Grand Isle Louisiana: A Pedophile’s paradise? Maybe so long as ol’ Euris is around running interference…..

Folks the mental picture I’m forming of Grand Isle is straight from the movie Deliverance and like Mayor David Carmadelle’s child molesting step dad, Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin we have another case with coverup, the commonality being Grand Isle Police Chief Euris Dubois as I quote:

Elizabeth M. further testified that she spoke to V.D.H. on the porch of the Grand Isle Police building on the day that V.D.H. reported the abuse. She said that V.D.H. told her, “My dad’s been doing things to me that shouldn’t have been done,” but V.D.H. seemed relaxed and was smiling.

Defendant’s friends and neighbors, Joycelyn Horton, Robert Rosiere, Stephanie Odom, Carrie Mallahan, and Harold Cheramie, testified that in the community V.D.H. had a reputation for being untruthful and that the defendant had a good reputation. Euris Dubois, a Grand Isle alderman, also testified that the defendant had a good reputation in the community. Finally, the State stipulated that the remaining defense witnesses, if called, would testify that they “have personal knowledge of both defendant and the victim, that the defendant is a pillar of the community and has a good reputation for truthfulness and the victim is a liar…

Blaming the molestation victim is a popular tactic down Grand Isle way. This is the way the court of appeals saw it:

For the foregoing reasons, the defendant’s convictions and sentences are affirmed. The case is remanded to the trial court, who is ordered to send the defendant written notice of the prescriptive period for post-conviction relief, as set out La. C.Cr.P. art. 930.8, within ten days of the rendering of this opinion and to file written proof in the record that defendant received such notice.

That isn’t the only thing the appellate panel saw however and this case well illustrates my skepticism with DA Connick’s handling of the Dantin case and why we held our fire while certain motions in the criminal case were pending before Judge Windhorst. This is sickening in fact:

We also note that the defendant’s sentences on the two counts of oral sexual battery are illegally lenient because they were imposed without restricting the defendant’s parole eligibility. La. R.S. 14:43.3. However, the State did not preserve its right to appeal the sentence by either filing a motion to reconsider sentence or making a timely objection. La. C.Cr.P. arts. 881.2(B), 881.1(D). Appellate courts are prohibited from acting to correct illegally lenient sentences where the prosecution has failed to preserve the issue for appeal. State v. Fraser, 484 So.2d 122, 124 (La.1986). Accordingly, this Court may not act on defendant’s illegal sentence.

Knowledge is power folks. Are we beginning to see a pattern of politically connected pedophiles skate when they bugger children in Grand Isle? Maybe this is why Patrick Walsh both lives in Grand Isle as well as gives generously to politicians like Chris Roberts.

My mind is open to the possibility that Police Chief Euris Dubois has broken the federal criminal code by depriving the victims of sexual abuse their rights to access the criminal justice system.


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  1. Ever since Coulon & the Recreation Department Queerboys extorted Mike Yenni’s widow into office there has been place for every faggot & maggot in three parishes round the campfire! Some like bannana-boy steroided into eunuchdom, some like wiggly-quiggley got to stay with the kiddies at Recreation, a whole nest of ’em at the Water Dept. from the director -in-drag in his biker leather on down, and let us not forget chrissy-the-sissy who is rumoured to have undergone three failed sex-changes: trying to become a man!!
    Any wonder that their favorite R&R is at Grand Isle: home of the jackoffs and jellyfish, mullets and suckers?

  2. What Happened Jerry Dantin was Supposed to go to court today the 21st of june was it Postpomed

  3. You may want to do some more digging this wasn’t the only case on Grand Isle I remember the above mentioned case, I was there….keep going it gets a lot deeper.

  4. My name is in this article and i have no idea what the hell its even about!!! Its bullshit!!!

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