Pro bono publico

Professionally I’m partial to poor widow ladies and the disabled but this is also Mardi Gras season. Parade Marshall/Slabber Michael Grimm will be performing along the route with his band. Sure would be nice if the Sun Herald could afford a Hancock County beat reporter.  (There are over 30,000 of us over here after all)

There is a new route this year necessitated by the ongoing Katrina rebuilding process that begins at US 90 and Waveland Ave east to and looping back to the west at the Hwy 603/US 90 intersection.


Katrina plaintiffs win a big one!

Anita Lee reported the victory – Pass condo owners prevail in Katrina lawsuit against insurer

The owners of condominium units in Pass Christian felt relieved and vindicated Friday by a jury’s decision to award them $1.8 million from insurer Lloyd’s of London to cover Katrina’s wind damage.

Lloyd’s waited almost a year after the storm to deny the claim, forcing the Penthouse Owners Association to sue in January 2007.

U.S. District Judge Sul Ozerden found “no arguable basis” for Lloyd’s decision, ordering the insurer to also cover the association’s legal fees, pre-judgment interest on the amount owed for losses and other fees. The association’s lead attorney, Don Barrett of Lexington, expects the total award to be around $4 million.

Click on the link and read the rest of the story on the Sun Herald.

And we have yet more dead baby dolphins washing ashore…..

99 dead baby dolphins on the shore, 99 dead baby dolphins
take one down and pass it around, 98 dead baby dolphins on the shore….

How about a Sun Herald dead baby dolphin update by Karen Nelson:

Thursday tally is 3 more dead baby dolphins.

Friday’s tally is 5 more dead baby dolphins.

Teams Obama and Boss Hogg have sent the following joint communiqué on this topic for the Slabbed Nation: Continue reading “And we have yet more dead baby dolphins washing ashore…..”

The Mouton Indictment ripples across the media. Team FBI tightens its grip on Fred Heebe’s balls.

Make no mistake folks, this scandal will end up leading not only to John Alario but also to Former Gov Mike Foster, Billy Tauzin, David Vitter and likely Team Landrieu.   Steve Theriot and daughter Wanda were last seen with doughnut glaze on their chins.

Let’s kick off the coverage with Rich Rainey at the Times Picayune who did a great job connecting Mouton to Fred Heebe. It is an open secret that former Gov Mike Foster’s administration was openly for sale so this little gem from Murphy himself at the end of Rainey’s piece was priceless: Continue reading “The Mouton Indictment ripples across the media. Team FBI tightens its grip on Fred Heebe’s balls.”

BREAKING: We have an indictment. I repeat we have an indictment.

Gordon Russell has the skinny for the Times Picayune.  It seems the Old Gentilly Landfill connection to the River Birch saga is beginning to manifest itself.  We’ll see if the whore hopping V man, Diaper David Vitter’s name pops up down the line on this general topic.

This could well be the evidence of another crime Team Letten referred to earlier in a pleading before Judge Ginger on the River Birch search saga.

This is not a good sign for Teams Ward/Heebe IMHO as I have little doubt who was making the payoffs.

Another politician that is likely keeping a very concerned eye on these events, especially the prospect of low-level crooks like Mouton turning state’s evidence is John Alario.


Yeah, it finally happened – ODC tags Lightfoot with Orteous!

Until the Recommendations of the Hearing Committee appeared in my email inbox today, I had no idea the Louisiana Office of Disciplinary Counsel was a functioning body. Apparently, it’s just a little slow. Nonetheless, it has now done what many felt should have been done before the Impeachment of Judge Thomas Porteous – address the conduct of the Respond, Claude C. Lightfoot, Jr:

The undisputed factual account of the events that led to the current charges against Respondent are these: In or around the summer of 2000, former United States Court District Judge Gabriel Thomas Porteous, Jr. was experiencing significant financial difficulties, and therefore contacted the Respondent to explore means by which he may manage his debt, including the possibility of bankruptcy protection. The Respondent met with then Judge Porteous and his wife and determined to deploy initially a nonbankruptcy “workout”, whereby the Respondent would contact each creditor and ask them to consider a reduction in the debt owed to allow then Judge Porteous and his wife a means of retiring the debt without filing for bankruptcy.

To that end, Respondent mailed letters to each of the creditors, setting forth his representation and inviting each creditor to consider a workout proposal. Thereafter,
Respondent followed up his letters with telephone calls to the creditors in an effort to get then Judge Porteous and his wife some relief. This process proved to be futile, as the majority of the creditors did not respond at all, and the few that did, knowingly or unknowingly, responded with a lawsuit and a subsequent rejection by their counsel of
Respondent’s proposal on behalf then Judge Porteous and his wife.

As a result, Respondent again met with then Judge Porteous and his wife and recommended a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. In addition to recommending the filing, Respondent, on his own volition, also recommended Continue reading “Yeah, it finally happened – ODC tags Lightfoot with Orteous!”