4 thoughts on “More tiny, sweet and innocent dead baby dolphins are washing ashore….”

  1. BP says no freakin problem be happy and get back to enjoying your seafood and beaches. Warm gulf temps my bloody ass. Man I’ve had it and ain’t taking it any more. Jindal get on your elephant and get one of your cronies to build some chalmettian ramparts on those berms. Then give command to Gen. Nunguesser : ‘ Don’t shoot till u see the whites of the fockers’ eyes.’

  2. I may yet have to “eat my hat” about this topic, but I continue to believe that this is “yellow journalism” at its worst. This is not a “knock” on SOP, but on The Sun Herald and, more recently, on WWLTV. Massive kills of menhaden (pogie) occur several times per year. I don’t believe that what killed the pogies has ANYTHING to do with what killed the baby porpoises. And “Moby Solangi” of the Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport tells us that it may take “2 months or longer before they get the test results back to piece together an answer”. I have a better idea: Hire a boat and go find and interview Moby Dick. I guarantee that it wont take you “2 months or longer”. This is “journalism” that is LONG on sensationalism and SHORT on science. The reading public deserves better. Ashton O’Dwyer, friend of FLIPPER.

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