A “White Shoe” firm with smelly brown stuff on the soul: A Phelps Dumbar Conflict of Interest Update.

Short and sweet folks: Three cases and we’ve covered them all.

The suit the Parish filed against certain media outlets to clarify which grand jury documents the media would receive pursuant to media public records requests.  The decisions made with respect to the outcome of this litigation is a key precursor to Slabb O’Leaks where we periodically publish the emails of certain parish council members from around the general time frame when the insurance portion of the Jefferson Parish political corruption scandal broke. This suit deals with the public records law and the media outlets were defended by Phelps Dunbar.

The suit Anne Marie Vandenweghe filed against The Parish after the Parish denied her public records request for her email file folders. This suit is currently at the Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeals after Judge Ross LaDart dispensed a bit of Gretna style justice in favor of  TheRiot and company. This suit deals with the public records law and the Parish is being defended by Phelps Dunbar.

Last but not least is TheRiot and the Parish suing the blogosphere last year, specifically mentioning yours truly in the suit. Leaving aside for the fact it is practically impossible to defame or liable a government under our system of law, the Parish was represented in this suit by Phelps Dunbar. Continue reading “A “White Shoe” firm with smelly brown stuff on the soul: A Phelps Dumbar Conflict of Interest Update.”

Jim Brown

Thursday, March 10, 2011
New Orleans, Louisiana


Here’s your question for the day! Name a Louisiana resident who seriously considered running for President? Here are a few hints to round out his profile. His resume’ shows that he was well educated and intelligent, was a member of congress, was elected governor of Louisiana….and is short. Several candidates come to mind, right? Bobby Jindal, and now, Buddy Roemer. But there were more. Read on.

Actually, no Louisianan has ever been elected President. Zachery Taylor might barely qualify, although he spent very little time down in the Deep South. One resident of the Bayou State did make it to the nation’s highest court. Edward Douglass White, a former Louisiana Supreme Court justice, served on the U.S. Supreme Court for 27 years between 1894-1921. In 1910, at the age of 65, White was appointed chief justice of the Supreme Court by President William Howard Taft. Continue reading “Jim Brown”

Grand Isle Louisiana: A Pedophile’s paradise? Maybe so long as ol’ Euris is around running interference…..

Folks the mental picture I’m forming of Grand Isle is straight from the movie Deliverance and like Mayor David Carmadelle’s child molesting step dad, Jerry “Captain Jay” Dantin we have another case with coverup, the commonality being Grand Isle Police Chief Euris Dubois as I quote:

Elizabeth M. further testified that she spoke to V.D.H. on the porch of the Grand Isle Police building on the day that V.D.H. reported the abuse. She said that V.D.H. told her, “My dad’s been doing things to me that shouldn’t have been done,” but V.D.H. seemed relaxed and was smiling.

Defendant’s friends and neighbors, Joycelyn Horton, Robert Rosiere, Stephanie Odom, Carrie Mallahan, and Harold Cheramie, testified that in the community V.D.H. had a reputation for being untruthful and that the defendant had a good reputation. Euris Dubois, a Grand Isle alderman, also testified that the defendant had a good reputation in the community. Finally, the State stipulated that the remaining defense witnesses, if called, would testify that they “have personal knowledge of both defendant and the victim, that the defendant is a pillar of the community and has a good reputation for truthfulness and the victim is a liar…

Blaming the molestation victim is a popular tactic down Grand Isle way. This is the way the court of appeals saw it: Continue reading “Grand Isle Louisiana: A Pedophile’s paradise? Maybe so long as ol’ Euris is around running interference…..”

John Young you magnificently ignorant slut……..

Sure he’s not as bad as Broussard or TheRiot but Young comes with his own set of problems including a certain character flaw that not only unnecessarily complicates his life but will end up doing him in politically.  Bottom line is I’ve seen enough folks and its time to call this one the way I see it. ~ sop


Let’s catch up with the Mississippi politicians owned by Team River Birch/Ward/Heebe as we update Turkey Creek and the Port Connector

Folks, we’ve consistently heard the racketeers behind the River Birch landfill owned both land and politicians here in Mississippi and as proof I offer today’s update by the Sun Herald’s Anita Lee on the lawsuit filed by Jerald Ward, mini me to Jim and Butch Ward against MDOT and the Army Corp of Engineers.  The irony of people known inside Mississippi environmental regulatory circles as “wetland pirates” casting themselves as environmental saviors is rich but unluckily for the taxpayers in Gulfport, myself included, the fleecing continues as Mayor George Schloegel and the City have joined the Ward’s lawsuit over the Turkey Creek wetlands, which the Wards wants to fill in to build retail.  The ultimate irony however, is that this land could well be subject to forfeiture when the coming RICO indictments against certain members of Team River Birch are handed down in New Orleans.

To catch our newer readers up, Gulfport Mayor Schloegel is former CEO of Hancock Bank and IMHO it is a reasonable guess that Team Ward had considerable money (from which they may have also paid considerable bribes) with Schloegel and Hancock Bank. That said and regardless of any prior connections between Schloegel and the Wards, when MDOT announced they wanted no part of the Ward family in Mississippi both the Wards and Mayor Schloegel took umbrage and ol’ George marched mini me Ward down to the Sun Herald so they could get the word out. The fly in the ointment is we also got the word out that Schloegel needed a long shower after the association but it appears George prefers the company of racketeers or more specifically racketeers with money.

This brings us to today and Anita’s latest story, which also contains Judge Ozerden’s ruling on Team Corp of Engineers motion to dismiss as she updates the behind the scenes events that have taken place over the past year. My own experience is that criminal prosecutions have a way of making civil litigation from Team Defense evaporate so there is lots of uncertainty inherent to this litigation but we’ll be keeping this case on our radar screens regardless.  Mississippi does not need these flies buzzing around period as we have enough of our own.