow at 10AM sharp”

BREAKING: It’s Official. United Fire and Casualty CEO Randy Ramlo is now the official beetch of the Slabbed Nation

A bit of background for our newer readers is in order here so the long story short is the CEO of United Fire and Casualty Company, Randy Ramlo has been our secret bud here at Slabbed since June 2008 and officially since June 2009 when Nowdy covered United Fire subsidiary Lafayette Insurance getting their asses kicked in Ferrara v Lafayette. Of course I previously knew Randy at United Fire as I managed to satisfactorily settle my own business Katrina claim with them after showing up on their Yahoo investor board so I had a flavor for the way they conducted business.

But then last year we disclosed that Randy was indeed quite the bitch as he managed to score a meet and greet with Chief Justice Kimball where he complained about Louisiana’s legal climate. The problem of course, was the shithouse way United Fire Group adjusts their claims as they are not the most rock solid property and casualty company financially by their own admission in court filings.

Not long after that, we featured Randy and the gang again getting their dishonest asses kicked at the Louisiana Supreme Court and a good ass kicking Continue reading “BREAKING: It’s Official. United Fire and Casualty CEO Randy Ramlo is now the official beetch of the Slabbed Nation”

AFLAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life imitating art imitating life as Gilbert Gottfried’s goose was cooked!

Today, Columbus Georgia based Aflac is being hammered on the stock market, mainly because of the fact it’s major underwriting markets are in the US and Japan with 75% of its business coming from Japan.

The Aflac goose has become an advertising icon in the US and Japan and it is a little known fact that the Japanese hated the American rendition of the Aflac goose so the Japanese goose was kinder and gentler as these youtube embeds indicate: Continue reading “AFLAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life imitating art imitating life as Gilbert Gottfried’s goose was cooked!”

Please allow me to warmly welcome the Japanese coast to the Slabbed Nation.

We’re still working hard here down south post Katrina to stamp out systemic ignorance of the risks we all face on our journey through life. Meantime the pictures I’ve seen on the news remind me of my own neighborhood in Gulfport post Katrina.  My mind open to the possibility the only Americans that can completely fathom the tragic events in Japan are right down here in Soggy Bottom. Unfortunately if that nuclear power plant blows its top everyone is off into uncharted territory.

On behalf of the Slabbed Nation I express our condolences, thoughts and prayers to its newest members.


This very well could be the most important Slabbed post of the year…

And it has nothing to do with Jefferson Parish Political Corruption.

For literally years our good friend Mr CLS has been methodically hammering away at the complexities surrounding insurance securitization and the implications of such for each and every one of us, especially those of us on the coast being price gouged for wind coverage. So suppose you’re a reporter with insurance beat responsibilities like Becky Mowbray, Anita Lee, Jeff Amy, Paige St John, Beatrice Garcia or a national outfit like Bloomberg that has done some quality coverage on insurance issues that is ready to kick it up a notch in terms of understanding.  What is now coming to light with Bank of America’s alleged forced placed insurance fraud is a must read as more turds float to the surface in the global insurance finance cesspool.

Some of the very same problems could very well exist in other facets of the securitized insurance market; problems the folks at U Penn Wharton School no doubt did not conceive of when they were pioneering insurance linked securities such at Catastrophe Bonds not long ago as the reasons for the lack of market transparency in the global insurance markets come into sharper focus.

Don’t look for the political shoe shine boys for big insurance such as the coast’s own Steven Palazzo or Commish Mike Chaney to say much on this.  Both men, despite paying lots of lip service to the topic of insurance, remain firmly, purposely ignorant of the any fraud perpetrated by their big business buddies on Wall Street.


The Ides of March are upon us…….

After Stephanie Grace unloaded on Aaron Broussard today in her column, I am left wondering what her missive will be on Tim Coulon when he is indicted. Coulon was a frequent breakfast partner of Miss Grace’s back in the day.  Is it me or does today’s column have a jilted lover type quality to it?

To this much I’ll stipulate. For someone who engaged in political thuggery at a high level for as long as Aaron Broussard did, deep down the man is in reality a garden variety pussy that easily folds up under pressure.