Ash Wednesday Weather (Updated)

Its lights out here in Buzzard’s Roost this morning folks and I’ve heard from others in the Slabbed Nation that have taken some wind damage this morning.

I’ll check back in a bit later with a new episode of Magnum JD, Redflex and the man of the moment Judge Robert Murphy.


You know the old saying folks, once Slabbed always lucky thereafter. Here are some pics taken literally within 1000 feet of my place, which luckily sustained no damage this morning:

New media covers old media and yes life is sometimes a bitch

We’re on the generator this morning as the powerline line crews work to restore power:

Slabbed New Media

For those that may be filing insurance claims my old analog clock stopped at 6:38AM.

Tree meets house


14 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday Weather (Updated)”

  1. Just wet up this way, Sop, very, very wet – so when the sun comes out tomorrow, I expect I’ll be able to watch my grass grow. Not good. Like the corn in “Oklahoma” it’s already “high as an elephant’s eye”.

  2. It’s 10 am and people on Diane Street are still waiting for barricades from JP to protect their homes from water be pushed up by cars…I hope they remember that when they needed help, YOUNG, LAGASSE AND CAPELLA were not only there today, but haven’t been there for the last 7 plus years !!!

    Hell they won’t talk to you at Council meetings you think they are going to respond with high water ? Just pay your taxes and quit whining…

    What a sewer of bums these Council Clowns are…

  3. Just heard from Diane street residents that Tim Baudier was there helping out and talking to them about problems. You go Tim!!!!

    Road collapses beneath fire truck on North Causeway Boulevard in Metairie
    Published: Wednesday, March 09, 2011, 10:57 AM Updated: Wednesday, March 09, 2011, 10:59 AM

    What do you expect from a JP Government decaying from corruption…why decaying infrastruture of course !

    While these Politico Thugs keep awarding Consulting contracts to study the issues for years on end, OUR STEETS ARE CAVING IN ! OUR STREERS ARE STILL FLOODING !

    Thank you again YOUNG, CAPELLA AND LAGASSE…this, with the flooded streets is perfect, just perfect…what have you Clowns been doing with our money for the last 7 plus years…Oh I forgot…subsidizing your family, friends and cronies on the public payroll…


  5. Oh…I’m fucking sorry AH…am I suppose to appologize for a T-P story…I only cited the story…yea I forgot, that’s right, kill the messenger…

    What part of Causeway are you referring to ?… Give us facts as to why your not mistaken…

    And for your information, North Causeway and South Causeway, running from the Lake N to River Road S (Causeway Blvd before the I-10) is an amalgamation of funding from Jefferson Parish, the State of Louisiana and the Federal Government…

    And you, apparently want to believe that JP has no responsibility for the infrastructure of roads, bridges, etc, etc…then why don’t you tell your friends like Coulon, Broussard, Whitmer, Roberts, Young , Lagasse, Capella, Lee-Sheng, Congemi, and Lee not to have had or have their pictures taken every time an improvement is made to highways in JP.

    You want to nitpick, call Young, Lagasse, Capella and Roberts and ask them why JP couldn’t get barricades out to block entry to flooded streets so that people’s homes wouldn’t get water waked in..

    Obtenez une putain de vie…en d’autres termes, vas te faire encule

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