Alliance for Good Government endorsed and Slabbed approved. Please support Al Leone for tax assessor and Tim Baudier for councilman at large

We’re hearing Al is putting the wood on Capella and his shithouse double dealing in the assessor race. Tim Baudier has better things to do at 5 AM than to sit on the terlit impersonating Chris Roberts and should be a far better representative of the people than “Mini-Me”.

The Times Picayune recently had a blurb on these Alliance for Good Government endorsements.  If you live in Jefferson Parish please support both of these men and their campaigns.  Low dollar contributions of as little as $25 can make a difference if enough people chip in.


37 thoughts on “Alliance for Good Government endorsed and Slabbed approved. Please support Al Leone for tax assessor and Tim Baudier for councilman at large”

  1. I hope Tim has something planned . . . SOON!! I can’t even find a website for him yet. I’ve just seen a few signs.

    It seems like all it might take is a few well-placed ads tying Aaron Broussard’s recent fundraising efforts (if they can be verified) for Chris Roberts and that might sink Chris’s ship.

  2. Someone might want to check into a certain vehicular incident involving Chris Roberts on the Crescent City Connection the day Lee-Sheng was sworn in… rumor has it that Chrissie did not take a drug test after the accident as is the rule at JP for any employee who receives a stipend for auto expenses or a Parish vehicle. Also appears nothing was ‘recorded’ if you get my drift?
    Maybe William ‘Bill’ Fortenberry can shed some light on this episode?

    Got info recently that Fortenberry refused to show for first round of Grand Jury returns in 2010.

    Seems Fortenberry was ‘worried’ big time about ‘what he knew when’ relative to the Insurance Scam/Scandal per his good buddy Deputy Parish Attorney Louis Gruntz. Gruntz apparently just couldn’t keep his mouth shut about Fortenberry’s waffling… Just saying…maybe Fortenberry has been singing about Whitmer, Coulon, Wilkinson, Broussard and his recently departed boss Feliciano “Junior” Mendoza.

    And didn’t AMV list Fortenberry , Mendoza and Mendoza’s other lackey Phil Rupp as having violated Lonnie Robinson’s rights during a Disciplinary Hearing in the Engineering Dept? JPSO was called to take a report…if the info is accurate. Isn’t Lonnie Robinson suing with the help of the Divine M&M Sisters? Might want to talk to Fortenberry, Mendoza, Rupp ( who was the one Lonnie claimed attacked him ), Sgt Pittfield(JPSO in charge at Yenni Bldg at time) …oh yeah talk to Kazem Alikhani and his ‘friend’ Maria too. Told they were ‘interviewed’ by JPSO at the time.

    My when that canary sings in my ear it is such a sweet sound. Don’t they predict earthquakes too? JP officials may want to get one since it appears earthquakes are in their future.

    1. Lonnie Joe Robinson went through all of this too cover up payroll fraud with taxpayer money which is a federal crime and too try and covering up a fraud crime with payroll by harrassment of whislterblower Lonnie Joe Robinson and fired him for unfit for duty because he wouldn’t like for payroll fraud that was committed in westbank drainage department right Kazem Alikhani and Mitch Theroit last two director of Jefferson drainage department who try too cover up this fraud of payroll with two employee who are still in the Jefferson parish drainage department.

      1. I Lonnie Joe Robinson which is a true whislterblower and keywitnes to racism determination and payroll fraud with taxpayer money that happen in the Jefferson parish westbank drainage department where they says that they turn the investgation to F B I office and united state district attorney office to investigate this crime so Lonnie Joe Robinson know and now he is a keywitnes against all of Jefferson parish offical , equal employment opportunity commission , Lousiana state broad of ethics , Jefferson parish drainage department , Jefferson parish district attonery office Jefferson parish president Mr. John Young Jefferson parish councilmen Jefferson parish personnel department Jefferson parish attonery office and Jefferson parish human resources department John Dumas that why they hire Doctor Dphane Glindmeyer and Doctor David Reiss because all of above it a federal crime to cover up payroll fraud and a volation of racism decrimnation toward Leon Melancon so that why all of above lie and try so hard to cover up this federal crime so I know in a facts that F B I office had this in there office by John Qsacks agent to investigate but keywitnes Lonnie Joe Robinson know that he can testify agansit all of them in of court of laws even the three judges in the fifth circuit court of appeal in Jefferson parish involve themselves with cover up in case13-CA-474 in there court because knowone can com up with keywitnes Lonnie Joe Robinson in Jefferson parish with his written statement, with his signture on document and with date on the document. That why fifth circuit court of appeal in Jefferson parish could not give Lonnie Joe Robinson all of evidence in case on 13-CA-474 as of today they still never turn over this evidence to Mr. Lonnie Joe Robinson that why I am exposing all of this corruption with cover up of taxpayer money so is on internet so Washington D. C. Justice department can see this Corruption.

        1. Jefferson parish drainage department promotes racism decrimnation toward blacks employee and promotes payroll fraud with white employee with taxpayer money because a keywitnes to all of this is a black employee they harrass Lonnie Joe Robinson because of volation agansit Mr. Leon Melancon report of of this to Jefferson parish councilman , Jefferson parish president John Young , Louisiana state broad of ethics and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reason I know all of them lie about there investigation and there report because all of them committed a federal crime of try to cover this up by lie about there investgation report when all of them can not even come with there investgation report I told Mr. Leo Melancon that what they can not do in try to cover this up is they all left out keywitnes Lonnie Joe Robinson written statement with his hand writing with his signture on Statement with date or record statement who question him on tape or a video statement with who is question about racism decrimnation and payroll fraud that why they all made a mistake on how too cover up a crime so please can anyone of you can come with this evidence than all of you brought in fifth circuit court of appeal who also broke law of federal crime and volation of racism decrimnation they allow this volation of racism decrimnation toward blacks employee they should of have ask Mr. Lonnie Joe Robinson , what type of evidence he had to all of this (SMILE) but you allow him to be Harrass you are see these evidence.

        2. Wonder why Dr. Dphane Glindmeyer or Jefferson parish drainage department can come up with the medical envalulation report of documentation on Lonnie Joe Robinson with the state requirement evaluation document paperwork or referred paper from Dr. David Reiss to see Dr. Dphane Glindmeyer to cover up racism decrimnation and payroll fraud with Jefferson parish westbank drainage department , Jefferson parish district attonery office , Jefferson parish human resources department , Louisiana state broad of ethics with Martha Wood in office at that time , Equal Employment office and Jefferson parish drainage department with also Jefferson parish councilmen and president John Young is apart of this Corruption P.S. do not leave out the three judges of fifth circuit court of appeal all of the video will be put on the internet exposing everyone above these are good video I will let you know when they are up on internet just watch them all.

    2. You need Washington D. C. Too send Mr. Eddie Jordan down here too clean up this corruption in the Jefferson parish government with all of these crooks with taxpayer money that being misused in this parish they would all be put in prison for there wrongdoing in this parish someone need too bring down these crook they have got too come places with wrongdoing.

    3. Jefferson parish drainage department hire Dr. Daphane Glindmeyer report and there insurance company gave Lonnie Joe Robinson as disability in 2012 and they fired him in January 2013 so Jefferson parish drainage department knew this from there records but did not buy by A D A federal Laws but knew they has Lonnie Joe Robinson as disable but fire him anyway and they did not tell fifth circuit court of appeal this in the court room it all on record but court vote agansit Lonnie Joe Robinson in there court room so you be judge of this case because he is a keywitnes and whistleblower to payroll fraud with two employee committed together in that same department.

      1. Ask the three judge in the fifth circuit court of appeal court in the case of Lonnie Joe Robinson versus Jefferson parish drainage department why did they not make Jefferson parish attonery office turn over all there evidence to Lonnie Joe Robinson of time and hour that Docotor Dphane Glindmeyer spin with him on job in Jefferson parish drainage department , office of the job documentation report or the policies report each time Lonnie Joe Robinson treated another employee or proof of his job duty that he was not performing or report of Lonnie Joe Robinson being delusion on Jefferson parish drainage department yard around other employee in the fifth circuit court of appeal evidence with that Jefferson parish show a burden of proof if it was not turn over by the court to other side in the courtroom to Lonnie Joe Robinson to be fair with each other in courtroom something is wrong with this picture in the courtroom with this case in Jefferson parish whislterblower Lonnie Joe Robinson case you be the true yourself because everyone is not honest in Jefferson parish.

        1. Why did the three judges in the fifth circuit of appeal court make Jefferson parish attonery office turn over the investgation report of Leon Melancon versus Jefferson parish drainage with racism decrimnation and payroll fraud that Larry Palmisano and Frank Maness commited together in the Jefferson parish westbank drainage department with Lonnie Joe Robinson keywitnes to federal crime of payroll fraud that fifth circuit court lie in documentation saying investgation was unfounded when Jefferson parish district attonery office nor equal Employment Opportuntly Commision can come up with investgation report because knowone has a written statement from keywwitness Lonnie Joe Robinson that why I know they are lie about investgation report when they both left out kkeywitnes Lonnie Joe Robinson with there report now you see why they harrass Lonnie Joe Robinson in Jefferson parish so must so ask all of them for keywitnes written statement with his signture on the statement they took from him you will see how all of them telling a big fat lie with fifth circuit court of appeal so show the full and completed investgation report from everyone who said they have it or seem investgation report why about corruption are joined lie so exposed everyone who want to cover up a crime and a lie.

          1. Lonnie Joe Robinson versus Jefferson parish department of public works drainage fifth circuit court of appeal No. 13-CA-474 case January 14 , 2014. Dear. Hon. Liljeberg Judge. I am requesting for the evidence that Jefferson parish department of public works Drainage introduce before the fifth circuit court of appeal on the dated of December 3 , 2013 in my case as stated below because that evidence I have the rights to. A . Dr. Daphane Glindmeyer evaluation report and refers paper for Lonnie Joe Robinson to see her. B. The Jefferson parish District attonery’s investgation report on Leon Melancon case complaint of racial discrimintion and payroll fraud he reported to there office. C. The evidence on Larry Palmisano allegation of a threat. D. The EEOC investgation report on Leon Melancon complaint case. E. The evidence on Dwayne Detiege allegation of a threat. F. Dr. David Reiss evaluation report and refers paper.

          2. Fifth circuit state of Louisiana 101 Derbigny street (70053) Pox 489 Gretna , Louisiana January Mr. Lonnie Robinson 6172 Boutte street Marrero , Louisiana 70072. RE Lonnie J. Robinson versus Jefferson parish Department of public work-Drainage No. 13-CA-474 Dear Mr. Robinson We have received your correspondence and have tried unsuccessfully to reach you by telephone. All of the evidence relied upon in your appeal No. 13-CA-474 is contained in the appellate record , which is available for viewing in clerk’s office during regular business hours. once decision becomes final , the record will be returned to the district court. Review of this court’s decision may be sought in the Louisiana Supreme Court at the following address 400 Royal Street Suit 4200 , New Orleans La 70130 sincerely Clerk of Court Cheryl Quirk Landrieu what wrong with this picture any lawyer know what wrong with this not having the evidence in you hand during the trial in court room from the beginning and have Mr. Leon Melancon in the court when they said racial decrimnation and payroll fraud in the Jefferson parish drainage department was unfounded when we file for public record from Jefferson attonery office and got evidence to prove Mr. Leon Melancon case so why they could not come up with this evidence because they do not have keywitnes Mr. Lonnie Joe Robinson STATEMENT in there so call investgation with his signture or date or tape record STATEMENT and who is questioning him at the times or a video record STATEMENT and who in the video question him So why is everyone just keep lying in court about this federal crime with two employee . Just won’t to expose how high corruption wil go to cover up a crime with taxpayer money and how bad is racial decrimnation is when you pay a white employee a salary for a position that he never did under Lonnie Joe Robinson but let the black employee do maintenance foreman position but pay him labour pay and lie about so exposing everyone so I proved that I never was delusion so world will see for themselves with corruption in Jefferson parish government where it a big different between a black man and a white. So world wil be the true JUDGE.

          3. Sense the three fifth circuit court of appeal three judge lied about investgation of payroll fraud crime in Lonnie Joe Robinson case No.13-CA474 that happen in the Jefferson parish drainage department that Lonnie Joe Robinson was keywitnes to federal crime with taxpayer money they refuse to make Jefferson parish attonery Andrew Mestri to turn over the investgation report to Lonnie Joe Robinson in his case now Leon Melancon told all three judge in a letter that Jefferson parish attonery Andrew Mestri lie to them in Lonnie Joe Robinson case No. 13-CA-474 about payroll fraud crime that he have proof with documentation so let see if three judges will respond to this crime are try to cover up there mistake in Lonnie Joe Robinson case in there courtroom.

            1. Leon Melancon gave the three judges on fifth circuit court of appeal the important letter that Jefferson parish attonery Andrew Mestri lie to them in court about the investgation of payroll fraud with two employee committed this crime with taxpayer money he told them he got the evidence with the proofs of all of them that cover up this payroll fraud crime with taxpayer money in a cerification letter on Marsh 25, 2014. With the proof in documentation he has on all of them.

              1. Correction Leon Melancon gave the three judges a cerification letter on march 25 , 2014 about how everyone lie about payroll fraud investgation even made fifth circuit court of appeal three judges to follow the lie that Jefferson parish attorney Andrew Mestri lie about this federal crime of payroll fraud with taxpayer money when Leon Melancon have all evidence with proof of crime and with witnesses of this crime so the three judge did not respond to Mr. Leon Melancon or Lonnie Joe Robinson when they both ask for investgation report from three judge said they have in case No. 13-CA-474 so sense they did not come up with the investgation report so I ask question are they lying to about report if so they broke a federl law of coving up a crime.

            2. So do fifth circuit court of appeal three judges know that they have know Wright to say a federal crime of payroll fraud with two employees in the Jefferson parish westbank drainage department investgation was unfound when they do not have keywitnes Lonnie Joe Robinson written statement with his signture on documentarion with date on the paper before they said investgation was unfound on court paper would out F B I investgation report I thank they just inter in covering up a federal crime by lyn to cover up because keywitnes Lonnie Joe Robinson know in a facts so everyone committed this crime man will always lie for greedy.

          4. With Leon Melancon versus Jefferson parish westbank drainage department complaint of racism decrimnation and payroll fraud investgation that Louisiana broad of ethics lied about doing there investgation with keywitnes Lonnie Robinson that Martha Wood with the Louisiana state broad of ethics office lie and allowed this federal crime with taxpayer money to be cover up this crime she never met with keywitnes Lonnie Joe Robinson and all of Jefferson parish government councilman and Jefferson parish president John Young also knew about payroll fraud crime and volation of racism decrimnation toward Leon Melancon who reported this crime and volation of racism decrimnation with taxpayer money so ask Louisiana broad of ethics about this cover up of taxpayer money with documentation.

    4. January 10 , 2014 Dear Mr. David wolff in response to letter dated October 28 , 2013 , I offer the following. As a matter of clarication , Mr. Wolff Jefferson parish District Attonery office made allegation about investigating Mr. Leon Melancon complaint concerned payroll fraud. Mr. Melancon is in need for the district attonery’s office to rectify this matter as stated below. A. The Jefferson parish district attonery office alleged meeting with Mr. Lonnie Joe Robinson on May 12 ,2010 where Mr. Lonnie Joe Robinson was question about his knowledge concerned payroll fraud by Mr. Wolff , Mr. Wimbely and Ms Michel Answer No. 1. Mr. Lonnie Joe Robinson stated he never had a meeting with anyone within Jefferson parish district attonery office never was question by Mr. Wolff , Mr. Wimbely and Ms Michel concerned payroll fraud as alleged by Jefferson parish district attonery office. Mr. Lonnie Joe Robinson stated the district attonery or Fabricating on his, Name. Answer No. 2. Mr. Leon Melancon filed a public records request with the Jefferson parish district attonery office in concerning the meeting the Jefferson parish district attonery office alleged they had with Mr. Lonnie Joe Robinson as stated in the district attonery office documentation , Mr. Leon Melancon requested for all documentation and taps on the meeting. Those documents never was provid to Mr. Leon Melancon , public records department stated those record DO NOT EXIST. B. Leon Melancon filed a public record request with Jefferson parish district attonery office for information on the correspondence between the Jefferson parish district attonery and United Stated district attonery as was alleged to be true by the Jefferson parish district attonery’s documentation. Answer No.. 1. The Jefferson parish district attonery’s office never provided Mr. Leon Melancon with that information which was alleged in the Jefferson parish district attonery documentations to be true concerned United Stated district attonery office. Answer No. 2. The jJefferson parish district attonery office records department responded to Mr. Leon Melancon with this statement , however it my regret to inform you that after research of our file concerning correspondence between the Jefferson parish district attonery and the United Stated district attonery’s office those document DO NOT EXIST in our record. C. Mr. Leon Melancon filed a public records with the Jefferson parish district attonery,’s office for the information concerning the F B I report on their investigation on Leon Melancon complaint of payroll fraud which the Jefferson parish district attonery’s alleged to be true. Answer No. 1. The Jefferson parish district attonery’s office records department responded to Mr. Leon Melancon request by stating however it is my reget to inform you that after reseach of our file those documents do not exit in our records. SUMMARY . According to law construction of false documentations to manipulate in a criminal matter is a crime within itself. So it is important for Jefferson parish district attonery office to rectify this matter for what was alleged in their documentation to be true by providing Mr. Leon Melancon with the information he or requesting only on what was alleged by Jefferson parish district attonery office . I Will be waiting for your respond. Mr. Leon Melancon

      1. Tell the fifth circuit court of appeal in Jefferson parish or Jefferson parish district attonery office of Paul Connick or Jefferson parish attonery office or Jefferson parish drainage department to product the written statement of keywitnes Lonnie Joe Robinson with his signture on the document with the date on the investgation of payroll fraud with the two employees name Larry Palmisano and Frank Maness committed with taxpayer money Alliance of Good Government I need your help to expose corruption of cover up this federal crime with taxpayer money of people so you will see that all of them lie about investgation report because they do not have anything from keywitness to crime so that why they harrass Lonnie Joe Robinson.

    5. Lonnie Joe Robinson versus Jefferson parish department of public work dranage No. 13-CA-474 in fifth circuit court of appeal January 14 , 2014 Dear Judge Hon. Liljeberg I the Plaintiff Lonnie Joe Robinson I’am representing myself so I apologize for my knowledge of the law’s is limited but I’am seeking for justice so I object to the court decision on my case on ground of procedue of information was violated I never was provided with the evidence that exonerated the Jefferson parish department of public works Drainage of the burdens so I ‘am asking for the court to examine my complaint. Lonnie Joe Robinson. I will be waiting for your responed.

      1. Lonnie Joe Robinson went to fifth circuit court of appeal clerk office on January 24 , 2014 to review evidence of burden of proof that the judge said they had in Lonnie Joe Robinson versus Jefferson parish drainage I Lonnie Joe Robinson ask for evidence in a request from judge A thru F and judge evidence that he said in case was not found in clerk office so look at evidence on internet that ask for and I mail judge same thing and have not receive evidence at all are before case so what wrong with this.

        1. I am still waiting on evidence that I ask the judge for in my case in the fifth circuit court of appeal in case 13-CA-474 that I should had from the beginning of the trial of case in courtroom but judge did not see to Jefferson parish drainage department attonery too turn it over to in proper person Lonnie Joe Robinson ever in case and still have not receive this evidence that I ask from A. Thru B. In mail and internet so how much corruption is in the Jefferson parish with the racism decrimnation and payroll fraud with taxpayers money that Lonnie Joe Robinson told the three judges that was on the panel to here in his case they also turn the blind eye to a federal crime of payroll fraud with to employee and Jefferson parish attonery Andrew Mastri lie in court about investgation without produce the documentation to back up what he reported to court.

          1. I Lonnie Joe Robinson still today the fifth circuit court of appeal in Jefferson parish still has not turn over all the evidence of burden of proof evidence to Lonnie Joe Robinson in his case in there courtroom with the three judges on panel that Jefferson parish attonery Andrew Mestri lie about to state courtroom under laws where he lie to court under oath about racism decrimnation and payroll fraud case in there court about investgation report that everyone said they did in Leon Melancon versus Jefferson parish public work department of drainage where Lonnie Joe Robinson is keywitness to federal crime on payroll fraud so ask yourself a question why three judges still have gave him this evidence in case of 13-CA-474 from the beginning of the case that Mr. Andrew Mestri Jefferson parish attonery lie too the state court about in front of three judges on the panel brench and also lie on Lonnie Joe Robinson so let’s exposed how high corruption will go in Jefferson parish.

  3. Allen and I appreciate the support of the Slabbed nation. If anyone would like to volunteer, need a yard or business sign, can walk your neighborhood putting up doorhangers, or however you’d like to help the Leone campaign, please email [email protected]. You can also contribute from the website ( or on Allen’s Assessor Facebook page (Allen Leone for Assessor) with a credit/debit card or Paypal account. All contributions, whether time or money, are appreciated.

  4. Historically, hurricanes like Katrina are defined as a natural disaster; politicians like Capella and Roberts are characterized as a human disaster. We, nevertheless become victims of both. The former we cannot control; however the latter we can. With the advent of a hurricane, we may choose to evacuate to a place that provides a temporary sense of security; in politics we can choose to vote for individuals who will work with us to secure an honest, fair and representative government of all citizens of Jefferson Parish, as a COMMUNITY, that we can all be proud of. Not a territory for only a few political families to economically rape and plunder it’s taxpayers. We can prepare for a natural disaster; but more importantly, we can avoid a political one. Political campaigns, like hurricane seasons, are events we will endure; it is incumbent on every citizen to act accordingly for each and every storm or election headed our way.

  5. Supposedly Leone is doing extremely well vs Cafella. I have seen a lot of signs around and people seem to know who he is (probably because of his earlier runs, especially vs Broussard), but then I wonder what the story is on the west bank. The Leone situation seems especially reminiscent given everyone had their chance to oust Broussard and this just looks all too familiar and maybe people finally have the message. On the other hand remember the Alamo, Broussard should have gone down too.

    Conversely, Roberts is doing very well against Baudier. I have seen a couple Baudier signs, not many. I love the Baudier sign by the way, something like “The Council Is Not For Sale.” He needs to put that out throughout the Parish, people might just put them up for the message alone. The problem is no one knows who he is, even in Harahan he just got in. I am hardly aware of a platform (beyond the sign) or resume, and really to me he is most importantly (and maybe solely) not Chris Roberts (which, let’s face it, is an awesome selling point or should be).

    Baudier has no website, right? And no social media presence as a candidate?

    I rememeber Leone’s campaign kickoff, where was Baudier’s or when?

    I give Baudier great kudos and thanks for getting in but Roberts has a lot of tenticles (and I do mean tenticles) out on the west bank and since more than a year ago all the guy does is jump out on tv and in the TP to speak for the council every single time. Really I’ve been asking this – why has Roberts so consistently been speaking for the Parish and not Capella or Young (when on the council) or Theriot – but now it makes sense: Young was leaving and then left, Capella same thing, and Hollis is a non-entity, a cardboard cutout, & Theriot was not staying, so the idea, probably jointly arrived at amongst the Council long ago, has been just get Roberts out there early and often out front to make him de facto Council Chairman / At-Large in advance, just tee it up early and make it seem like he already was Council Chairman.

    The lil’ bastard’s been gunning for it for a while, with cooperation and coordination from his councilmates. Roberts is unlikeable and corrupt, but what are Baudier’s plans to get it in gear? It’s important that he does.

  6. Baudier could get a website from for freakin $50 bucks for a year and state his entire campaign promises. A old friend just did one himself for a charity. Man like where is Baudier’s brain. He appeared at a recent council meeting introduced himself and gave out his cell number which is good. But Mr. Baudier how about showing some strength and speaking for your entitled 5 minutes like against the River Birch contract and all the freakin corrupt things other speakers rant and rave about. Mr.Baudier if you are going to speak for the tax payers and want their vote to clean up the council then lets see your passion and fight and start now at the next council meeting before April 2nd election. Man you need a Braveheart Mel baby speech with war paint on your face to rally the restless voters to the polls.

  7. Tele, pundito…y’all are apparently seeing something very different from my vantage point, and I’m at ground zero…BAUDIER is kicking Roberts’ ass in the sign department…in fact …his larger signs are hanging collaterally with Capella signs all over JP…on all levels of JP politics people are smelling Roberts’ blood…he wants to believe the Feds won’t prosecute him because of an election, then that’s his fantasy…what your immune because you keep running for anything to have the Feds back off…only an arrogant and stupid fool like Roberts would believe such nonsense …he’s ridden the last parade for a while I can assure you…Roberts’ best friend thru high school and college is supporting Baudier…why you ask ?

    Because like Wilkinson, Roberts is one of the most arrogant MFs that has ever walked the earth…Wilkinson would say ‘fuck ’em let ’em sue…Roberts line is, ‘fuck you don’t ever call me again’…

    Remember this: Baudier is like a Jack Russell terrier…and he is very very, very street smart and knows the time of day when others are blinded by the sun…

    This race has all the animosity of a classic EastBank vs WestBank race…and well it should considering recent events…and the fact that most of the big money for Roberts is from out of State…if that’s the case, Roberts is pushing his hot dog cart to the sno-ball stand after his prison gig !

  8. Hey Gate – I heard Baudier had a robocall (better word?), so that is good also, I should have mentioned that.

    On Baudier/Roberts have you heard any poll numbers?

    Also that sign of his is really great, I think people would put it out – on lawns, on walls, fences, buildings, wherever – just as a statement of disgust. If he thought about it it could go viral, so to speak, just because of the message. He really needs to get those out there more. He also needs a website and frankly a facebook presence.

    I can’t even seem to find him on the Harahan City Council’s site:

    So along those lines… where do people go to get info on his campaign, his background, to get a sign, volunteer, express support, etc.? Is there a number? Email?

    The JP voting record is not great: people typically either stay home or go with the name recognition factor. I think Baudier needs to cast his net wider.

    If he’s doing well as you say then there is probably a seriously untapped reservoir out there whereby he could do even better.

  9. Ok, I finally figured this out.

    Here are platforms in the Council race.

    Baudier has his here:

    Roberts of course could not give two poops at 5:00 am about responding to such questions.

    Incredibly Baudier has a website but the content is…. er…. UNRELATED, there is no campaign info there:

    Why, Tim, why?

    This is the contact info he gives:

    [email protected]
    Phone: 504-734-3278
    Cell: 504-343-7762

    Apparantly, he’s a stuntman. Seriously. He’ll need that.

    Incredibly, Baudier does not mention, corruption, ethics, or the IG among his top three priorities in running. Really?


    Here’s the Assessor platform info:

    Leon’s contact info:
    Phone: 504-473-7901
    Fax: 504-472-0668
    Email: [email protected]

    Cafella, like Chrissy, cannot find the time or interest to respond.


    Is there going to be even one forum on the At Large or Assessor race, anywhere? I know there was one with the Alliance, but I am surprised that is all.

  10. Article by Chris Tidmore in the LA Weekly newspaper (no link available):


    It was just months after Hurricane Katrina had passed when Harahan
    resident and Elmwood small-businessman Tim Baudier concluded that the only
    thing not washed away by the storm were the politician shenanigans of his
    hometown–and his home parish of Jefferson.
    “I grew so frustrated,” Baudier told The Louisiana Weekly. “I had never

    run for office, but I thought that somebody had to do something.” So, with
    no political background, and few prominent backers, he stood as a
    candidate for Councilman, an At-Large position in Harahan.
    “I ran
    against the machine, and I lost.” But, his message of government
    accountability and transparency caught the imaginations of many of the
    small Jefferson Parish town’s electorate. When a special election came
    quickly thereafter, Baudier ran and beat a long time elected official in
    During the last three years in office, Baudier has led the charge on
    government reform, so much so, that people began coming to the Harahan
    Councilman asking him to the run for Parish Councilman At-Large, in the
    wake of John Young’s promotion to the Parish Presidency.
    “At first, I said, ‘No!’, but there didn’t seem to be any outsiders
    willing to stand,” he confessed. Shortly before qualifying, Baudier
    changed his mind and decided to stand for the Parishwide office in the
    April 2, 2011 special election.
    “I am running for the Jefferson Parish
    Council at Large seat,” he explained, “because I have had enough with
    corruption and the black eye that it is putting on our community. I will
    stand up against the back door deals and the unfair contracts.”
    “I am 41 years old and father of four. I am a man who is very passionate
    about standing up for what I believe in.” Baudier explained those beliefs
    in two sentences. “It is time that our elected officials stand up and do
    what we elected them to do–and stop using political position for personal
    gain,” a less than oblique reference to the scandals surrounding most of
    the the Jefferson Parish governmental elite right now.
    Baudier noted that unlike his primary opponent, he is not a scion of the
    political establishment. The first member of his family to attend college,
    he said, “I grew up poor in Old Jefferson and learned quickly what it
    meant to work and to get ahead in
    life. I have a built a business that I have now owned for 23 years that I
    started right in my own back yard. I am very involved in my children’s
    school and in their lives. I love being a part of my community and meeting
    the people. I have a degree from UNO in Political Science and a fellowship
    from Loyola’s Institute Of Politics. I have been elected to the Harahan
    City Council twice and am currently serving as Mayor Pro. Tem. I have done
    stunt work on two television programs and am a member of the Screen Actors
    It is that experience in business, and particularly the film industry that
    forms the basis of Baudier’s three primary campaign planks.
    First, the Councilman noted the “Economic impact on the [Huey P. Long]
    bridge expansion for both East and Westbank of Jefferson Parish will be
    “On completion of the new bridge,
    the west bank will have a great opportunity to expand. With Elmwood East
    almost completely saturated the ‘Elmwood West’ will be a direct focal
    point for that expansion. A new technology park is already in the plans
    and business development can definitely help out as Avondale Ship Yard
    comes to a close. If done right new business development can really boom
    with access to the river.”
    “We can bridge the gap to benefit all of Jefferson Parish even Grand Isle
    and Lafitte. A nicer bridge will encourage travel to either side. The
    wider bridge will also promote business growth with the new flow of
    traffic. Having built and owned a business for 23 years I have a positive
    grasp on what it will take to build and maintain a strong business climate
    that will promote tax growth and take some of the burden off the people.”
    Secondly, he went on, “The film industry I believe is a
    untapped market in Jefferson Parish that few elected officials cater to.
    We have had two big budget films shot hear in Louisiana in the last eight
    months: Green Lantern in New Orleans and Battleship in Baton Rouge. They
    brought in a combined budget of 440 million dollars. There is no reason
    that either one of those could have not been shot in Jefferson Parish.”
    Lastly, Baudier noted that no economic development is possible without
    people feeling safe. “Crime I feel has to be addressed with a grass roots
    campaign. We need to really pump up Night Out Against Crime and
    Neighborhood Watch programs through out Jefferson Parish. That is where we
    can beat the criminals. The citizens have to stand up for there community
    and be backed up by our police
    departments. Until we do our youth will leave and businesses will not come
    and we will continue to lose two of our greatest resources.”
    “If there were any changes made in the criminal budget I would like to see
    more programs for community out-reach funded. There is no coincidence that
    Harahan is the safest community in Jefferson Parish. We are proud of our
    Night Out Against Crime and Neighborhood Watch programs. We put a lot of
    effort and resources on getting the word that this is you community stand
    up and protect it. Crime can be just about eliminated in Jefferson Parish
    when the community gets involved–as it does in Harahan.”
    Baudier has a special focus, born of his time as a small town Councilman,
    of helping Jefferson’s smaller communities be promoted to the rest of the
    parish and to the world at large. “Grand Isle and the outlying communities
    can expand their opportunities
    in two way other than the great seafood they supply. One would be to let
    every one know how nice the beaches are and how neat it is to see all the
    hermit crabs that are there. Another great Idea is to set up a ferry
    system to make the outlying communities more accessible.”
    Of the latter, Baudier noted that it takes over three hours “driving at 30
    miles an hour” to get from West Bank Jefferson down to Grand Isle by
    driving through the Lafourche and other parishes. He has proposed the
    encouragement of a public/private partnership for a ferry operation,
    similar to the one that will serve the North-South Lake Pontchartrain
    route, as a means of linking Westwego with the beaches. Such a water-route
    would cut travel to less than an hour.
    Baudier, who grew up in Old Jefferson, near the Orleans border, has long
    observed that the two parishes not only rarely cooperate,
    but almost never integrate their transport options for the greater good of
    neighborhoods on both sides of the Parish lines. He has spoken on how Old
    Jeff could become an extension of the Carrolton-Riverbend area. “A great
    cross regional area that exists along the Jefferson Highway – Claiborn
    Ave. route.” Why not, he asked, over the long term, extend the
    currently-under- construction Loyola Ave Streetcar, down OC Haley to
    Claiborne Ave, and all of the way to Elmwood down Jefferson Highway?
    “It has a clean shot all the way to Loyola and from there the French
    Quarter, where the Super Dome and the Arena are easily accessible. A
    co-parish Street car would be the best idea and would put a New Orleans
    atmosphere in Jefferson Parish and in return with easy access the
    Jefferson Parish Community has the ability to patronize the tourist
    community of New Orleans a little more than it does.” There would be
    riders from the first day, Baudier argued. The Claiborne Ave bus route and
    the Jeff Hwy bus route each boast of the highest rider-ships in both
    parishes. And, eventually, the steetcar rail-line could long term extend
    all of the way down to the airport itself.
    Cross parish transportation is a major focus for Baudier. “I am in favor
    of bus routes that cross Jefferson Parish and Orleans Parish boundaries.
    The metropolitan ares as whole will prosper more when we can figure out a
    way to be better neighbors. We often, in both parishes, tend to alienate
    ourselves from one another. Buses, street cars, and ferries are all
    options that we can use to go back back and forth. If we can open up new
    avenues to commute we can open up new opportunities for growth in all
    walks of life.”
    And, both parishes have an interest in an up-to-date Airport. “Armstrong
    International Airport is antiquated. Other airports around the country are
    a lot nicer than ours. Jefferson Parish can make some real progress with
    the airport relationship if the can reach a collaborative agreement with
    New Orleans to put in place to new construction to expand and improve what
    we have now. That gives both parishes an interest and two parishes working
    together are better than one struggling by itself.”
    Road needs across that same corridor, from Orleans to Jefferson to the
    Airport, remain acute in Baudier’s view, especially on the roadway that
    was supposed to link all, and remains unfinished three decades after its
    first span opened. “The Earhart Expressway expansion has taken far to
    long. The funding needs to be put in place to get the project completed.”
    Plans call, though, at the Earhart would join with Airline at Roosevelt
    Blvd, in a straight roadway to I-310. That raises some
    concerns for Harahan Councilman. “Making Airline Hwy. a limited access
    road to the I-310 would hurt a lot of business along the way. I am pro
    business and pro development but I do feel that both can work but it will
    need some careful planning.”
    Also needing careful consideration is Jefferson’s endemic drainage
    problems. “Pump to The River will alleviate a lot of drainage issues for
    Jefferson Parish,” Baudier said. “If need any further funding for drainage
    the parish needs start going after all the contractors that have been
    stealing for years. A good start will be with Ramellie and all the monies
    that were lost over the grass cutting scandal.”
    Still, Baudier realizes that Jefferson Parish’s fiscal needs are acute.
    With population and retail losses, some worry that next year’s
    reassessment process could lead to higher taxes. “No one wants higher
    and neither do I,” he explained, “and I will evaluate every department to
    make sure waste does not occur and that a tax increase in the final and
    only option.”
    The Harahan councilman generally opposes rolling millages forward after
    they have been rolled back due to higher assessments, but he would not
    rule it out. “Under normal circumstances there are no good reasons to roll
    millages forward. However in a crisis situation like the one we have just
    seen over the past few years it may have to be considered. I will not
    increase any taxes though until all government spending is cut to the bare
    bones. I am also in favor of all referendums in any case that provides the
    public the knowledge that it needs to make the best decision on what is
    important to them.”
    Noting that Jefferson Parish is now 40% non-White, Baudier explained,
    “Policy vs. Diversity has become a complicated
    task to over come. In a recent article, I read the Hispanic community got
    representation through redisticting.” That’s a good first step, he
    explained. “Also I do not oppose fair housing. It should however have
    strict guidlines and zero tolerence approach. If you cannot follow the
    rules put in place you need to be removed to let the next available
    candidate have a chance on rebuiling their lives.”
    That requires a strong DBE program with a qualified board to impliment it.
    “The Disadvantage Business Enterprise or DBE can be improved by making
    sure that all of its board members are qualified business people from our
    community. We do not need another government agency that is set up for
    elected officials to appoint friends, family or financial supporters. By
    making sure that we have qualified leadership in this program it will
    expand and prosper to do what it needs in helping these business grow and
    Contracting in Jefferson needs major reform as well, in Baudier’s view.
    “The Bureau of Government Research or BGR can have a positive impact with
    a good foundation of reforms. The fastest way to clean up the unfair
    contracts is simple stop allowing contractors that do business with the
    parish to donate to the officials. I have not taken one penny from any
    business that does business with the parish, and I think it should stand
    for all.”
    As for employee benefits, Jefferson faces the same financial challenges
    now being felt in California and New Jersey. With health care costs
    increasing, “The parish may have to consider if it can even afford to
    offer benefits any longer. [For future retirement funds], the 401k plan is
    an excellent option, but the people have to be educated when ever a system
    is put in place to paralel [the current state retirement
    programs]. It is a good idea to move to a defined benefits system, but
    again we have to use educated resposible managers that are not but there
    through back door deal making.” Only then, he outlined, could public
    employees be guaranteed they will have a safe retirement fund.
    In closing, he noted that “a new Library in south Kenner is something that
    is very needed. The Kenner Council and its legislative leaders need to get
    involved to obtain funding and I would be in favor of Jefferson Parish
    Matching those funds.” Moreover, the uncompleted Arts Center on Airline
    needs to have the funds for its completion and operation. Baudier thinks
    that he knows how. “A great way to supplement the arts is with the arts.
    The best place to start would be by putting some policies in place that
    set aside proceeds generated from the film industry for our arts programs
    and getting the Jefferson Arts
    Complex Completed.”
    Thinking outside of the proverbial box is Baudier’s primary policy modus
    operandi. “We need to consider new options, and look to best practices
    around the state. Jefferson Parish is at a critical time. The decisions
    that we make right now deterimine whether our children will stay in the
    parish, when they are grown up–or even in the New Orleans area at all.” “””

  11. Mr. Baudier has produced a helluva a flier.

    Very nice.

    WVUE reported tonight Roberts has sued to halt the flier. It is a real doozy.

    Kudos to Baudier and it sound like things are going quite well.

    It also occures to me that the 2X tax hike proposal on the ballot in Kenner might be leaving that typically machine minded district in a very anti-establishment mood.

    Go get `em, Tim.

  12. I read SOP’s comment in the recent thread about Baudier having a real shot and perhaps Leone maybe not.

    If so I was totally wrong about this.

    I had heard back in early March that Leone had a 2-1 advantage on Capella. I also thought that Sister Chehardy would divert some votes from Capella for those fond of the Chehardy name. But Leone seems to be running his Broussard race all over again. If he loses this, he is making the least after having started with the most…. again.

    Baudier has surprised me. I had heard in early March that he was way, way down, maybe more than 2-1. Occasionally people get in with the noble idea of simply giving people an option in the election, and I do appreciate that in and of itself. But his ads have been fantastic – hard hitting body blow stuff. I had concerns also that he might be related to contractor Walt Baudier and that something might come out about that, that Harahan politics can be pretty sketchy…. and now I am wondering if and when Roberts will ever use any of that huge war chest for something real in terms of an attack ad. Or is this guy so arrogarnt that he really shouldn’t deign to admit he has a true opponent? If so his head is in his tailpipe. Roberts has spent SO MUCH FLIPPIN’ money on trinkets and props that I really wonder if he has any clue how to step into Broussard & Co.’s machine operation and one day be president as it appears to have been his very real aim. If Baudier wins this he should get some kind of award for having done the most with the least and Roberts should get the Mike Ditka award for bad game day coaching.

    I really hope Leone and Baudier both win, the Parish NEEDS to do that at this point, but if I had to pick one I will take the Council Chair.

    1. From a person with knowledge of these things:

      Greg Buisson’s #’s leaked from a Verne Kennedy poll taken Monday night (500 respondents)

      Tom Capella 60%
      Al Leone 20%
      Undecided 20%

      Chris Roberts 33%
      Tim Baudier 30%
      Undecided 37%

      Look for Roberts to start attacking TODAY!

      I have heard Roberts was saving a nasty surprise for the end. I guess we are all fixing to find out.


  13. As I mentioned on the other board, there is absolutely no way (unless they called Councilman Capella’s family) that any poll would show him with 60% and Allen Leone with 20%. This was “leaked” so people would think that Allen has no shot to win and stop people from supporting Allen. This is classic dirty politics. Allen can’t be beat on the issues or his background.

    I have not seen 1 poll that shows either Capella of Allen with 50%, let alone 60%. In fact, I have not seen 1 poll with Capella ahead of Allen. If they were winning 60-20, why would they be spending hundreds of thousands on TV and multiple direct mail pieces.

    Don’t believe the hype, the lies and misinformation. We have thousands of yard signs in Jefferson Parish. Volunteers making phone calls and getting positive results and Allen has been everywhere he can be. Allen has been working hard

  14. This thread popping up as a topic again has been an interesting read on a lot of levels.

    A. Mr. Lonnie Joe really wants us to understand the lay of the land in JP. Really!

    B. It appears that Mr. Bennetti has unbelievably horrible political instincts and a history of misreading the electorate based on the results of the race he’s quoted on above ( ) and his overwhelming defeat earlier this month….. Oddly humorous. ..

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