Monday Music: Aaron Broussard cracking up edition…


6 thoughts on “Monday Music: Aaron Broussard cracking up edition…”

  1. Freakin Bro could have just not run for reelection. But the focker dude had to do an Edwards impersonation and wanted one more for the road. But man lets be merciful and not hold a grudge. Grant Bro his last wish to attend fast eddie’s homecoming. Afterward hand focker a warm bottle and crying blankie and lock Bro in a padded cell till next Cat 5. Give Bro temporary leave to be chained to clean kenner pump grill and report his crying gauge levels and outside wind speeds to Bob Beck. freakin win win sentence for Bro man and parish.

  2. Little Napoleon:

    Stand straight! The only way off the battle field is on a shield or carrying a shield! Stand up and face the enemy.

    If it is God’s will that you be punished, then be punished. Don’t take the cowardly way out. Do not humiliate your profession and fundamental beliefs.

    Your obligation, as you preach, is to CONFESS your sins to be cleansed-purified. This is the obligation you are sworn to keep.

    Confession. That is all you need, your fiat will come quickly. Accept your punishment. It is your salvation.

    You will be missed at the prayer breakfast and your hypocrisy will be forgiven. We will pray for you as you did for us.

    Good luck Mr. Broussard.

  3. “poor Aaron, we need to help him”…and of course that help was always about money to finance this campaign, money to pay off the debt of that campaign…

    All the while he was traveling there…partying high on the hog here…developing properties in Nova Scotia, high end of course…and on and on with poor Aaron…

    Now he’s living with his mother one day … wheeling and dealing with councilman Roberts the next…then bam, he gets “the Target letter”… he’s acting strange …

    Aaron I will tell you this yet again…talking about Jesus is not walking with Jesus…redemption will come through your public confession…Jesus didn’t have or need a lawyer…own and accept your wrong doing…repent and ask for forgiveness…trust Him to guide and protect you…plead guilty and do the time with humility…be washed of your sins…and you will be born again…I pray for you… and may God have mercy on your soul…Amen and Amen.

  4. This song was about Syd Barrett… a genius whose craziness was unintentional, noble and sad.

    Aaron’s craziness is born of a banal moral depravity. A very different song.

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