Waste Management drops more nukes and files amended counterclaim. “The cat is out of the bag.”

Rut roh. But look at who the Judge and Magistrate are. Lemelle, who could fuck up a one man rock fight, and Roby, whose husband reportedly has been under investigation by the FBI, which is why she has recused herself from federal criminal matters.

I’ll let our readers identify the nukes including who has been left out and why that is important. Fire 1, Waste Management’s counterclaim, which could “cost Jefferson Parish millions” according to the consensus of the Slabbed legal team, especially as more of the shit house details come out on how the River Birch “fishing expedition” was conducted.

Fire 2: Like the FBI, Waste Management is firmly grabbing hold of Team Heebe’s balls.  Here is the River Birch motion to quash a Waste Management subpoena of their records.  I for one, would love to see the contents of the Dutchie Connick file identified in the Government’s filings in the related criminal investigation. Time will tell what River Birch is trying to hide from Waste Management in the civil case.

We’ll be doing a couple of follow-up posts as time allows.


8 thoughts on “Waste Management drops more nukes and files amended counterclaim. “The cat is out of the bag.””

  1. Having read this amended petition several times now, I would to take this opportunity to thank the lawyers for Waste Management for doing their homework. It is obvious that their team has been reading the posts and comments on Slabbed relating to the corruption surrounding the Parish’s alleged contract with River Birch; it is equally obvious they have studied the detailed report presented to the JP Council by the CFGG with regards to the illegality of RFP 176.

    In many portions, their allegations almost read verbatim. In this instance, my statement is not a criticism but a compliment. We are working toward a common goal: To expose this River Birch contract for what it truly is: A criminal conspiracy entered into by Public Officials of Jefferson Parish, both elected and appointed, and in collusion with the principals of River Birch to award and illegal landfill monopoly.

    But there is one detail…a name…that was not made part of these pleadings that is a glaring omission:


    WM Amended Counterclaim…Exerpt from allegation 34:

    “…No Parish Council Resolution was obtained to authorize this variance from the Parish Ordinance, as required by law. Instead, the Administration appointed Parish Attorney, Tom Wilkinson, as chairman of the Evaluation Committee. One of the other two members of the Committee was another attorney from the Parish Attorney

  2. Can’t forget about the infamous political chameleon ,Theriota stevorio, who under the camouflage color of parish president wanted a Texas company which was incorporated 7 days earlier, not licensed in La. and run by 1 employee to do the River Birch contract evaluation.

  3. Sop, and ball fans the ballgame has resumed with the Jefferson Taxpayers leading the Jefferson Clowns 2-1, bottom of ninth, sneeky Sneedie on third with 3 balls and no strikes on Maestri. As you might remember fastballer Mann’s last ball was a screwball at Maestri’s head which stopped just short of his nose in mid-air then asked Ron if he would honestly swing away at a fast ball down the middle. Ron is still a little shaken and has backed out of the batter’s box and catcher Margie now tells him to honest up and move back in for Mann’s next pitch which has to be a strike or sneaky Sneedie will be walked in. Mann winds in full delivery and fires her straightest fastball ever which when it reaches plate stops again in mid- air and asks Ron- What did “Dutchie” Connick tell you before you voted for the River Birch contract? Opps , its another timeout called by Clown’s Captain Capella just before the ball left Mann’s hand. And here comes another River Birch commercial on the scoreboard followed by more hot dogs and peanuts thrown toward Sneedie. Stay tuned while Ron changes his self ‘soiled’ uniform and order is restored.

  4. One question that needs to be asked again because it was buried:

    Is Wade Scott related to the garbage economist Loren Scott?

  5. SupaSleuth,

    It’s easy to find biographical information on Loren Scott but I have not been able to find any on Wade. One thing to check would be if they both have roots in Odessa, TX.

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