The Grand Isle Child Molestation Scandal receives more media coverage: A David Carmadelle/Jerry Dantin pedophile update.

We have 2 more news reports on the suit filed by Jane Doe against David Carmadelle, his molesting step dad “Captain Jay” Jerry Dantin and Euris Dubois. Before I get to the those I’d like to toss props to Judge Steve Wndhorst over in the 24th Judicial District Courts for putting the kibosh on Paul Connick’s office giving Dantin a sweetheart plea deal. Given the sad history in the 24th judicial district where Judge Bodenheimer of wrinkled robe infamy gave a child molesting relative of former Parish President Tim Coulon an easy ride the shit house precedent was set. Windhorst did what was right and to the extent the long arm of the Slabbed was watching this case unfold in the criminal system real-time, it is only right we recognize Judge Windhorst for keeping the light of justice burning over at the Gretna courthouse.

For Dantin, Carmadelle and Dubois the news isn’t so good as we begin with Paul Purpura’s extensive report for the Times Picayune that is well worth the read.  I’ll add that my mind is open to the possibility that it wasn’t the oil coming ashore that caused Mayor Carmadelle to cry on camera for the national news folks just a few weeks later.

Next up Kim Holden at Fox 8 checked in on molestin’ Jerry Dantin last night with her report, which lead Fox 8’s 10PM newscast and just like with Paul’s story on Dantin and Carmadelle, neither guy would comment for Holden. Its gotta be bad folks when a politician refuses an invite to plant himself in front of a TeeVee camera.

Our spies in Grand Isle tell us Mayor Carmadelle’s mental state is best described as fragile these days. Something tells me things will only get worse for him from here.


6 thoughts on “The Grand Isle Child Molestation Scandal receives more media coverage: A David Carmadelle/Jerry Dantin pedophile update.”

  1. The Wino just dropped a dime on Carmadelle. Oh its gonna get worse alright.

    If you guys remember we sliced up TheRiot nice and slow last year so the pain was maximized. Dantin is gonna get what he deserves to satisfy his debt to society. Mr Carmadelle OTOH is gonna get the Theriot treatment. I know this, he is unfit to serve as Mayor of Grand Isle.


  2. Andy Valence was a decent fellow, but now the butt bottom of Jefferson Parish’s first district has this clown who couldn’t govern a toilet guard-assin’ a step-daddy who shouldn’t be ALLOWED in a public restroom! Probably one of Chris Roberts’ protege’s!
    We can solve his messin’ with youngsters problem! Give him a 5yr old aligator to screw with!

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