17 thoughts on “A real a$$ buster of a Petition for Damages – Concrete Busters v Heebe, Ward, River Birch, Hwy 90 LLC”

  1. Well isn’t it interesting that they filed in Orleans Parish- A Plaquemines Parish Company
    Suing Jefferson Parish People in New Orleans.

    And we now have another set of incompetent Attorneys involved in this Fiasco.

    What is so difficult about understanding the concept of Civil R.I.C.O- The Treble damages awards that are available and Mail and wire fraud as the predicated acts to create and Conspiracy.

    Under RICO, a person who is a member of an enterprise that has committed any two of 35 crimes

  2. Oooo, oooo, Randy Smith is the attorney for Concrete Busters. Wonder if he will do the same bang up job he did in defending Greg Meffert in the Dell crime camera case in CDC that resulted in a multi-million verdict against his client? Hey, Randy, trial tactics 101, have your client sit through the ENTIRE trial when so much is on the line!

  3. I would think that Smith & Fawer would be conflicted out due to their representation of Greg Meffert and his direct links to Aaron Broussard in this matter. Anyone else think they may have a problem representing the plaintiffs?

  4. Yeah, Smith did a horrible job for Meffert. Meffert only appeared for his day of testimony. Randy, Trial Tactics 101, have your client show up everyday when his nuts are on the block. Moron!

  5. Getting tired of having to draw roadmaps for the morons at Letten’s office……Vitter, RTA, Mamoulides, Ongo, Eddie Price, JP school board, Normand. Get busy!

  6. “In late 2008, the Jefferson Parish Recycling Advisory Committee, a group of private citizens appointed to make recommendations regarding the recycling in Jefferson Parish, recommended to the Parish Administration and the Environmental Affairs Department that they seek proposals to promote recycling and other beneficial use of yard and woody waste to reduce the amount of waste landfilled by the Parish at the Parish landfill. This recommendation was designed to meet State recommendations that communities reduce waste sent to landfills.

    Pursuant to this recommendation, the Jefferson Parish Environmental Affairs Department, with the assistance of consultants Jordan, Jones & Goulding, Inc., drafted a request for a request for proposal
    (“RFP”) to solicit bids to meet the recommendations of the Jefferson Parish Recycling Committee. The RFP prepared by the Environmental Affairs Department was designed to reduce waste to be
    landfilled by soliciting recycling and other beneficial reuse of yard and woody waste.”

    …….. 2011 and JP STILL has no recycling.

    Neither does Orleans by the way.

    Also: “In 2006 Councilwoman Jennifer Sneed married Fred Heebe.” Interesting to see a marriage dropped in as just another event in a chronology of a criminal conspiracy but that’s what that is, just another means of sharing funds and laundering them past the usual lines of oversight.

    But then again it’s also sad.

  7. An arranged marriage you say? Uniting the fiefdoms , so to speak. Hmmm, ya think? How cold and calculating. You reap what you sow.

  8. Unslabbed, yaknowwhat… I was taking shot at expressing the bitter poignancy of a marriage reduced to mere fungibility in one line of a lawsuit but I’ll be *extra* cynical here:

    Given the proclivity of these folks for swapping property as recompense and for hiding funds a community split on a $10 million piece of property would be one way to do this.

    And in the chronology it is squeezed squarely between the fee splitting arrangements of Lagniappe and B&A.

  9. When Tele posted a clue revealing the “politically (and legally) convenient” relationships of the owners of the various entities listed in the attachment to the search warrant, it struck me as interesting that Julie Vandervort appeared to be unmarried while her brothers were, shall we say, well-married.

  10. Having known or met most of the principles, and their attorneys, I would just as soon skip the court proceedings, and proceede to the executions of all parties! plaintiff, defendants, witnesses, attorneys, and the judge, clerk of court and sheriff! Would improve the hell out of Jefferson Parish; and serve as a role-model of action for New Orleans.

    Like the demise of Bin Laden…it’s a good place to start.

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