Former Governor Murphy “Mike” Foster would like a word with the Slabbed Nation.

“I’ve known him for many years,” Foster said of Mouton. “I know him to be a completely honest guy.” ~ Former Gov Mike Foster as quoted by Rich Rainey at the Times Picayune as featured on the Slabbed post “The Mouton Indictment ripples across the media. Team FBI tightens its grip on Fred Heebe’s balls.

This is what Mike really meant to say:

“I’ve known him for many years,” Foster said of Fred Heebe. “I know him to be a completely honest guy.”

I reckon ol’ Murph never spoke to Fred’s ex who claims Fred liked to slap her around, especially when he had too much fire water. Then again ol’ Murph likes them Coulon boys a bunch too so I suspect his judgement on such matters is best described as poor.

I think the truth here is Murph’s administration was openly for sale to the highest bidder.


7 thoughts on “Former Governor Murphy “Mike” Foster would like a word with the Slabbed Nation.”

  1. Don’t forget about former ATC Commissioner/stalker, Murphy Painter, who was appointed by Foster, and then retained by both Blanco and Piyush. Piyush kept Painter on even after James Gill outed Painter for having a disbarred lawyer acting as ATC prosecutor. I’m sure Tele or someone with TP archive skills could pull that one.

  2. Crystal: Sounds like ‘due diligence’ to me…would save their states lots of $…oh yeah that is not the idea is it?

  3. Hello Sop…..long time no hear, I know, but I keep up w/yall. I’m going to get a glass of iced tea and come back in about 15 min to spend at least 30 min on the SLABBED NATION!!! :0


  4. Name the place Shirley and I imagine the line of women waiting to take a swing at bully-boy Freaky Freddie Heebe will wrap the Superdome twice over.
    He has always been a brat and as he aged ( note I did not say matured) he did not improve…
    There are several of these second generation spoiled Entitlement Generation sons who have this proclivity for beating up their women. Something in the way their fathers failed and mothers bailed ( figuratively and literally ). So sick.

  5. I expect little Freddie & his current Jenny would do well to some exchanging: She has more him-mones than hormones,so he could swap her all his her-mones. And he really could use her balls – cause they’re bigger than he hever had!
    ‘Course even with such a swap there still wouldn’t be the makings over even one decent human being between the two of ’em!
    To borrow from Samuel Johnson: “It is well that The Almighty allowed that Fred and Jennifer should marry each other, and thereby insured that only two were made miserable rather than four.”

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