Just has to be a funny uncle farm in Grand Isle ’cause here’s another one – jeeze

If there’s not a funny uncle farm in Grand Isle, you gotta wonder if Patrick Walsh “hangs [his] out” with Jerry Dantin, Camardelle and Euris Dubois.  What a bunch of “jerks”

A Grand Isle man who was taking pictures of children at Sunday’s Krewe of Dionysus parade in Slidell has been arrested on several counts of possessing child pornography, police announced.

Patrick Walsh, 66, was spotted taking pictures of girls 5- to 10-years-old along the parade route and was stopped and questioned by a state Alcohol and Tobacco Control agent, Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith said Friday at a news conference. After further investigation, officers found several sexually explicit images of children on a computer inside Walsh’s van, as a 9mm handgun and rope, Smith said.

A search of Walsh’s home in Grand Isle uncovered encrypted discs as well as more graphic images of children, including some that were stored in a hidden room, Smith said.

Police believe that several of the sexually explicit photos had been taken by Walsh, while others apparently were downloaded from the Internet. However, no local victims have been identified, Smith said.

Is it even safe to have children living in Grand Isle?

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  1. UGH. It is difficult to even read about this stuff.
    Maybe it is time to just let Grand Isle sink into the sea…

    These evil bastards need to be locked up with the biggest baddest Bubbas for the rest of their lives.

    What is up with Grand Isle???

    Tarpon Rodeo being touted on Jefferson Parish website… better warn the parents that it is NOT A KID SAFE place…

    With all the years of going there for the RODEO does anyone else wonder how many JP officials KNEW about this?

  2. I heard that this guy named Griss Toberts mailing address on the West Bank has his eyes on the snoball stand in Grand Isle. Could this be an intentional mispelling?

  3. Pulled this up on Secretary of State website: THE WALSH COMPANIES OF AMERICA INC?
    The other director lives in St Gabriel where the Women’s prison is? And there are dozens of other Walshes listed in Slidell area with businesses such as Polygraph Consultants; Walsh Diaper Services; Fun Home Video,Inc …hmmmmm

    Tom Schedler
    Secretary of State
    State of Louisiana
    Secretary of State


    Fax Numbers
    225.932.5317 (Admin. Services)
    225.932.5314 (Corporations)
    225.932.5318 (UCC)

    Name Type City Status

    Charter Number: 34476389 D
    Registration Date: 10/20/1994
    State Of Origin:
    Domicile Address
    128 BAY LANE
    GRAND ISLE, LA 70358
    Mailing Address
    P.O. BOX 412
    GRAND ISLE, LA 70358
    Status: Active
    Annual Report Status: In Good Standing
    File Date: 10/20/1994
    Last Report Filed: 11/2/2010
    Type: Business Corporation

    Registered Agent(s)
    Address 1: 128 BAY LANE
    City, State, Zip: GRAND ISLE, LA 70358
    Appointment Date: 4/24/2009

    Officer(s) Additional Officers: No
    Officer: PATRICK L. WALSH
    Title: Director
    Address 1: 128 BAY LANE
    City, State, Zip: GRAND ISLE, LA 70358

    Officer: DOUGLAS M. WALSH
    Title: Director
    Address 1: 1111 ETTA DR.
    City, State, Zip: ST. GABRIEL, LA 70776

    Amendments on File (3)
    Description Date
    Domicile, Agent Change or Resign of Agent 5/22/2000
    Revoked 2/18/2003
    Reinstatement 4/24/2009

  4. Bayoudegradeable and unslabbed -Between the two halves of the puzzle y’all have provided; I have now figgured-out who is Chrissy-the-Sissie’s main corporate contributor!

  5. Several things to note about this News Release:
    1. Kriss Fortunato is the newly installed Queen of Spin for Jefferson Parish
    2. Her husband is the King of Spin for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office which office SHOULD have investigated the pedophiles in Grand Isle.
    3. “We are excited to share this secret with the rest of the world,

  6. A tale of two investigations. Was Dantin searched? Turns out Walsh and Dantin are buds and that would make sense on several levels folks. Brokeback Isle?


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